2012 Spring Quilt Market Report (Pt. II) & Sample Spree Fabric Giveaway!

Now that I’m home and have caught up on a little rest after Quilt Market, I thought I’d share more pictures and final thoughts! There were some pretty clear trends this spring:

The elephant in the room: elephants are a mammoth trend this spring as they were not only the feature display in the Michael Miller Fabrics booth (above), but on countless fabric lines and patterns.

Another trend:

Beach- and nautical-themed fabrics and patterns were everywhere. Pat Bravo’s booth (above) also  happened to win 1st Place for Best Booth for a Double Booth.

Oh, if I only owned a boat or a house in Cape Cod! I adore this nautical-themed fabric line and booth display by  Sarah Jane Studios!

Another trend: Splashes and sprays of color! Above: Art Gallery Fabrics won Best Booth for Merchandising. I am not surprised in the least.

Black and white fabrics were hot, too, and the Alexander Henry Fabrics booth was bustling the entire show. I don’t know which came first: the mustache on John (above) from Alexander Henry or the mustache-themed fabric. Nevertheless, both the mustache fabric and the mustache on the man made me smile, and I wasn’t alone!

Who doesn’t love colorful bolts of fabrics stacked on top of one another? I love these nature and field study-themed fabrics by Birch Fabrics.

This retro couch by Melody Miller may be one of the cutest I have ever seen. I have just the perfect spot for it at the top of my stairs in my home. (Hey, a girl can dream…)

Another angle of the eye candy in Melody’s booth. See the elephant pillow above? Elephants are indeed replacing the owl trend. (Although I did spot a few owls on the show floor.)

Quirky variations on the basic polka-dots were spotted everywhere. These Seven Islands totes feature deer sporting glasses.

Other trends included barnyard animals, zebras, the chevron pattern, and of course…the modern quilt aesthetic was everywhere.

More things I liked:

Check out this extra special advent calendar by the Australian-based business Don’t Look Now! I love how you can stuff a handful of treats, letters, and goodies in each of the day’s pockets.

I finally found and purchased a compact and attractive sewing cabinet for my home studio- the Sewnatra black sewing cabinet by Arrow. I adore how the shutter door gives it a contemporary feel.

Above shows the table partially opened. Since I usually work fairly small, this table will do well for the quilts I make. The cabinet portion swings out so I can sit at my machine, and there are spool holders on the inside of the door.

Bikes and doggies! What a cute quilt pattern by Buttons and Bees.

More bike-themed quilts. The above quilt features needlepoint designs by Lilac Lane LLC.

The whimsical and folksy creations from Such Designs always prove cheerful.

And speaking of cheerful, I was able to grab a quick snap with my friend and former colleague, Helen Gregory. It was so good to see her, if only briefly.

Fabric Giveaway from Sample Spree!

So who wants a jelly roll of “Seaside” by October Afternoon of Riley Blake Designs? All you have to do is answer the following question and I will randomly pick a winner on Monday, Memorial Day.

Question: What does your studio space look like? Is it a guest bedroom? A closet? Please describe your space, and if you have a link with pictures on your blog or website, please  share the link in your comment!

88 responses

  1. It looks like I may have the dreaded “number one” reply! My sewing space is my dining room. I would love to make it a dedicated sewing area — I think we’ve only dined in there two or three times in 20 years — but DH says we need to be able to turn it back into a dining room when we need to. ::sigh:: It doesn’t look much like a dining room anymore, however!

  2. My quilt studio used to be a playroom (when my kids were little). Now that I’ve taken it over…I sew and quilt and long-arm in there. Sure would love that jelly roll give away!

  3. Thanks for the market update! My sewing space is too small! (Okay – maybe I’m just disorganized!) It is a “formal living room” on the house plan, but in addition to being my sewing room, it also houses my piano and a large curio cabinet. The dream is to someday have a room for a long-arm…

    • No one ever used my dining room and living room…I sold my furniture and voila!..I have a sewing room! You only live once, make it your own!

  4. i moved from a “bonus room” above a 2+car garage that I loved in NJ to a 10 by 12 foot bedroom in my present house. My stash resides in the garage as I have so much less space. But that doesn’t keep me from buying more stuff. I love all the new fabricsl Jean in Indiana

  5. About 5 seconds after my college-grad daughter moved out into her own apt., I had my sewing room! It’s small, but I’ve made great use of the space. I have our old pine kitchen table in the center (covered with cutting mats) as a work space, with my machine butted up against it to one side so that I can quilt a larger quilt. Design wall, bulletin board for ideas and notices, a TV, satellite radio and lots of shelf space for books, tools and my stash! I love this room and all I want to do is hang out here. Best yet, it’s right across the hall from my autistic teen son’s room, so I can keep and eye/ear out for him while we each do what we enjoy!

