Free Fabric Giveaway & The Pet Project Postcards for Houston Quilt Festival Are Arriving!

Quilt Festival’s Pet Project Postcards to benefit Friends For Life, Houston’s premier no-kill rescue organization and animal shelter, are starting to arrive in batches at Quilt Festival headquarters, and I thought it would be fun to give a sneak peek at what you can buy on the show floor for just $20!

How cuddly and adorable is this fabric postcard?!
“It’s Cold Outside!” by Sarah Ann Smith

“Woof!” by Sue Bleiweiss

“Best Friend” by Jeanne Palmer Moore

“Best Friends” by our very own Ann Graf

Ann has made a number of fabric postcards so far, including this floral-themed piece.

Calling All Quilters! We need fabric postcards, and not just animal-themed ones, we welcome all styles and motifs!

If you want to try your hand at a small quilt (oh, say…4″ x 6″), then why not make a beautiful fabric postcard to donate to our cause? We are accepting them here in our office through October 23, so you have more than two more weeks to make as many fabric postcards as you would like!

If you want all of the details, you can find them in this blog entry, and please, please spread the news!

Free Fabric Giveaway for Making a Pet Project Postcard Pledge!

If you are making fabric postcards, I am going to sweeten the deal! Respond in the comments area that you are making and sending in at least one fabric postcard and I will randomly select a winner by the end of the day, Tuesday, October 9th, to win this loot of Cabana Blooms fabric by Windham Fabrics!

48 responses

  1. I made 4 postcards and they will be sent in this week with the rest of my wearable group’s cards. You should get a good collection from us. Laroyce Coy is sending them in for us.

  2. I have made 1 postcard so far, but plan to do a couple more. They’re fun to do, and fun to send to unsuspecting friends and family.
    Lynn Kunz

  3. I started 10 the day you first posted. My goal is to get them in the mail no later than the 15th of this month. Had 20 ladies over for tea this past weekend, so had to lay them aside, but this week no commitments other than postcards!

  4. Still trying to finish up at least seven that are based on images of cute kitties and puppies in vintage advertising. Will be dropping them off at your offices this week. Not sure what day yet.

  5. I am making a pet postcard in memory of our Gus and Jasmine. We know they are with all of those pets who have passed enjoying all of the things they loved on earth.

  6. I will be sending my cards soon along with several from friends who want to help out too! Thanks so much for doing this. . .it is always a good cause to support our furry friends waiting for their forever home. ♥

  7. I have three made already, two more half way there. Will pop them in the mail before week’s end. May even get more done!!! Especially if I win this fabric!

  8. Just bought a book at the AQS Des Moines show about making fabric postcards and can’t t wait to try my hand – look for at least one from me!

  9. Hi
    I am in the process of making a postcard to send for the cause. Love the PC’s you’ve shown today, all lovely!
    Best, Ani

  10. If you get this twice it’s because the first post didn’t show up. I am making and sending a PC, love the one’s you’ve posted today, all very lovely, Ani

  11. 10 cards, all about dogs, went into the mail to you on Saturday, you should have by Thursday. Hope you get lots and lots to help the shelter, I’m sure you’ll meet your goal!

  12. Hi Pokey,
    I’m making at least one postcard for your pet project! I announced it at our September guild meetings (Quilt Guild of Greater Houston). Big thanks to member Ann Graf for letting us know about it. This is a fantastic idea. Friends for Life is a valuable, wonderful shelter. Took my rescue dog, Izzy, to see Kim for a reading there. Mind blowing stuff.

  13. I am very excited to participate in this project for “Friends for Life”. One of the best dogs I ever had was a rescue named YOGI BEAR. His image will be on some of the postcards I will make. If you need help manning the booth I would love to help.

  14. I worked on stamping, painting, embellshing my fabric and construction over the weekend, and will mail out my postcards this week. Has really jump started an idea for a local fundraiser for the city animal shelter. Thanks Pokey!

  15. Oh what a thrill to read your post and see my cold little owl here on your blog…. isn’t he adorable? Saw a saw-whet owl with a straw hat in an issue of my Nature Conservancy magazine, and knew I had to give the idea my own twist…and loved the little dude so much I ended up making a 13×13 quiltlet for my local quilt chapter challenge! Look forward to seeing you and the cards in just a few weeks, cheers, Sarah

  16. Just found out about this pet project. Would love to help … but it’s a bit late. Wondering if you would like a dog quilt to raffle off next year to raise more money. Would be willing to do this. Please contact ne directly.

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