Show & Tell: Pet Postcards Are Arriving!

I’m having a ball opening my mail at Quilts lately as the postcards for our second year of our Festival’s Pet Project to benefit Friends For Life, Houston’s premier no-kill animal shelter are starting to arrive. Last year we raised more than $20,000 to save animals’ lives, but I am aiming to double that amount at this fall’s show!

Some of the cards we’ve received in the last week:

Jeanne  Palmer Moore cat

Cat with pearly eyes by Jeanne Palmer Moore.


Jeanne Palmer Moore dog

A dog who likes fonts as much as I do: Happy button-eyed dog munching on a bone by Jeanne Palmer Moore.


Juanita Olson

A very obedient, ball-loving, retrieving, smiling, needle-felted pooch by Juanita Olson.


Sue Bleiweiss

A free-motioned Scottie (although some may question to be a miniature schnauzer) about to chomp on a tasty bone by Sue Bleiweiss.


Casanova and Romeo

Yesterday I went to Friends For Life to drop off some posters and postcards on my lunch hour and visited with some of the animals. Above are Casanova and Romeo, two older cats who were surrendered by their owner. These sweet, docile siblings have been there for way too long, and if I didn’t have a household of critters already, I’d take them. I hope they get to enjoy their golden years in a loving home!

Crazy kitty

As I was leaving the shelter, this one kitty tried very hard to get my attention.

Almost got you!

Almost got me.

Get you!

Trying again!




When I was leaving, I met a dog getting some 1:1 training whose name had me laughing because I thought I was the only person on the planet who had named my dog after an E Street member. Meet Clarence.

Clarence at backdoor

Then I went home for a quick bite for lunch and met my own Clarence (formerly Toby) that I got from Friends For Life, who was a little mad I wanted to eat my lunch in peace.

All the details for our 2013 Festival Pet Project can be found here!

6 responses

  1. Actually, I’ve fallen in love with this little cat and truly regret that there is such distance between VA and TX!!!! Pokey, you’re not heading East anytime soon are you??!!

  2. Pokey, the picture of your Clarence begging from afar behind the door would make a pretty cute postcard, too! He is all personality!

    • He is 200% personality. That is a great idea to make a postcard from this! He stares at me every day through that door window when I come home through the back gate or I send him outside without me. Thank you for the idea!

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