In Honor of “Tee Tee”…Gearing Up for Our Fall Festival Pet Project to Benefit Friends For Life!

Believe it or not,  amidst getting ready for Spring Quilt Market next week and planning for both upcoming Chicago and Long Beach Quilt Festivals, we are already gearing up for our our Fall Festival in Houston, and aiming to break records in raising funds for our Festival Pet Project to benefit Friends for Life, Houston’s premiere no-kill animal shelter.

Clarence and Nellie

Clarence and Nellie, my two rescue pooches from Friends For Life who make sure my back porch is ALWAYS splattered in paw prints.


Last year we raised more than $20,000 to save animals’ lives with our Festival Pet Project and I am hoping—and I know this might be considered aggressive–we can double this amount this upcoming fall!

Friends for Life Logo

This past March, a few of us met with the Friends for Life folks to start planning a campaign to raise awareness about this fall’s pet postcard project (all instructions are the same as last year), and I’d like to dedicate the kick-off to this campaign to my mother’s little dog, “Tee,” otherwise known as “Tee Tee.”

Tee Tee

Even though we know what a pet’s life span will be when we welcome one into our family, losing one never gets any easier, and last week Tee Tee went to doggie heaven.

more tee playing

So I’d like to kick off this year’s Festival’s Pet Project campaign celebrating the breed where it’s totally cool for both females and males to be sporting a mustache: the schnauzer!

Sue Bleiweiss

Pet Postcard by Sue Bleiwiess (This is probably a Scottie but imagine this postcard with a mustache and you have something resembling a schnauzer.)

The last time I went to visit my mother this past December, I played a horribly mean trick on Tee Tee: I played dead on the family room carpet. After two minutes of pawing, nudging, and nipping me in efforts to wake me up, she ran out of the room,  frantic to find my mother, and barked anxiously as if to say, “Mom, Pokey is dead! I know I sometimes barked at her when she visited and that wasn’t nice, but Mom, Pokey is really dead!”

After I got up, she looked at me with the most indignant look on her face to make sure I knew that stunt wasn’t funny. It took me some time to win back her affection…


Little Tee Tee; December 30, 2012

I am on the hunt for fabric pet postcards for this fall’s show featuring schnauzers, and welcome quilt artists to make pet postcards depicting schnauzers for me to feature on this blog. (We will be featuring other breeds, too!)  As part of our Friends For Life campaign, we will also be featuring adoptable pets that we will invite quilters to interpret in fabric postcards. More on this soon…

Save the Date! Friends For Life will be celebrating their one-year anniversary in their new digs on Saturday, June 8, from 6-9 PM in The Heights neighborhood in Houston. I’m going! Want to join me?

 Details are all here!

14 responses

  1. Well…since I am a schnauzer-owner myself it is safe to say that you will be receiving many Schnauzer-themed postcards from me this fall! Sorry to read that tee-tee is gone. I hope your mama is planning for another….

  2. Pokey, those arent dog prits, there called “Dog ART”. See that keeps everyone in the family creating!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Will be happy to help honor Tee-Tee. I’ve had the company of 2 schnauzers to date. Festus, a salt & pepper, who made my wedding day a little too stressful and years later presented a mouse to my 2 mo old son. He was 14 when he had a stroke… Now Einstein, an 8 yr old black & white party color is my helper. Since being confined to a wheelchair he picks up items I’ve dropped, most of the time they survive the pickup but I had a credit card w/ teeth marks that raised a few eyebrows until it was replaced. Thanks for doing this again this year.

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