    • Mary, your response cracked me up. Are you sure you didn’t wait just one second (instead of a whole five) until after she moved out to convert her room into your quilt studio? Was she on to you? And I will also say I also used to be a teacher of kids with autism. I got a Master’s degree and I worked with kids with autism for years. I miss teaching quite a bit. Hope your son’s enjoying his teenage years!

  6. My studio is a former bedroom in a brick two-flat built in the 1920s! So it’s not big — but I’ll take it. My husband is very supportive, and he’s all about organization and storage, so he’s created all kinds of shelves, and I’ve bought all kinds of organizing bins, so I’m snugged in there, to be sure. But it’s so great to have a dedicated space. Some day, I hope to have a studio where I can have dedicated areas to sew, dye, craft, etc., everything and anything!

  7. My “studio” is the middle bedroom. Everything is compacted into this 10×10 room including a daybed for guest. Only problem is we cannot open the trundle because of all the storage bins in the way. Most fabric is stored in the closet. Canvas hanging sweater/shoe storage units are great to hang in the closet and organize fat quarters or fabric collections together. The door is usually closed because my mother in law has a hard time dealing this the “disorder”(she lives with us), but I know where everything is. I have 2 walls dedicated to being design walls so she always loves to come in and see what I am working on.

  8. Five years ago we built a new house on a Lake LBJ in the Texas Hill Country. When I designed the room placement, I made sure that my quilt studio has french doors on the water view side. So now I can sew while watching the activity on the lake–boats, jet skis, waterskiers, herons, ducks and geese. It is small and crammed full of my fabric stash, supplies, antique quilts on a ladder, cutting table, computer, quilt exhibit posters on the walls, etc. Perfect for me!

  9. I use to sew in the basement when we had 3 children at home but now I have a sunny room 8×10 and love it. So cheery and it is all mine so I can leave a work in progress.

  10. A small bedroom with a HUGE walk-in closet. We had it build from a storage area when we moved in. Unfortunately, the furnace got in the way of making the room itself bigger. The closet is awesome. Lots of built in shelving and storage.

  11. my studio is a small bedroom off of the kitchen. I love it, although it is small and really cluttered at the moment. It is my sanctuary, my own space, but I am still close to all the action in the house.

  12. I have a separate room that is only for doing my artwork; I have an antique oak drafting table with my cutting mat for fabric, three sewing machines and a serger as well as three large four-shelf storage units that hold tubs with fabrics and yarns, a cabinet just for storage of threads for sewing, quilting, and crochet lace. There is a desk with shelving where my beading supplies and rubber stamps and inks are stored and where I am able to work on those projects. This is my dream of a space with great light and mountain views from both windows. There is a large closet where I store quilt batting, knitting yarns in tubs and more fabric…plenty of fabric for so many projects.

  13. I’m sewing and serging in my basement at home. I’ve got a stash too big and am trying new patterns from websites. I get inspiration from people watching in New York and when I travel. My iron is on the second floor so I get exercise and natural light for my projects. Love the modern quilt movement that I see and read about!

  14. My studio is in a small spare bedroom and also serves as my office. I work from home and the office part takes up a little corner and the rest is studio with IKEA tables, a bookcase, rolling storage carts, and wall shelves. I put a large plastic shelving unit like you’d use in the garage or basement in the closet and have organized everything into plastic bins. I recently made a large design wall from foam core and flannel which I love.

  15. I have a space setup in our family room with a folding table from costco and a small ironing board setup so that I’m not so isolated from my hubby. I do have a room upstairs but use it mainly for cutting etc…. I love Riley Blake designs and I’m finally getting an office at work (have been in a cubicle with no windows etc… for a long time) and the time I have will be ocean for work.

  16. Anywhere I find the space. I had a dedicated studio in my home but that’s one of the things I had to sacrifice when I moved out. Sewing machine lives on the dining room table now and I use the living room floor for my cutting space and design”wall”. Big sigh, maybe someday I will have a dedicated studio space again.

