Quilt Market Fall 2012–Fabric 2.0 Pictures!

Fall 2012 Quilt Market has commenced, and last night we had a ton of fun at our kick-off Meet & Greet, Fabric 2.0!

From left to right: Lisa Anne Logan, Pokey Bolton, Karey Bresenhan, and Helen Gregory

Thank you to our Gold Sponsor Craftsy and to our Silver Sponsor Quilting Arts for helping make this event possible!

Above: Caroline Devoy (second from the right) and friends. Many thanks and kudos to Caroline for launching and hosting Fabric 2.0 in years past!


Emma Harrington & Carrie Bloomston


Patty Young & Carla Crim


Gina Pantastico, Michelle Engel-Benckso, Susanne Woods, and Betz White.


Bob Ruggiero & Barbara Staszak


Heather Grant & Helen Gregory


Kathy Mack & Pat Sloan


Patricia Zapata, Rashida Coleman-Hale, & Alissa Haight Carlton


Victoria Findley Wolfe & Jake Finch


Tina Battock, Bill Gardner, Alex Holderness, & Mike Daecher


Today is the first day of Quilt Market and I am off to the show floor to take plenty of pictures and notes!

8 responses

  1. Hi Pokey! It was so nice seeing you this weekend! Great party as always. :) The “friend” standing next to Suzanne Woods is none other than Betz White. The “unknown” next to Rashida Coleman Hale looks like Patricia Zapata (A Little Hut) to me.

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