International Quilt Festival/ Long Beach 2012

Aaaaaaah, Long Beach, one of my favorite quilt shows! Seeing gorgeous quilts, enhancing one’s stash of fabrics, breezy California temps, and connecting with old friends—it just doesn’t get any better! For this year’s Long Beach edition, I was acting Show Director along with Belén Timmins, pinch hitting for Ruth Polanco who is pregnant and on bed rest. It was a different experience for me from years past where I have spent the entire time on the show floor, and this time I got to visit more with artists in the special exhibits area, talk to faculty and students, and see what it takes to facilitate this quilt show.

Here I am getting my Zen on with Jane LaFazio. (Everyone knows that before entering a quilt show, centering one’s energy upon entering the show floor is of utmost importance!)

Above: Quilting couple David Charity posing with his wife Trish Charity, who made this quilt for the Black and White with a Twist exhibit. (By the way, I loved the concept of this exhibit so much, I wore black and white all week in support of it. Thank goodness for White House Black Market!)

Speaking of couples, I love to a see a spouse supporting their better half. Read the shirts.

One of my favorite booths where I bought so many fabrics was The Sewing Party booth—lots of great patterns for totes as well as some really unique bolts of fabrics from Seven Islands Fabric.

See what I mean?

Here’s a closer look at how they displayed their fabric selections with numbers. This system made it very fast and easy for the staff to cut since so many people wanted fabric from the same bolt.

The Jaybird Quilts booth was very busy every time I went by—so much so I had to wait until 10 minutes before the show closed on Sunday to make my purchases. I love the quilt on the top left called “Northern Lights,” and bought the pattern for it. If you are going to International Quilt Festival/Houston, you need to stop by this booth and meet Julie Herman. Not only an up-and-coming talented quilter and author, but she is very humorous, too. (As is her mother!)

I saw a lot of exhibitors selling totes and quilt patterns in the modern quilt aesthetic. Can you take a guess as to what was the one of the most popular and prevalent fabric lines on the show floor? If you guessed Marcia Derse, you would be right! I spotted her fabrics in numerous places.

Left to Right: Me, Yvonne Porcella, and Trix Buhlmann-Epple

I also got to visit with old friends, including Yvonne Porcella, founder of SAQA. She is (rightfully) a revered pioneer in the art quilting world and someone I consider to be the Erma Bombeck of the quilt sphere. I was lucky enough to have dinner with her and the other artists from Dinner @ Eight, and my favorite comment she told me over my salad was: “I saw a fortune teller and she told me I will be 92. I asked her, ‘Will I be vertical or horizontal?”

All in all a great show and the quilts on display were spectacular. Now I am back home in Houston and trying to exercise some patience as I wait for my fabric, patterns, and other quilting loot to come back on the Quilts, Inc. truck.
I did see that my fabric I had ordered from Fat Quarter Shop arrived while I was gone. I am about to partake in my first online quilt-along that they are helping to sponsor, and I am excited to start. (More on that later!)

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  1. I hope you were able to get your found dog a place! You are such a good person Pokey. Thanks for sharing the fun you had at Quilt Festival. I’m so sad I had to miss another year. All the shows are so close yet so far. But there is a time and a place for everything and I know my time will come to go!

  2. Thanks for the update and the photos. Great to get a little insight into what’s going on. Will have to find Jay Bird Quilts online, their patterns look so interesting.

  3. Thanks for the update! And welcome back to Houston (yes, I live here, too). Your comments and photos are fueling my excitement for beginning of Nov here. Still working out my budget. Hmm, if I take this class, then maybe reduces my fabric budget….. Looking for that perfect balance of funds going to classes/events and fabric/other.

  4. Thanks for the great review, Pokey! Wish I could have been at the Dinner@8 dinner with you guys, but I hope to see you in Houston.
    Linda Teddlie Minton

  5. Hey, is that the booth I see in the pics above??? We had such a good time seeing all of our loyal customers in our booth – – and those cubes are “Sugar” by Kenna Ogg. Marcia Derse? Yep, we love her too. We have been carrying her fabrics for years. Thanks for the great blog review, Pokey, and for choosing the beyond the reef booth for one of your pics!

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