  17. My studio was a bedroom, but is no longer useful as that!. I have converted it into a full sewing and quilting studio complete with three sewing stations, a cutting station, an ironing station, two book shelves, built in cabinets and book shelves, two closets full of fabric and a complete wall for a design wall that rolls up to the ceiling when not in use.

  18. My studio is the former living room in my house. The studio is currently a huge mess. I’ve been working on several projects at once, failing to clean up as I go. I have two sewing stations, right next to each other – one for the Bernina and the other for the Sweet 16. The center of the room has an over-sized cutting and storage table from a previous quilt shop. One wall is lined with fabric storage, another with book storage. A design wall, approximately 8 foot square takes up a lot of wall space as well. There’s an ironing board set-up in there as well. You can barely walk around in the room!

  19. My space is only a couple of feet wide by about four feet long in the bedroom–so hardly a studio, but just enough space for my Bernina in a cabinet to stitch on. I am thankful even for that and, oh, I do have a window view from there to the south. Classy, huh? Thanks for a great giveaway, Pokey! :)

  20. I sew in our second bedroom except it never was a bedroom per say only in real estate terms. When we moved I took this over as a sewing room and any guests usually get our bed and we take the sofa bed and that is just fine by me.

  21. Mememe!

    We made our built in garage into living space last year and put up a partition wall- I have the end where the door used to be- it’s now small patio doors. It’s a bit sparse at the minute- it doesn’t even have skirting down, but I have got old red furniture and a chequered carpet tile floor :) oh and a hedgehog lives in there too :) Some snaps- though things are nicer in there now- I have stuff on the wall including ribbons… http://pennydog.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/a-sneaky-peek-of-my-new-room-and-a-couple-more-for-the-pinterest-challenge/

  22. Pokey,my studio is a bedroom of one of my
    Kids,it also houses a player piano ,that I
    Rebuilt,and various other things, like 8
    Featherweight sewing machines,oh yes,
    I am a hoarder of fabric,and othe mixed
    Media, I can’t send a pic,can’t turn around
    To much,but it is my hideaway,mine to run
    Away,only thing they all know where I am

  23. Thanks for sharing the Quilt Market!! My sewing space is in the basement near the woodstove, it is far from fancy… hodge podge comes to mind! No matter, it is my creative nook and I love it!!

  24. I have had many a sewing space. When we were first married I sewed in a closet. It was a very small house. Then when we bought our first house I used one of the three bedrooms, until we had three kids. Next I sewed in a larger bedroom, since we had to move to a bigger house. Finally like Mary, as soon as the last kid left for college I took over the lower level in our current home. I must confess I still do not have enough space. I am sure I could use the WHOLE house.


  25. When we moved to this home 15 yrs. ago, we made sure there was an extra room for my studio. I have what used to be a bedroom with windows on 2 sides with views of my gardens. The large closet has a wire basket storage system for my fabrics plus space for hanging projects and some bins for vintage fabrics, silks, and specialty fabrics. I am fortunate to have one wall made into my design wall, my sewing machines facing a window so I can see the birds and gardens, and the freedom to leave my projects in various stages of completion.

  26. I have a sewing room that leaves just enough room to turn around in. I’m not complaining because I love, love, LOVE to create quilts! Thanks “sew much” for this chance to win!!

  27. My studio is the 2nd largest bedroom. We just bought a new house and my studio will be the largest bedroom! I love quilting and love QATV. Have very mag issue since #1. I have tried almost all surface design techniques on small postcards which I trade with two online groups.

  28. IAfter my children left home I took one of the rooms and made it into a sewing, quilting, crochet room.
    I have tried to organize but still have some things under my table. My yarn is in square boxes my fabric in drawers I keep my record player on top of chest to listen to music as I sew. A large table for sewing and my sewing machine > book case for my sewing books and patterns . Would love to win the jelly roll. thanks

  29. My sewing space is the kitchen table, the dining room, the living room, the guest bedroom … wherever I can find a spot to set up “shop” for awhile! Since it’s a moving target I can’t really show you a photo … :-( I’m gonna have to check on this Arrow cabinet though. I have the perfect spot in the living room for that, and maybe it would give me a permanent “studio” in which to sew. :D

  30. Wow! You got so many great market pics! Thanks for sharing!

    I am blessed to have a spare room in our home dedicated to my sewing space. I love it! It’s set up very practically to allow for my most efficient use of my sewing time. You can get a peak here, http://hopefulthreads.blogspot.com/2012/05/counting-blessings.html and this is before I got my new desk recently http://hopefulthreads.blogspot.com/2011/09/pretty-or-practical.html

    Thanks for the great giveaway too!

