Weekend Recap, a Giveaway, and Countdown to Spring Quilt Market!

I had a really great weekend, all beginning with a long-awaited package that finally arrived at my house on Friday while I was at work:


Saturday morning I put on some tea, got to the business of carefully unwrapping my console table, and auditioning a few quilts in it.

I dream of eventually filling it with lots and lots of quilts. I love this sofa table, and now there is less of an echo in my family room!

I also finished quilting a quilt for someone this weekend, caught up on “Downton Abbey,” went on a long run with my rescue dog, Clarence, and went exploring with my min pin, Louie on two long bike rides along the White Oak Bayou trail.

Think he likes to bike much?

Quilt Market, here we come!

I am readying to leave for Quilt Market at the crack of dawn tomorrow and so excited to connect with everyone in the quilt business this week. I spoke to my mom yesterday (the newly avid quilter) and she asked me, “Pokey, have you heard of a company by the name of Moda?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“Oh,” she says. “They have the prettiest line of fabric out. It’s by Basic Grey.”

I had to smile…I love her enthusiasm and I hope to share this with the Moda folks this week.

And in case you are going to Quilt Market and might have missed some previous posts about the venue, you can find out about some tips for preparing for Market by the Quilts, Inc. staff here, or learn more about Kansas City here.

Maudlin-Free Monday Giveaway

It’s that time of the week to give away free stuff! Answer the following question and I will pick a winner on Friday to win a copy of Modern Patchwork.

Question: If you could quit your day job and start your own quilting business, what would you do? Would you make quilts and sell them? Make patterns or write books? Invent quilting gadgets? Have a quilt shop? And if you have already launched a quilt business, by all means share in the comments area and post a link if you have one!

33 responses

  1. I’ve already done it! Last year I bought the nicest quilt shop, Quilter’s Corner in Midlothian, VA! I’m beginning to find a balance between work and play… love it!

  2. I would open a “quilt bar” with a coffee shop and wifi acess. It would be a place for quilters to socialize and share their experiences. Experienced quilters could help the newbies with projects. Quality fabric would be available for purchase at all price points for all budgets–just like the beer drinkers versus the scotch drinkers. Lots of quilts would be up for inspiration and the newest tools would be available for quilters to try before they buy!

  3. This would be a dream come true!! I’d have a quilt shop so that I would be surrounded in beautiful fabric and having an incredible variety on-hand. It would be awesome to create quilting projects all day and share that love with like-minded people!!

  4. I am in the process of creating my own quilting ‘business,’ and had my first commission recently, making a t-shirt quilt for an acquaintance. I am interested in modern quilting, and love to design unique quilts and quilted items. I enjoy doing quilts, but I also love making placemats, yoga mat bags and other useful things, in my own style. My plan is to create a ‘line’ of items to sell at art fairs, etc., and also to create patterns from my original designs.

  5. I would open a quilt shop that would provide space for people to learn about art quilt techniques. I would have all the supplies available and charge a rate per hour for the customers to try anything they wanted. If they enjoy a technique they could then buy the supplies from me, but no pushing of product. Demos and classes would be taught. I know I want to go to a place like that!!!

  6. I LOVE the sofa table – my house is very modern – but this is SOOOO cute. Got to ask where you found it?

    I would make quilts AND dolls along the way I would like to invent patterns and gadgets to make the processes easier which in turn makes them more fun!

  7. I would love to own and operate a quilt shop where I could sell fabric and quilt related items. But I would also love to teach quilting and sewing to younger people. I am a retired Home Economics teacher and get great joy out of sharing knowledge and skills with others as well as continuing to learn myself.

  8. I dream of having a summer arts and crafts retreat/camp where visiting artists and teachers come to teach weekend and weeklong workshops and samplers. In addition to quilting I do ceramcis, beading, photography, drawing and culinary arts and would love to feature those topics and others.

  9. I have always wanted to open a creative studio. One part would be a shop filled with mixed media supplies, books, reference library, and fabric. The other would be class rooms. People could take classes, rent a room if they don’t have the space at home, and to have artist come to teach. There is not a source for quality art materials here, so I think it would work.

  10. I would love to own a funky craft /quilt store, reburberished items, My 3 sons are good at it and the other has brains, they could help..

  11. A while back I read where a teacher asked her local library, if she could teach once a week for a few hours kids who had no means at home of a sewing machine and suppplied them with materials, threads. I would hope one day to have a shop with a classroom and give kids a chance to sew, quilt or create. Quilting is not only an art but a treasure and should be shared.

  12. I am in the quilting busienss and I design fabric, write patterns, and make quilts. I can’t wait to see this new magazine! I will miss Market this week but will be at the next three! amandamurphydesign.blogspot,com

  13. I would love to have a long arm quilter and quilt customers quilts. I’d also like to design fabric & write patterns. Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  14. i would team up with a quilt shop owner…that way there would be fabric and friends…i would design and sew samples quilts…sell patterns and kits for those designs…i would have a studio just off the quilt shop with lots of windows….i would paint it white to reflect the natural light…it would have french doors…real french doors that opened onto a small garden space with big pink peony bushes..

  15. I would love to work in a quilt shop, I love to help my friends pick out fabrics and could do that all day.

  16. Wow, if I could stop working — I’d just work in my studio, I’d just make all the visions I have in my head and never stop. It’s a fantasy of mine, to do some work before I get too old.

  17. Don’t enter me in the contest but I just had to tell you how much I LOVE the new console table! What a beautiful way to display your quilts!

  18. I would love to own a quilt store with a large room to have lessons in it. I’d like to have the room and lots of sewing machine in it to host retreats! Would love to have the cabins or rooms to rent with rv hook ups for the retreats! Big dream!

  19. I make, and donate quilts to a small pregnany. center here in our mountain town. If I could, I would open a new ” home ” , where other women, and/ or men quilters, who are in the same mindset of making / donating quilts for charity, could come, and sew at their own pace, as we socialize, and encourage each other to not just sew, but to create healing quilts for whomever receives them. Sometimes the hurts that come in our lives, end up as freedom tears on the new life that my quilts bless others with.

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  21. I don’t know if I’d like the headache and full-timeness of owning my own Quilt shop, but I would love to work in one. I plan on starting an Etsy store this summer. I enjoy making quilts for our quilt guild’s community relations (we gave over 350 quilts to the community last year). I am currently making 2 quilts for ladies who are retiring after having been board members in our homeschool academy for over 18 years. I love being able to make something for someone as a surprise.

  22. I don’t think I would be very good at running a quilting business – I would always be taking the stock for my own projects : )

  23. I’m already taking the step and have a long arm business along with an IQ. My goal is to start small and grow the business so I can quit the day job or have something to help out when I retire. I worked at a quilt shop for about 6 months and decided that route was not for me.

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