Prepping for Summer Quilting & Countdown to International Quilt Festival/Long Beach!

Aaaaaaah….the dog days of summer. If you live anywhere near Houston or the Gulf, with temps reaching a mere  96 degrees on average lately, you know summer is clearly  here! I am still the new kid in town, trying to comprehend the seasonal temps and commenting to passers-by how wonderful the weather has been. Coming from Boston, I tell people how I am finally thawing out from the exceptionally frigid and snow-filled “Game-of-Thrones,” North-of-the-Wall-worthy Winter of 2011, and I am welcoming this heat. They then often roll their eyes, scoffing, and telling me this heat is nothing. Give it a month!

Summer is also a time when I give my blue jeans a rest from my wardrobe rotation since it is so hot. I also assess which pairs of jeans will make the cut for the next season, and sadly, which jeans I must banish to retirement.

This summer I am very, very sad to come to grips that my most cherished, my most beloved pair, my Fleur de Lis jeans by Rock & Republic, are officially going out to pasture. I just can’t permanently part with them, though, and know the only way to honor them is to upcycle them into a quilt project. They have sat on my quilting cutting mat for days, waiting for divine inspiration…

I was thrilled when this past weekend I stumbled upon an online how-to tutorial by Jane LaFazio for creating a denim studio box for your supplies–perfect for carting supplies to quilt classes! Click here to link directly to her denim studio box  tutorial. I know my jeans will make a terrific traveling box for my supplies this summer!

Jane’s cool denim studio box.

Jane has an exceptional and whimsical eye for combining surface design and stitching techniques to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Case in point: I bought three small hand-stitched pieces by Jane last summer. I love her manner of mixing surface design, fabric collage, and hand stitching techniques for this botanical series, and I painted a rectangular bit of white canvas a shade of blue on which to mount them.

A detail shot of Jane’s stitched work:

Jane happens to be teaching at International Quilt Festival/Long Beach in two months time, so if you want to try your hand at surface design, this is a really wonderful opportunity to learn from the very best!

Windham Fabric Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Sherry Walker! Please email me at your shipping address and I will get out your bundle of Windham Fabrics to you immediately!

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  1. well, aren’t you a sweetie pie!! thanks for the shout out for my tutorial and for my classes at Long Beach!! Looking forward to seeing you there. thanks so much, Pokey!! xoxoxo

  2. What a cute box! How did I miss that on Jane’s blog? Do you think we can bottle a little of Jane’s energy and enthusiasm for the rest of us???

    Just this weekend my neighbor gave me a large box of jeans from the late 70’s and 80’s and I know I need to make one or two of these with the jeans. I also plan on making a cathedral window denim quilt I saw online. Oo la la!

    • Lisa, if you got a lot of jeans, and looking for other projects, have you ever read Alisa Burke’s Canvas Remix? Great ideas that can be applied to jeans, too. Have fun with that quilt!

      • I haven’t read that book by Alisa. I will have to find it and see what other great ideas she has. Thanks for the heads up.

      • WOW, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt!! Its wonderful for any ocioacsn. Thanks for sharing! I will attempt this one for the children in Africa. I have joined a group that make small quilts for the children of Africa. I will let ya know how it works out. Thanks again!

    • I purchased Moda layer cakes and chmras to make this quilt. I have a problem. When the 4 chmras are sewn together, they become smaller square than the 10 layer cake square. I purchased pre-cuts so that I would not have to cut the squares. How do I make the adjustment? Have you tried making the Dot to Dot quilt with the layer cakes and chmras yet? I have not been able to find the tutorial.

  3. Hey Pokey, I recently heard of a woman who can make your favorite pants refreshed and new, I’m not sure how the technique works but I did talk to a woman who had a pair of her jeans revived and she was over the top excited with how well they came out. If you have any interest I can get the contact info for you. Of course it may be too late and you may now be the owner of a brand-new denim box!

    :-D eirdre

    • Thanks, Deirdre. I haven’t cut them up yet but I think they are really beyond repair. They had a great run though. I have never loved a pair of jeans like I loved these! They served me well. ;)

      • Whoa! Thanks for the info. I’m with you and want to add CCO to my name. Now to find someone who will pay me to do that! Since you seem to be in the qutily-know, do you know what’s going on at Fabric Trends? I’m dying of curiousity and can’t find anything on the net about it.

    • My Grandmother made Dresden Plate quilts. I rembmeer them on our beds when I was a little girl. Grandma would make them from our worn out clothes. She even made one using old neck ties! Recently I made the baby quilt from one of your 4 part tutorials. It wasn’t difficult at all, thanks to you! Now I am ready to start this Dresden Plate technique. Once again, you’ve made it look do-able! I can’t wait to get started! Thank you Jenny for making these wonderful tutorials! I simply love them.

  4. Loved Jane’s blog and I think this would be fun to make for my granddaughter. Great upcycle for old jeans.

    • I have always wtnead to make a quilt but have never made the time. I have a 8 month old daughter now so I told myself I was going to make her one before she turns 1. I have a lot to learn and fast Thankfuly I have a great neighbor who is going to help. Thank you for your great post and information!

      • It just seemed stganre to me that his name would be taken off the magazine completely, though. The cover doesn’t say Mark Lipinski’s Fabric Trends this month like it did last issue. Well, I really hope he gets better soon; he seems like such a geniunely nice person. And the magazine was NOT the same without him this time. Thanks for the info.

  5. Have fun getting the Christmas quilt done for your Mom. I am very falimiar with trying to get a quilt done in a short amount of time! Can’t wait to see the whole thing! Monday will be a fun day for you guys to spend together. Glad you like the peek of the little quilt I’m making. Helps me to know I’m on the right track!

  6. Hi Shruti,lovely quilt. Was wondering if you and I were the only Quilting Bloggers (Blogging Quilters?) from India. Saw the Indian Modern Quilts Guild thginy and was overjoyed. Have sent a request to sign up. How do I grab the button for my blog?

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