  31. Actually, the entire house is a studio…as there are 4, yes 4 artists and two cats who live here. :D
    On any given surface one can find an assortment of art/craft/sewing supplies and works in progress. At the moment, the bathrooms are the only rooms not in use…but that is just for today, as they have been used in the past to drip dry fabric dye…papermaking etc. I do have dedicated spaces for sewing, cutting, painting, sculpture, clay etc but with 4 creative artistic people under one roof…space is a premium and well….you get the picture, the entire house,attic, garage, is a studio filled with creative adventures in various degrees of completion multiplied by 4.

  32. My sewing room is always moving! When we first moved in it our home it was upstairs in one the unused bedrooms. Then last winter I moved it into the living room, I had a lot of sewing projects to work on and I didn’t want to be locked away upstairs. Then I recently moved downstairs, only for a moment…. we are now remodeling our basement and I don’t have a defined sewing room : (. But when it is finished it will be awesome!

  33. Mine is a guest bedroom. I put the mattresses on end and shove them in a corner when there are no guests so that I have more room to sew. I like to spread out!

  34. My sewing area is a wall in my dining room. It works really great for me because I’m right near the family while I sew.

  35. My sewing room is an extra bedroom in our house. It is completely my space and I just love going in there…no hubby, no child (well sometimes) and all i have to do is create. love. thanks for the give away!

  36. Thanks for the market update, great to see the photos and the new trends. My sewing space is the smallest room in the house, but somehow I seem to spread myself around until my husband noticed I was taking over the whole house. I now have the “guest room” closet which is next to my studio to house my fabric, works out great as I can audition my fabric in the best light.

  37. Hi Pokey:
    My studio resides in an ex-dining room (never used anyway). I moved from a larger upstairs room to the dining room because I was in there so much, I missed being around my husband. Unfortunately, the room is smaller (9′ x 9′), so I had to purge a lot of things (which hurt just a little bit), but it gets the job done. Did I mention I also have a “dirty” studio in my sunroom (my jewelry, enamel and glass studio). Thanks for the chance to win.

  38. My sewing space is a spare bedroom however I bought a new machine back at the new year and I spread myself over the dining room now. I need to get organized but before that I just want to sew and sew and sew. :)

  39. Hi Pokey,
    My studio is “not” at the moment. Working on my master of arts degree in textile history, with an emphasis in quilt studies, I have been trotting around the country since last September doing an internship and attending classes this past semester. Before I left, I put all my sewing equipment and supplies in an upstairs storage room :(
    Now I am home and have a unique opportunity to organize my home and tudio to the best effect. I am reorganizing my living spaces so the dining room is no longer my studio. My little used home office will become my studio, which means I am moving my home office to the hearth room…and the switch-a-roo room by room is as you can imagine a domino effect!
    But in the end, I will have a wonderful space for my studio that is designed for my needs. It’s sunny and cheerful, spacious, and has a place for everything!

  40. I had a 10′ x 12′ studio built for me (one of those Better Built Barns projects). Then it was insulated and electricity and lights added. It has a loft space for longer term storage. One wall is covered by a felt curtain for a design wall. I have storage shelves for my tubs of fabric sorted by color. In the middle is my expandable custom made sewing table for my Janome 6500. There is also a project bench for my other crafts and underneath that bench are drawers for more storage. There is never enough storage!!! Under my sewing table, I also have roll out plastic drawer units that hold my sewing accessories. I have a 5 light (100 watt each) chandelier above my sewing table and a project light over the bench. There is a window to the west, east and north plus a window in the door, so I get natural light. However, here in the Oregon winter we need to supplement light as much as possible. I also have a long shelf high up to store collectibles. So there it is, my little home away from home!!!

  41. I had no need for a studio until I went to work for Quilts, inc. at that point, I was informed that I would be sewing my garments for the shows, as well as a couple of minor projects through the year. OK, so I am more than five years into this job, and I have had many different areas I called my studio. The Creativity Center at La Grange was a temporary and short lived studio at the retreats I attend there. My living room floor in my first apartment…one room apartment. My second bedroom in my townhome which also served as my closet. My dining room table in mly boyfriend’s house for 2 years. And now I live with my daughter and 3 grandkids. If I leave anything out in the house, they have created something with it, so I have no studio right now, but…I soon will have a studio designed by Pokey Bolton. Pokey I creating a studio in our offices at Quilts, inc. and I can’t wait to Get in there and create and play. No pictures yet, but I am sure Pokey will be adding them later as she creates the perfect work/play space for us.

