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UPDATE: Fabric winner…Congratulations to Amanda Kattner! I will email you for your address and ship these Ty Pennington fabrics to you!

It’s an exciting time of year here at Quilts Inc. headquarters, as the last of the quilts on loan for Fall Festival are being shipped back to their makers, many of us are busy stitching holiday gifts for loved ones, and we are pleased knowing that Friends For Life is putting the money raised for Festival’s Pet Project (more than $20,000) to good use saving animals!

FFL check

From left to right: Meredith Wierick (Communications Manager), Me, Clarence (my pooch from Friends For Life), and Salise Shuttlesworth (Founder & Director of Friends For Life)


It’s also (past) time for me to announce the three book winners from my previous book post:

three books

Congratulations to: Patricia S., Tetonmountaingirl, and Hueisei! I will email you all individually to obtain your shipping information.

Monday’s Fabric Giveaway

Ty Pennington Fats

I have an assortment of fabrics designed by Ty Pennington to give away. (Sorry, Ty doesn’t come with the fabric.)

Answer the following question and I will randomly select a winner tomorrow (Tuesday).

Question: What quilt-y gadgets are on your holiday wish list?

69 thoughts on “Tis’ the Quilt-y Season: Free Fabric & Your Holiday Wish List!

  1. Beth T. says:

    Mostly fabric and books, not really any tech-y things. Although if someone slips in one of Julie Herman’s Hex rulers, I won’t complain. :)

  2. a wonderful thimble…..

  3. JoAnn L says:

    So far, I am content with the gadgets I have. But, I could use a couple of really good thread cases for my embroidery thread!

  4. Becky Greene says:

    Well, Santa came early and left me a vintage Singer 15-91 which was in perfect shape (used about six times and I totally believe it after trying to find something to clean on it.) That was my biggest wish, but I also want the bigger pack of Wonder Clips (10 is no longer enough) and a year’s supply of rotary cutter blades :-) I would also love to have a 60-degree ruler. Thanks for the chance to win the Ty fabric.

  5. Terry Kessinger says:

    I’m wanting one of those portable frames to quilt by hand. However, I will say that at the top of my list is gift money for more FABRIC and batting!! :)

  6. Pamela S says:

    Rotating cutting board, the kind you can spin 360 degrees ~ Thanks for the great giveaway! Ty’s fabrics are lots of fun and have wonderful hues!

  7. Ann Pugh says:

    My holiday wish for a new tool was for a sit down quilting machine…and it arrived a bit early! I now have a Babylock Tiera and I have already quilted two wall hangings! Happiness is not having to wrestle a big project under a small machine! If someone has some spare time to give me……

  8. Marty Mason says:

    My very first item on the wish list (there are many quilty things on it) is an extension table for my take-along Bernina B330. What a wonderful giveaway….and am enjoying this chance to win. Happy holidays to you.

  9. bonnie says:

    Anything to do with sewing!!!

  10. Robyn Rosado says:

    I need a new cutting mat mine has been used so much it has major cut lines all the way through it. I also would love a new Embroidery software, since my dongle broke and they dont make it anymore. I would Love a fabric Die cutting machine to do appliques !!

  11. Peggy Schroder says:

    A new cutting mat…supersized.

  12. Toni Mitt says:

    My Holiday quilty wish list has one thing on it: Time to work on my 50+ UFOs!!
    Actualy, I recently sold our computer business, so I will have time. So really–my wish list includes: a Gingher rotary cutter with a lifetime supply of blades, A new large cutting mat and a supply of really fun fabric–like the Ty Pennington fabric. Thanks, Pokey, for the chance to win it.

  13. merriejo says:

    More dies for my new acquired Accuquilt! Thanks for the giveaway. Happy Holidays!

  14. Sally says:

    I am hoping an elf will have a hexagon ruler for me!

  15. Sandy says:

    The latest quilt thing I want is modern fabrics for a quilt for my son. Thanks for the Ponderings

  16. Pat V. says:

    A rotating cutting mat and a big quilter’s ironing board!

  17. Marleen says:

    I hope Santa brings me electric rotary blade

  18. Mary S. says:

    I’d love a replacement rotary cutter blade and a quilt book. Anything else, I just don’t have the room for!
    Happy holidays, everybody.

  19. On my wish list is a new portable Ott light and then, oh how I would love, an Accuquilt machine with a couple of dies.

  20. Patti Karp says:

    Extension table

  21. Sheri says:

    Thread,blades and a ditch foot.

  22. cindylarsen says:

    A new sewing machine!

  23. Lois says:

    Does an iPad count? becuz thats what I really really want ! :)

  24. Amanda Kattner says:

    I could really use a cordless iron.

  25. Sue says:

    Well more fabric of course !!

  26. I want my husband to assemble my second adjustable-height work table!

  27. Pati Pitetti says:

    I am wishing for a Wacker–it is a little yellow mallet that reduces the bulk in seams that come together when combined with steam and a wack. I would love to win the Ty fabric too.

  28. Shelly Sandy says:

    I’m hoping that Santa will bring me a Twist and Turn quilt book to go with new rulers I purchased at Festival!

  29. Michele says:

    I would like a Go Fabric Cutter but I know that ain’t happening!! So instead I would love to get a good quality iron!! (ps I never heard of a Wacker that Pati posted above… neat!)

