Let Your Weekend Go to the Dogs…Create Fabric Pet-ty Postcards!

Do you have weekend plans? I hope to spend much of my time holed up in my studio making fabric postcards to donate to our Pet Project to benefit Houston-based animal shelters. I am pledging to make (minimally) 50 fabric postcards and I am asking as many quilt artists as possible to create and donate fabric postcards for this cause.

To recap from my last post, we will be featuring a special pet exhibit at International Quilt Festival this fall with a charitable component, a booth of “Critter Cards,” which are fabric postcards donated by quilters from around the world that will sell for $20 each to benefit Houston-based animal shelters. I am hopeful we will raise at least $10,000!

If you are interested in making a fabric postcard (or two or three), here are the requirements:

• Each postcard must be 4″ x 6″ and can have either a horizontal or vertical orientation. They should be stitched (hand or machine) and consist of a front, batting, and a back. As these postcards will not be going through the mail, it is OK if they are in excess of 1/8″ in thickness. So if you want to heavily embellish your postcard(s), go for it!

• Create as many fabric postcards as you like.

• We want you to get pet-ty! For these fabric postcards, keep them animal-themed or related to animals in some fashion. On the back side of the fabric postcard, please sign your name and title your postcard. (Contact information is optional.)

• These postcards are due at the Quilts, Inc. office no later than Tuesday, October 23rd. Please note: this is a receive-by date!
• You can mail as many fabric postcards as you would like, but please place them in a padded envelope. This way they will stay in pristine condition to be displayed at Festival. Please mail them to:
Festival Pet Project
Attn: Pokey Bolton
7660 Woodway
Suite 550
Houston, TX 77063

For those who have never seen fabric postcards before, here are some I had on hand from when I wore my editor hat, and we issued a Quilting Arts reader challenge celebrating QA‘s 10th anniversary last year.

You can fuse fabrics!

 Dorothy Heldemann-Nelson collaged batik fabrics for the background, then cut smaller fabrics for the candles to free-motion on top.


You can combine hand and machine stitching…

Quilting Arts editor, Vivika DeNegre,  pieced a background, added hand and machine stitching, then embellished with tin letters you often find in the scrapbooking section of stores to spell out the word “ten.” (And she cleverly used ten stitches and ten threads for this postcard!)


You can stamp or screen images…

Lynn Krawczyk used her talents as a screen printer to screen ten birds on a wire, then collaged fabrics together, and finally added some simple straight stitches.


You can take one of your images (say of your pet) and edit it in Photoshop or other photo editing software, then print it on fabric…

Diane Doran altered a photo in photo editing software, printed the new image on fabric with her inkjet printer, then enhanced with metallic paint and machine stitching.


Or you can embellish with everything (but) the kitchen sink…

Beryl Taylor created a mixed-media fabric postcard adding layers of fabrics and colored papers, shells, hand stitching, and beading.


Hopefully these postcards will jump start your thinking for making fabric critter cards. I will be featuring as many of your critter cards on my blog as possible as they come in. Please help me spread the word for this project, and if you post pictures of your Critter Cards on your blog or website, please give me the link so I can link back to you!

9 responses

    • Hi Pokey,

      May I ” borrow ” your idea please? We’re just waiting to hear if we are going to get a new SPCA shelter in Nanaimo BC. If we do, we need to raise $2.5 million in addition to the yearly running expenses. I’m on the fund raising team and want to involve other artists.
      CPS is just not the same without you.

      Lyla McLean

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