Quilt Festival Chicago–Open Studios Pix & Breaking News for Fall Quilt Festival!

SPE and Piececorps

Our Special Exhibits team and Piece Corps crew, who help hang all of the quilt exhibits, celebrate a great show!


I’m back from Chicago in body…but not quite in mind or spirit yet as I recover from a busy and wonderful show! The Open Studios section of the floor (where I spent all my time) was hoppin’!

Some highlights–let the pictures do the talking:

Open Studios packed

The Open Studios structure was packed on three skids and sent on the truck from Houston. (It took a few hours to assemble.)


Open Studios Progress

Making progress!


Judy Murrah OS finished

Assembled and propped! That’s Judy Murrah waving through the Open Studios window as she prepares for crowds on Preview Night.


Michelle May

Michelle May, known for her Folk Art Fusion(TM), was new to Open Studios, and her embroidered, folk arty pieces featuring bunnies and other adorable creatures were a huge hit (as was her hat).


Catherine Redford

Catherine Redford’s woven-scraps-turned-table-runners and baskets delighted attendees.


Laurie Ceesay

Laurie Ceesay’s colorful portrait quilts have glossed many a page of Quilting Arts Magazine in the past, but it was even better to see her quilts in person! She was pretty sparkly herself…


Laurie Ceesay's design wall

More of Laurie’s quilts and sketches on the design wall.


Maggie Weiss

Famous for her thermofax screened imagery, Maggie Weiss was very generous with her tips and techniques for successful screening.



No matter what the scientists say, dinosaurs are not extinct! (At least screened ones.)


Ebony Love

Ebony Love made die cutting for quilting look like a sheer snap!


Emily Lang

Emily Lang, new to the quilting scene, demo’d her improvisational piecing techniques.


Cheryl Cartooning

The ever-smiling Cheryl Sleboda demonstrated a number of techniques during the show, including how to create cartoons and turn them into quilts. See the two women in the circle? That’s Cheryl’s drawing of her and me from the recent Quilting Arts TV taping. (You gonna quilt that, Cheryl?)


Downton Characters Cheryl Sleboda

Cheryl’s cartoon quilt renderings of some of the “Downton Abbey” cast. See if you can figure out who is who…


Sauteed Mushrooms

Some of my fabric foodie postcards that were for sale to benefit the Greater Chicago Food Depository.



We thought it would be fun to have a little creative play station with fabrics and goodies next to our ATC (artist trading card) wall, and a number of attendees were quite industrious during the show!


Pokey Bolton Chicago

OK, I couldn’t help myself. During one of my monoprinting sessions, this little bundle of cuteness was quite intrigued by how messy I got. I asked her if she wanted one of my pieces of fabrics and she chose the lobsters. A girl after my own heart. Meet budding quilter, Sofia Worley.


I said I had some breaking Houston news, so here goes. Guess what is coming back this fall?

4338.6215_1125019358271_1010742120_30333540_4168386_n.jpg-550x0More soon!

11 responses

  1. Love the glamour shot of SPEX and Piece Corp! ;-) The Play Station appeared to be enjoyed by many. I know of a mother in law, daughter in law, & grand daughter team who sat a bit and made ATCs. Grandma finished first and wanted to continue shopping. She also wanted her dauter in law’s ATC as a momento of the fun day. In the event daughter in law finished before Grandma returned, I was asked to “hold onto” (discreetly, of course) that ATC. She wanted her daughter in law’s ATC. Grandma got it. Touched my heart.

  2. Chicago looked like to was alot of fun! You posted a great variety of photos! I love the Open Studios offering of four different artists. I hope it will be available at the Long Beach show! and MIU returns to Houston! Yay1 Fabulous news! You rock, Pokey!

  3. The picture you have of “Emily Lang” is actually Emily Bruzzini. :)
    I had such a great time, it was my first quilt festival, it was nice to see the demos, quilts, and spend some money! Thank you for making it possible!

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