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My Friends For Life rescue pooch Clarence was just as nervous as I was to hit our goal of $40,000 in our second year of Festival’s Pet Project.


I admit…when I set a goal of $40,000 in our second year to raise funds for Festival’s Pet Project where 100% of the proceeds go to Friends For Life, Houston’s only no-kill animal shelter and rescue organization, I was rather anxious (and a little dubious) that we might hit this goal.


But thanks to the generosity of quilters from around the world who made more than 1400 fabric postcards, to those who purchased postcards at Quilt Festival, and to those who additionally donated money, in total we raised…














Are you ready?




























Are you sitting down?























I just want to make sure because…

































WE RAISED $40,666.18!!!




Thanks to your support, animals who wouldn’t have had a chance at life, will. They will be spayed/neutered, medically attended, cared for in foster situations, and find forever homes.


We will break down these numbers and give more information shortly of where exactly this money will go, but I just had to share this really fantastic news!


Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Clarence Nellie

20 thoughts on “Breaking news! How much money did the 2nd edition of Festival’s Pet Postcard Project raise?

  1. Sheila says:

    Wonderful news Pokey! I bought a bunch in Houston and this is really great to hear! You ROCK!!!
    :) xoxox -s

  2. Guardian Angels do EXIST !!

  3. Pauline Salzman says:

    BRAVO !!!!!!

  4. Laurie Tigner says:

    YEAH!!! Will get started on some soon for next year! If everyone increases their goal number for next year, think what can be accomplished!!! Well done, everyone!!!

  5. Mary Geehan says:

    WOOHOO ! That is fantastic news, so glad you made your goal, lets aim higher next year !

    Some friends were asking me what I was doing with the postcards I had made, when I explained what they were for, a few have asked if I could teach them how to make them, so we are going to have a sewing day after Christmas where we will be making postcards for next years show !

    Mary Geehan

    Sent from my iPad

  6. Susan Chere says:

    I am thrilled at the amount that you raised and that it is going to such a wonderful purpose. I have two rescue dogs of my own (rescued from Missouri to foster in Ohio and then to us in Cincinnati). I hope you are very proud of yourself and all who participated.

    Susan Chere’ Hartzband

    susnchg@hotmail.com Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2013 20:16:08 +0000 To: susnchg@hotmail.com

  7. Ljrussman says:

    One of your team told me they’d scream if you raised the goal again for next year ;)

    YOU GO GIRL… Congratulations :)!!!!!!!!

    Laurie Russman, CFA, CAIA ljrussman@aol.com 917 855 2930


  8. Debbie says:

    Yay! So pleased that the goal was met!

  9. Linda Carter says:

    It is wonderful that so many worked to help you meet that goal! The animals that depend on us for their wellbeing are blessed to have people like you in their corner. Thanks

  10. Lisa says:

    Woohoo! And an extra thank you to whomever donated the 18 cents! That is awesome! hahaha So glad for you and the shelter!!!!

  11. Jevir says:

    Good Job! Congratulations! I’m so proud of you!

  12. roccagal says:

    wonderful news-thanks for sharing!

  13. That. Is. Incredible. I had so much fun making cards and then buying cards during festival. I know you are thrilled, Pokey. I’ll be looking forward to the next round!

  14. Wendy says:

    Maybe a book next year, 1400 postcards? For those who couldn’t get to Houston and buy an original

  15. Judy Tucker says:

    Words cannot express how blown away I am. Great job Pokey and Quilters! God bless all of you for helping all the furry ones and giving so much of yourselves.

  16. Dana Gaffney says:

    WOW, congratulations! That’s wonderful!

  17. Mary Ed Williams says:

    Great job, Pokey and Clarence! I hope I can get some cards made by next year and work with our no-kill shelter here.

  18. Leslie Kiger says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for undertaking this wonderful cause! I can’t wait to get started on my postcards for next year, and keep us posted on the updates!

  19. Michelle May says:

    That’s so awesome Pokey! Happy Bunny Dance!

  20. Sheryl says:

    Congratulations, really wonderful news. I’m going to make some postcards during the year so I’ll have a decent number to send in for next year. This year I was caught off guard and only had time to get one sent off in time. I’ve just started a new blog and will mention this good cause. Best wishes from Spain. Sheryl. sewingafterseven.blogspot.

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