A Busy Monday at Quilts, A Special Call for Entries, and A Book Giveaway!

Blog Update: Book Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Kirstyn Cogan! Please email me your mailing address to pokeyb@quilts.com and I will ship the book to you!  And everyone, thank you for sharing your Pinterest boards. I am going through them and seeing some pretty amazing things to repin!

It’s a very busy Monday here at Quilts headquarters as we gear up for our flagship show this fall. I mean…look at all these packages we got this morning!

Meet Lucy, our U. S. Postal Service representative who is making today’s delivery of quilts for the upcoming Houston show.

My colleague Rose Reyes is hard at work processing the stacks of exhibitor contracts for the upcoming Fall Quilt Market.

And I would share a top secret photo of quilts being unpacked in the backroom by about eight people, but then the element of surprise at the Houston show would be ruined, and we wouldn’t want that, now would we!

A Special Call for Entries for Quilters Who Love Photography

Maybe you don’t have time to stitch up a quilt to enter into this fall’s edition of International Quilt Festival/Houston, but what about trying your hand at photography?

Introducing…the 2012 edition of Eye of the Quilter and Haiku From You: Favorite Things
We all have many things that we enjoy and love: a special time in your life, a memory, a special friend or pet. “The Eye of the Quilter and Haiku: Favorite Things” exhibit is about these kinds of memories and more, a subject limited only by what you see through the lens of your camera and your creativity.

Submit your three best digital shots keeping in mind the title (Favorite Things). You can manipulate the image or images in any way you like. In order to have you photograph considered, you must include a statement which will be included with your photograph in the exhibit if accepted. Entries will be juried and finalists will be printed, mounted, and exhibited at the Fall International Quilt Festival.

If you would like to share your Haiku, we invite that too! (And no, that rhyme was unintentional.)

The deadline to submit photos and/or Haiku is September 1st. For more information visit this web page.

Book Giveaway

So do you like modern quilts? I just so happen to have a copy of Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen’s Quilting Modern, and it is fantastic!

There are more than 15 quilt patterns in it, one called “Add It Up” that I am eager to make, not to mention some really cute pillow and placemat patterns. (Both Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen have quilt blogs that are fun to read, too.)

All you have to do is answer the following question and I will randomly pick a winner tomorrow (Tuesday) and I will announce the winner in this blog post. The winner will then just need to email me their mailing address at pokeyb@quilts.com.

Book Giveaway Question: Do you pin on Pinterest? If you do, please post the link to your Pinterest board in the comments area. If you don’t pin, you still have a chance to win the book, just describe what your dream inspiration board would have on it and what inspires you.

43 responses

  1. I haven’t started pinning yet, but have explored Pinterest a bit. My dream board would include fabrics, colors and patterns that I had not yet thought of. There would be some crafty ideas, some food recipes (yum!), some odd things that led my mind to wandering down unexplored paths!

  2. I try to remember to ‘pin,’ but it has yet to become a habit with me. I did pin a shot of the modern quilt I made for our bed – I do mostly modern quilting and would love to have that book! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  3. I would like to start pinning soon as it is a great way to share ideas. My dream inspiration board would have lots of color, variety of designs and modern ideas that could be translated into quilt creations! Thanks for the generous giveaway – I’d love to win this awesome book!

  4. I have a login for Pinterest but haven’t decided if I want to join in or not. I’m trying to keep my computer time down so I have time for quilting:) My design wall has a section devoted to inspiration and on it are pictures quilting designs, pictures for future inspiration and fabrics to use. I’ve discovered that I really like negative space in a quilt and modern quilting designs don’t come naturally to me. This book would provide just the right inspiration and projects. I would love to own a copy of Quilting Modern!

  5. I love quilts that showcase beautiful fabrics. Pinterest is a place where I can “park” ideas for future reference. It saves a lot of time doing online search that can be put to better use actually sewing>

  6. My dream board would have endless photos of repeated patterns, like a looooong row of pumpkins, or a cigar box full of thread on wooden spools, or a laundry basket full of fat quarters from Marcia Derse. Mama Crow

  7. Hey Pokey! Congrats on your new gig, by the way. You must really miss the girls from the office out here. What a great group. I’m sure you are killing it in your new role— I hope to see you next time I head to market! To answer your question, heck yes I pin! i also ‘like’ pins and ‘repin’ pins and spend altogether too much time gazing at everyone’s pins. Here is my collection http://pinterest.com/yummygoods/

    That book looks awesome and I wants it. xo, melissa

  8. I just love colors ,crayons ,paint chips ,all
    The new fabric swatches , when I started
    I sewed with rememts ,it’s a joy now ,,,,,
    I thank quilting arts , not alone am I ,I thought
    Everyone did the se thing,,,, just thank you

  9. Exciting times for you and everyone in Houston! The photography and haiku contest sounds fabulous. Good luck everyone!

    I love Pinterest – perhaps a little too much at times. I try to control myself but it is such a wonderful way to remember ideas, recipes and d.i.y.’s! I like to check the website before I pin and I have found many great blogs as a result! (except quotes – I just pin those without checking and hope I’m not pinning a virus or scam or something! Maybe I should start checking those too.) My pinterest board can be found here: http://pinterest.com/somethinglisa/

  10. I don’t pin. It would be one more thing to keep me on the computer and away from sewing! I do have a bulletin board in my studio that has a few things pinned to it like pictures from magazines, color wheels, quilt patterns, and ideas for future quilts. Nature is my primary inspiration.

  11. I dont pin (yet). My board would be filled with pictures of flowers or landscapes, color “swatches” and the foodie things……..

  12. No not yet… trying to spend more time at the sewing machine and less time at the computer… will see if that works.

  13. How exciting! It must be wonderful to open all those boxes and look at all the quilts. One more beautiful than the other!
    I just signed up for Pinterest, but haven’t had the time to do much with it yet. Looking forward to it though. I think I’ll put lots of colorful photos for inspiration, photos of interiors I would love to duplicate, and anything else that looks interesting.
    Thanks for the chance to win this lovely book.

  14. I do not pin yet because i do not have that much time . But if i had all the time to pin then anything that is colorful,designs,abstract picture of fabric /painting would be my theme.Also i love handmade stuff and that will be my on my inspiration board as well. Basically anything that looks interesting and inspires my curiosity and is simple to make.
    Thankyou for a chance to win this book.
    Aish Shenoy.

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