Attention Quilt Festival/Chicago Attendees! It’s the Foodie Fabric Postcard/Recipe Challenge!

For all of those going to our Chicago show (June 21-23)  in just a couple of months, we have a lot of fun things planned!

Since Chicago is a foodie town, we thought it would be fun to adapt our Festival Pet Project for our Houston show, and turn it into 4″x6″ fabric postcard recipe challenge where the proceeds could be donated to a local Chicago food back. So think fabric postcards, but instead of a postcard backing where you would put an address and a stamp, you would share a favorite recipe.

Are you game? Let me show you what I mean with a little example:

1. Take some raw materials and make a mini-quilt sandwich, cutting top fabric, batting, and card stock backing to 4″ x 6″.


2. For the card stock backing, print a recipe:

Recipe Backing3. Do not adhere the backing to the top fabric and batting yet, because you will want to stitch your design first! I chose lemons and started to very loosely free-motion stitch lemon shapes in yellow fabric on my top fabric that I had ironed to the 4″ x 6″ batting piece.

stitching4. And I kept stitching…

keep stitching

5. And then I thought, why not add some hand stitching?

hand stitching6. Then added a little saying for my lemonade recipe in card stock and stitched it down:


And stitched on that backing to make lemonade!

I think this could be a very fun challenge that could also raise funds for a local Chicago food bank. It’s hard to think that in today’s age people go hungry at night, but they do. So will you join me in this challenge? More details forthcoming but I am inviting you to please share this challenge with your quilting friends, your guilds, your Facebook friends, etc. We would like to receive as many fabric recipe cards as possible in advance,  although we will of course accept them at the show.

The Details:

If you are interested in making a foodie fabric postcard (or two or three or more), here are the requirements:

• Each fabric postcard must be 4″ x 6″ and can have either a horizontal or vertical orientation. They should be stitched (hand or machine) and consist of a front, batting (or interfacing), and a back with a recipe. As these postcards will not be going through the mail, it is OK if they are in excess of 1/8″ in thickness. So if you want to heavily embellish your postcard(s), go for it!

• You are not limited to making just one foodie fabric postcard. Create as many fabric postcards as you like.

• On the back side of the fabric postcard, please sign your name somewhere. (Contact information is optional.)

• If mailing in advance (preferred!) these postcards are due at the Quilts, Inc. office no later than Thursday, June 13. Please note: this is a received-by date.

• You can mail as many fabric postcards as you would like, but please place them in a padded envelope. This way they will stay in pristine condition to be displayed at Quilt Festival/Chicago. Please mail them to:

Festival Foodie Project
Attn: Pokey Bolton
7660 Woodway
Suite 550
Houston, TX 7706

Spread the word!

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