International Quilt Festival/Cincinnati Recap

I’m back from the International Quilt Festival/ Cincinnati and suffering from what I call PQSD (Postpartum Quilt Show Disorder). I’m sad it’s over, I miss my quilt buddies, and I spent what feels like my entire monthly paycheck on things such as Sue Spargo kits, Marcia Derse and Anna Griffin fabrics, pin cushion patterns, and too many notions and gadgets to count!

Some of your Quilts, Inc., team (from left to right): Jill Benge, Belen Timmins, Me, and Vicki Thomas

During the show I tweeted quite a bit from the exhibit floor, but here are some more pix:


I was very excited with my new toy at the show. I felt very official. It took me a while to master radio etiquette though…


Attendees with tickets in hand, eager for those exhibit hall doors to open for the day. Never get in the path of a quilter ready to buy fabric at a quilt show. It is a stampede!


The Modern Quilt Guild of Cincinnati had their first exhibit with us and it was an extremely popular one to visit.


Above is my friend Liz Kettle demonstrating how to use paint with Indian wooden print blocks in the Artistic Artifacts booth. Take note of her super swank duct tape/garbage bag apron to protect her clothing from paint.


And she wasn’t the only quilter resourceful with plastic. Notice how my colleague Trix  Buhlmann-Epple protected herself from the torrential downpour we had on Saturday…


And ooooh laaaa…just looking at the Marcia Derse booth was more jolting to my system than an energy shot!


I heart this quilt. A heart it a lot. It is for sale and called “Gentle Rain” by Sandy Gregg of Cambridge, Massachusetts. I had to chuckle when I learned it was by Sandy because I met her when I was living in Massachusetts and wanted to partake in a surface design play date with her and her art quilt buddies. I am still contemplating purchasing it.


Some of my quilt loot. I can’t wait to make the pomegranate table runner from the kit I got from Sue Spargo, or put out the over-dyed doilies I bought from Wendy Richardson to use as coasters in my bar.

See you next year, Cincinnati!

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    • I love it! I also love quilts. My in-laws live in Tennessee. A few years ago we were drinivg through the Smoky Mountains and on the side of the road was a small barn converted into a quilt shop. We drove by it but I had to turn around and go back. I ended up buying an antique quilt that was made from grain sacks and vintage material. I love it and it has been on my daughters bed for years.

    • Hey – I’m working on a quilt based off of the prituce you posted here! My first jelly roll quilt… I’m almost to the quilting phase and I wonder how you quilted up this after you basted it? Horizontal lines? Vertical lines? I’d love to see a pic of the completed product!

    • I have posted about my mom’s qliuts on my blog. She has stacks of qliuts everywhere. I have quite a collection of her qliuts, too. I love to snuggle under one of them on a cold, dreary day. They are also perfect to take to outdoor events where the weather is a bit chilly. My mom just returned from a week on the coast with her quilting friends. They stayed at a place that had beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.Sheryl

  1. I loved the show. I was one of Pepper’s great students. I sewed two of the Sashiko blocks last night! So eager to use all of the ideas, techniques and products….THANKS!!!!

  2. Sorry I didn’t see you at the show. I too loved the vendors- Marcia Derse’s booth we hit twice, once in each location as they had to move after Preview night. Had a great time in Gyleen Fitzpatrick’s Trash to Treasure class Thursday, but was unhappy that those of us in class had to go to the end of the line for Preview night, unlike Houston where we were allowed in early. The quilts were great and the Convention Center was much more ready for all of us this year, especially in the food court and seating areas. I hope to see you next year in Cinci.

    • I saw the quilts and love them. I would also love a slpieeng porch. We have stacks of quilts around our house…I am glad I finally took them out of closets and out to use and been seen.

  3. As a part of the education of the show…I loved getting to teach at the premiere showing of Create on the Spot! What a great place to get a chance to create something to take home in less than an hour. Fun, fun, fun!

    • cute fabric sqraeus, although I think it might be best to do the quilt with a white or off-white background. the red is pretty but seems to compete with the colorful fabric blocks. don’t be to put off with the idea of binding and batting, you’ll never learn with out trying – you could always test things out on some small sample quilt first. if all else fails there are people that will finish quilts for you – Denyse Schmidt has links to places that do that on her website ( good luck:)

  4. Looks like it was super show in Cincy!! Kona Bay Fabrics just about all packed and raring to go to the Quilt Market show in Kansas City, MO!! The gang at Quilts Inc do a super job in producing all the shows!! Mahalo from Kona Bay Fabrics!!!

  5. Wow, I just read this entry and I’m really tuohced. My mother never quilted, but I cherish the crocheted blanket I have from her and love laying it on the guest bed when people arrive.

  6. Great post, I love quilts. You can never have enoguh and each one tells a different story. That is my dream to have the time to make aquilt for both of my children. May you have a great week ahead…Missy

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