  42. My quilting space used to be my living room. When we remodeled I have custom cabinets built along one wall with storage for cloth on the bottom and lots of shelves for books and nicknacks. I thought then that this would be more than enough space, wrong!!! It is also my office and TV room now and I can’t squeeze much more into it. Thinking of getting a sit down long arm but have not figured out where I can put a room stretcher to get the additional space.

  43. My sewing space is also my formal dining room. Unfortunately neither is used as much as I would like at the moment……. someday!!!!

  44. My sewing room is my daughter’s old bedroom. You so don’t want a photo! I have it crammed with sewing and work tables, bookshelves and utility shelves and of course the ironing board! I have fabric in bins and also on mini bolts. There are so many cubbies that it’s sometimes a challenge to remember where I’m storing what.

    Thanks for the giveaway and for sharing the market report. Do like the sewing machine cabinet!


  45. I sew on the first floor in the room where the computer is. It has my cutting table and room for the big board pressing area. I have a sewing table that my brother in law made for me from my specs, like tha Horn tables. My stash is upstairs in a former bedroom that has a bed to hold my quilts so they don’t get a crease from folding. My short arm quilting frame is in another former bedroom with books and patterns and packages of batting. My husband understands this is a lifestyle.

  46. When my husband got a new job that required a home office, the only logical place was — my sewing room. Sooo we converted the garage into my new studio, complete with the french doors I’ve always dreamed of, and it’s own heater/AC unit. I really LOVE my new sewing room. DH still wonders how I got all my stuff into that original room.

  47. My special room is the spare bedroom. It is tiny, but it is mine! In the summer, I move outside and sew, dye, paint, pretty much everything outdoors. I always mourn the loss of my summer studio when the weather cools. (Thanks for the market tour, love the sewing cabinet.)

  48. My sewing space is a portion of the living room and my quilting space is the dining room. My stash has taken over the closet in the guest bedroom.

  49. My sewing space is an empty bedroom, that is remodeled to fit my husbands music equipment and my sewing machine, books and fabrics. You can imagine that it is packed with all kinds of stuff!

  50. My ‘creative’ room is a converted spare bedroom, I’ve had this setup for about 15 yrs, works well. It’s about 14 ft X 14 ft, small closet, one wall lined with floor to ceiling shelving. I have two sewing tables with inserts for my machines as I like my machines to sit down into the table. Have a small cutting/planning table, a ‘stuff’ table, a recycled wooden store display cabinet that holds non quiltie stuff, and a re-purposed vintage baby changing table that is the perfect height for ironing and it also has two storage areas underneath. I also have wall mounted shelving that holds some of my doll and bear collection – they are my sewing room buddies! =0) I’ve don’t have a recent photo and don’t know if I want to post one as the room is in post hurricane stage aka after projects but not cleaned up yet!

  51. i dont have a specific yet… i gra my lovely singer in my hand and i carry it anywhere i can find a little sace for me, and some more for my little daugther. i sew my toys and she play on her little carpet : )
    i don’t have got a spacific closet/shelve or something to storage my things, so i keep them in 2 suitcases under my bed….
    i hope to make a little space only for me some day, but until then i’ll keep on creat!
    you can see my creations here: http://heartcoretoys.blogspot.com/

  52. Well “technically” I have a sewing room, only it’s more like a storage room at the moment. We moved abit ago and alot of things went into the extra bedroom. It’s moving up the priority list on things to-do list to get that room cleared out as I’m tired of sewing on the kitchen table.

    Thank you for a great giveaway and a chance to win some awesome fabric. Enjoyed your pictures from Market. It’s on my bucket list to go one day.


  53. My studio is a GIANT WIP. It is a shared space within the breezeway – we just layed laminate floors and put together some storage for pantry & fabric. I am SUPER excited about the prospect of it being finished, but totally overwhelmed and daunted by the task. =)

  54. I am SUPPOSED to be sewing in the basement, but I snuck my sewing machine into the living room and no one complained. So I installed my cutting mat on the buffet in the dining room… no one said a word. However, when I completely covered an entire litchen counter with part of my stash and supplies, hubby finally objected :-( So, my sewing space is in flux – looking for one place to land permanently. Guess it will probably be down to the flourescent-lighted basement – yuck! Thanks so much for the chance to win this wonderful jelly roll – it would be fun to sew anywhere!