  30. Cheryl Morris says:

    batting scissors are a great idea…….. of course, always fabric and books !!…. some accu cutter dies would be wonderful also… so many things …so little time !!

  31. Maria L. says:

    Hmm…no gadgets. Just fabric, fabric, fabric!

  32. Christine Wilson says:

    The quilty gadgets I most crave this year are more rotary cutting blades, more templates and cool found objects that I can work into my pieces. Of course, I crave this fabric too. Fabric is a permanent fixture on every list I make.

  33. Wendy Coyne says:

    I love my big shot, it cuts fabric but also pelmet vilene, felt and freezer paper. no more misshapen circles for me :)

  34. Ali M says:

    oooh! Well I have two fabric bundles on my amazon list I linked to with the amazon toolbar…I figure if I don’t get any of them somebody will take the hint and get me a gift card – and I have a boring replacement iron, and a stand for my q-snap frame on the list too. Thank you for the giveaway!

  35. Judy S says:

    A SewEzi table, so I can easily sew outside in the nice weather, and take it to class as well.

  36. Mickey Ellis says:

    On my list, I have a purple Gypsy Sit-Upon cushion. You know, one of those quilter’s whoopee cushions!!

  37. Susan Bartos says:

    The only gift I have asked for this year is an extension table for my Janome Memory Craft 11000. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  38. Prissy says:

    I would be happy with more time sew! As far as a gadget, a vintage Singer walking foot (Penguin) would be AWESOME!!!

  39. Mary Pearson says:

    I was so inspired by the classes I took at the Houston Quilt Show that I need more of the basic supplies to execute all of the creative projects that I dream of creating. Santa please bring rotary cutting blades, sewing machine needles and a pressing pad. .

  40. nmcreatrix says:

    I buy all my own quilty gadgets, so I put something else on my santa wish list!

  41. Jan Higginson says:

    A setting triangle ruler and anew book on journal quilting. If I am realy good Santa might bring me a long arm machine. I wish.

  42. hueisei says:

    A new Large Cutting Mat. :D
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. jill says:

    A pair of sharp, pretty embroidery scissors. Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. Linda Ross says:

    Taupe fabric from Japan. Thanks for the giveaway, and great news about the money raised!

  45. Jo Mrvichin says:

    Felting and embellishment goodies, and two weeks off to play with them!

  46. Sue Scheper says:

    Paint sticks

  47. Kim D says:

    A Rowenta iron.

  48. Claire says:

    I’d love a bobbin side-winder and a gypsy cushion for my fat butt!

  49. Deborah Andry says:

    I really hope Santa will bring me quilting gloves so I can hold on to my projects better when I try and quilt them myself!!!

  50. I would love to have a hand felting machine from Simplicity. They are so cool!

  51. Linda Carter says:

    selfish want is a BL Sashiko machine…a hunters star ruler sounds grand though.

  52. Betty says:

    I’d like a Rowenta iron. Thanks for offering the fabric……looks good, didn’t know that Ty is a fabric designer.

  53. Ann Hudson says:

    I would love a wide board ironing station, would make life so much easier! Thanks for the chance at this beautiful fabric!

  54. I don’t believe my first try worked so will try again, please delete if you see a duplicate! I would like a wide body ironing board, would make life so much easier! Thank you for a chance to win this beautiful fabric & bless you for your work for the animals. >^..^<

  55. Patricia S says:

    I’m desperately in need of a new cutting mat. Perhaps Santa fulfill my wish this year…I’ve been good….honest! Thanks sew much for this chance to win some lovely fabrics :-)

  56. Laura Lee Tawney says:

    I would so love to have the Quilters Groove Ruler by Lisa Calle or her Conquer and Divide DVD at http://www.stonehousequilting.com/. Thanks for the opportunity to win some of Ty’s fabric:)

  57. Jennifer Morlock says:

    Oh sew many quilty items I wish Santa would bring;) I really would like some yummy threads to add to my collection and yes more fun fabrics…a girl never have too much:) I would also like on of those cute little lights I can put on my machine and an endless amonut of time to sew in 2013. I am pretty sure most of my requests will fit nicely under our tree;) Happy Holidays to all;)

  58. Sharon Kerber says:

    I’d like a rotary blade sharpener please. Pretty please?

  59. Joan Radven says:

    I’m wishing for a “Freedom Seat Cushion” for my computer/sewing machine chair” … sent it to my duaghter on my Nancy’s Notion Wish List..

  60. I’m also after a rotary blade sharpener!

  61. Debbie Rhodes says:

    the Go-Baby… I helped my dad order one for mom but would love to have one for myself.

  62. Pam Hayes says:

    Hmmm… My wish list includes, threads – all kinds, rotary blades – all sizes, or a rotary blade sharpener that really, really works, a sewing chair, extension table, and fabric, fabric and more fabric!

  63. Kate Owens says:

    The big list includes a new sewing machine; the more realistic list includes fabric and threads in rainbows of colors. What about you?

  64. Lisa Rollins says:

    Already picked up an amazing pair of scissors and a rotary cutter from a BF sale, along with some great fabric, but am setting up a new sewing room, and am on the lookout for a Large (big letters, lol) cutting mat!

  65. peggy says:

    a rotary cutter is on my wishlist

  66. Cindy Jackson says:

    Time…time…time…to quilt! Love the give-away!

  67. Alycia says:

    One of those Quick Curve Rulers

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