Pet Postcards Show & Tell…Keep ‘Em Coming!

Just about every day now I get a package of pet postcards for our Festival Pet Project to benefit Friends for Life, Houston’s premiere no-kill animal shelter, and I thought I would show you some of the latest (you know…to get you creating and sending some in)!

French Bulldon by Helena Scheffer

French Bulldog by Helena Scheffer
(Don’t you just want to smooch this pooch!?)



Jazz Dog by Grace Sim

“Jazz Dog” by Grace Sim (Glad this dog’s taste is more John Coltrane than Miley Cyrus.)



Laurie Russman

Pet postcards by Laurie Russman (I want to cuddle with all three, don’t you?)




Patchwork, button-eyed kitty

Patchwork hypnotizing kitty by our very own staffer, Ann Graf. (She has made 54 postcards so far!)




Pauline Salzman

More humorous postcards by the Prolific Postcard-er Pauline Salzman


Please keep the postcards coming! Goal is to raise $40,000 to save animals’ lives.

To recap:


Some may remember that we raised more than $20,000 total last year at Quilt Festival for Friends For Life by selling hundreds of donated fabric postcards for $20 each, and this year I am hoping to far surpass that amount! We are inviting YOU for this fall’s show to make fabric postcards to help us achieve this goal.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Make as many 4″ x 6″ fabric postcards (that are no more than 1/8″ in thickness) as you would like to be featured and sold at International Quilt Festival this upcoming fall.

2. We want you to get pet-ty! We encourage animal-themed fabric postcards but we certainly welcome and would appreciate other themes as well, such as abstracts, landscapes, floral pieces, etc. The point is to raise as much funds as we can! On the back side of the fabric postcard, please sign your name and title your postcard. (Contact information is optional.)

3. We will sell the postcards for $20 each at Festival, and all of the proceeds will go to Houston-based animal shelters.

4. These postcards can be mailed to the Quilts, Inc. office no later than Tuesday, October 22, 2013. Please note: this is a receive-by date! We will of course accept postcards during Quilt Festival but want to have a large starting bank of postcards so would love it if you mailed them in advance!

5. You can mail as many fabric postcards as you would like, but please place them in a padded envelope. This way they will stay in pristine condition to be displayed at Festival.

Please mail them to:
Pet Postcards
Attn: Pokey Bolton
7660 Woodway
Suite 550
Houston, TX 77063

6. Come to Quilt Festival and buy as many postcards as you are able!



9 responses

  1. Also benefiting Friends For Life, at Avenue Gallery (3219 Houston Ave, Houston TX). Art 4 Paws will take place at Avenue Gallery on Sunday Sept. 29 from Noon-3pm. They will have a silent auction on art and other items donated by local businesses with all proceeds from the auction going towards Friends For Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization – Houston, Texas. Friends for Life will also have adoptable dogs in the gallery and adoptable cats outside in their MAV adoption truck. Oh, and I’m having fun making the postcards for festival!

  2. I would love to do something like this for an organization called Old dog haven in state of Washington. A wife & husband started this and they take the older dogs with health problems, or younger ones they take care of the health problem then adopt them out, but no one wants to take on the health problems & cost,of the older dogs so thy call them refuge dogs they find homes for them and pay all of their expenses long as they live. I have had two from them one for 6 months and she died but she had alot of health problems & had been abused, the second one they didn’t expect to live 6 months, she was blind & had kidney failure and heart problems and she just passed but we had her for 3 1/2 years and they both passed knowing someone loved them. They do all of this by donations & fund raising, so would love to be able to help with their cost for all these dogs, if you have any ideas PLEASE let me know. And thank you for helping unwanted dogs, i love to do crafts and sew, not great at it but sure willing to try , just to be able to help. Thank you & God Bless you Katie

  3. Hi Pokey- I just mailed 20 postcards yesterday- I had so much fun making them I couldn’t stop- and I love that they will be helping benefit Friends for Life. I am coming to the festival (SO EXCITED) for the third time.

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