In Honor of Mother’s Day, Meet My Mom!

Hopefully by now you have finished placing your flower orders in time for a Mother’s Day delivery! I have always loved Mother’s Day. I am not a mother, but I would like to think my years as a teacher as well as my efforts to be a positive influence to the younger women in my life qualify me as someone who, too, can partake in the celebration. After all, I think about all of the people I have met in the quilting industry who I have looked up to and who have been supportive to me over the years–people like Karey Bresenhan, Yvonne Porcella, Mary Fisher, Lesley Riley…the list goes on and on…and on. All of these women have helped shaped who I am today and without their advice, support, and friendship, I don’t know (nor would I want to know) what I’d be doing now.

In honor of this special day, I wanted you to meet my mom, Kathy. Here we are celebrating another special day about 20 years ago:

Boston College, Class of 1993

And at the Quilting Arts TV Taping, about 18 years later:

From Left to Right: Pokey (in the TV set), Jamie Fingal, Mom, Leslie Jenison

My mom has had to cope with many things over the years, including being a single mom for a while. Ask anyone who has met her: she is funny, smart, industrious, and very crafty. Since I was a little kid I’ve witnessed her immerse herself in a variety of crafts. She paints, watercolor pencils, sews, crochets, knits, used to be a mad gardener, and is an avid cook. I know I’m forgetting something, but the point is when she puts her mind to something, she gets so enthusiastic about it, it takes over her world. (Huh, now I know where I get it from…)

Imagine my GLEE when she told me she bought a sewing machine two months ago and is quilting! (Gee, it only took me 11 years at the helm of a quilting magazine to get her quilting again but I shouldn’t make fun…she is finally one of us!)

On the day her sewing machine arrived two months ago, I got a play-by-play via email of what the experience was like to take it out of the box. “It arrived!”, “I just took my first stitch!”, “I just pieced something together!”

Now she is a part of a quilting club, taking classes, loves watching quilt how-to videos online, and I couldn’t be happier. Because it means that when we see each other, we can have full-on, stay-in-our-pajamas-all-weekend-and drink-wine-and-watch-movies quilt-a-thons!

So in honor of Mother’s Day, mom, I thought to let you know what your present was. Yes, you’ll be getting flowers over the weekend, but the real gift will be a plane ticket to Houston in the fall, and a couple of classes at International Quilt Festival. The class catalog isn’t available yet, but when it is, we will go through it together and see what you want to take.

In closing, I will share with everyone a video of my mom and me on the set of Quilting Arts TV back in September, 2010. She hates this video. Too bad. I find it funny.

Happy Mother’s Day!

11 responses

  1. Whoohoo, your mom is coming to Festival! Oh the fun we’ll have. Can she balance a spoon on her nose? I look forward to seeing her and hearing about all of her quilting adventures to date. Great post, Pokey! Happy mother’s day to you, since you are a fur mom.

  2. Thank you for including me in your mom list. It does this mom’s heart good. if anything, you are the mother of modern art quilting. Think of all the women you have encouraged, inspired and taught over the years. All the fun and none of the discipline….well maybe once in a while! ;-) Happy Mother’s Day to you too, Pokey. Have fun on your new pink bike. xox

  3. I really enjoyed this post Pokey… and Jamie is right, you are a fur mom, and that is of no less importance. I can relate to your description of your mom, having been a single mom myself, and having a similar attitude and excitement about creative things. For me, it’s the opposite, because my mom is a quilter, and has always sewn, but I never did. When I started a little over 3 years ago, her eyes practically popped out of her head in disbelief. Her tomboy daughter had become obsessed with quilting, and her took her a while to get used to that. :)

    Thank you for sharing and Happy Mother’s Day to All! :)

  4. Wow I know this is cliche but she does not look old enough to be your mom! Especially in that graduation pic, I’d believe her to be your sorority sister or something :) She looks fantastic and only about 5 years older than you in every picture :)

  5. Thanks, Pokey, for including me as a “pseudo-mom”. Since I never got to have kids, I always feel particularly blessed when someone thinks of me around Mother’s Day! And your mama is one beautiful lady…I really look forward to meeting her at Quilt Festival! KareyB

  6. It will be a treat for us all to see your mom this fall. We’ll get her set-up in some fun classes. She’s a doll and from your description I know she’s lots of fun, too.

  7. Happy Mother’s Day! Your post makes me weepy. You are so lucky to have your mA! around. I miss mine terribly on days like today. I’m sure she will look forward to seeing you during the Houston show, that is if you will be able to find time to spend with her! Maybe you should make sure you book her flight so she can stay a few days after the show and then book the two of you into a spa for some downtime!

    I love what Leslie said about you being the mother of modern quilting. I just have to say that I agree!

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