  55. My quilting room is in what used to be our dining room. After my sewing machine took up permanent residence there, my sweetheart suggested we officially turn it over to quilting pursuits. I love it, because I can be a part of the household goings on from there–can be part of conversations, can listen to baseball games, can just feel like part of whatever is happening–unlike when I tried to set up my quilting room in a guest room, where I felt quite isolated. The best part about our current set-up is that my partner is so supportive.

  56. my sewing area is the table of my eat-in kitchen. I store all my supplies in my bedroom and in EVERY closet throughout the house. I have to pull out what I need and then put it all back before dinner, but I wouldn’t miss a family meal for anything :)

  57. My workspace is a constant mess, a room where the computer, bills, and filing live, too. Oh I wish I didn’t have to share the space!

  58. My sewing workshop is a nice and cozy loft space. We live in a loft style home, with cathedral ceilings, and I use the space (which was to be a home office) as my “crafty” space. The space is great because it looks down into our kitchen and living room and I can be up there working and not feel like I am away from all the action of our home. Plus, I can cook supper and get some extra sew time in without any hassle. I love my space and wouldn’t change a thing about it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  59. I have taken over spare bedroom #2. Theoretically, I can Velcro curtains over the bookshelves on two walls and hide everything, clear a space for a queensize air bed. The drop side cutting table with a tablecloth makes a headboard of sorts. There is a night stand that currently holds my spray starch, pressing cloths, water bottle right now, but I think there is a lamp and little clock that goes there. It’s been so long since I’ve needed to transform it, I’m not sure I really can. Let me rephrase that, I’m pretty sure I can’t. But it’s a nice theory.

  60. My workspace is a corner of my basement family room. It’s filled with stacks of boxes filled with fabric and various other craft supplies. Its quite crowded and a bit disorganized but I love the feeling of being surrounded by things that I love and all of the colors that make me more creative. As much as I would love a bright beautiful studio, I am thankful for the space that I have in my life now.

  61. I was using one of our spare bedrooms. I got it full of fabrics, cutting table, both my sewing machines, etc. It is full but I got it all organized perfect for me. You can find me in there most of the time. Then my husband bought me a long arm machine, well, I claimed the other spare bedroom. Oh, well, we have a sofa. My husband has plans on building me a room off the back of the house. Can’t wait to have everything all together in one room.

  62. My studio is in part of our finished basement, which is also home to the kids’ playroom. Right now it looks like there has been an explosion of a fabric and barbie bomb!

  63. My sewing/quilting space is a table in a corner of the dining room (which paradoxically doesn’t have a dining room table, but has a baby grand piano instead) with my ironing board set up alongside it.

  64. My sewing/crafting/computering space is an extra bedroom that looks like a tornado hit at the moment! I have lots of projects that are half-done….waiting on that special piece of fabric to finish them.

  65. My “studio” is also the guest bedroom AND the exercise room, if you can believe it. Mostly, as we rarely have guests it is my room and fabrics or project cover every level surface! Including the snare drum my son no longer plays.

  66. My “studio” is our dining room, which also serves as my office and where we eat and where my daughter does her homework and… There is no way I am going to post a picture. It is a horrible mess. I’m hoping to transform part of our garage (which we don’t use for cars) into a sewing studio one of these days.

  67. My “studio” space is a small corner in our bedroom. My hubby wants to move it out to the living room to give me more room and so I am not “hibernating” in the bedroom all the time. It is just my sewing cabinet with my machine and serger on it. I have a small stack of drawers next to it to keep things in. I have boxes of material under the cabinet, so I have to move the fabric every time I want to sew. The cabinet has a cover top and I store my current projects on the top. Every time I use it those projects go on the bed.

  68. Grey Elephant Studio is in my laundry room. One side of the space houses the washer and dryer and the other side is completely filled with all things creative. I laid down new flooring and hung some curtains to make it feel more like a real space and my Dad was nice enough to install a large door that functions as my workspace tabletop :)
    My website is currently under construction, but I haave a cute picture of my small space on my FB business page. Thanks for running this giveaway!!


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  70. A few months ago I moved my sewing studio into my son’s old bedroom. It has an east window, and I love the light! We repainted it in “Irish Cream,” and I’m loving the space. It has a big closet with shelving, which is really nice to have. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

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    the face, and nursing my remaining health potions the dragon toppled to its
    side. There are two types of attacks — basic and strong —
    and shooting the bow is like shooting a gun in any third-person shooter.

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