Breaking Quilt Exhibit News…

Breaking news from our Special Exhibits Department!

By now hopefully everyone knows about our Pet Postcard Project to benefit Houston-based animal shelters (and you are busy making lots of fabric postcards), but what you may not know is that surrounding this wall of pet postcards on the exhibit floor, will be an invitational exhibit of quilted pet portraits. And there will be two more years of pet quilt exhibits that will debut in Houston, then travel to a number of our away shows. In 2013, we will host a juried exhibit of quilted pet portraits, and in 2014, we will host a judged contest. More information on both of these opportunities will be forthcoming, but we wanted to share sooner rather than later that we will be hosting these animal exhibits (in case you wanted to break out your camera now and start taking lots of shots of your iguana, Petunia, or Scruff, your pet porcupine).

Fabric Winner

Congratulations to Jerri Stroud! You have won the Malka Dubrawsky fabrics, and I will follow up in an email shortly to get your mailing address.

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