What does a case of Aurifil thread have to do with Superbowl Sunday? Why, a giveaway of course!


BLOG UPDATE: February 3, 2014

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks and to Kathy Aho in Minnesota. Please email me your address at pokeybATquilts.com so I can ship you the case of Aurifil thread! Congratulations!

With Superbowl Sunday fast approaching, I’m gathering all of my materials for a day filled with quilting whilst munching on fattening football fare. I had hoped it would be a San Francisco 49ers vs. New England Patriots matchup, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be, but there’s always next year! In the meantime, I am rooting for the Seahawks, simply because of this guy:


Fellow San Francisco native, Pete Carroll, former coach of the New England Patriots and an all-around good guy.

I thought it would be fun to do a little giveaway before the Big Game, with swag that Aurifil generously gave me over the holidays:


Check out what’s inside!


Here is how this giveaway will work:

1. In the comments area tell me which team you think will win on Sunday.

2. Then I will take those who accurately predicted the winning team, and randomly select a winner on Monday.

So…who do you think will win the Superbowl?

1,033 responses

  1. I hope it’s a close one and goes down to the last seconds. Something about Peyton Manning that has me thinking Denver will win – in a very close game.

  2. Well, being a Massachusetts girl I am for the Patriots. Since there is no way they will win the Super Bowl, I am for the Sea Hawks! Sorry, I am not a fan of Manning. But I AM a fan of Aurifil!

  3. Go Seahawks! They’ve gotta win because we western Washingtonians have put up with so much grey, rainy, blah weather that we need this win to brighten our days!!! That thread would brighten my day, too. Have a fun party, Pokey. I’ll be eating guacamole and doing handwork in front of the TV.

  4. My grandson says it will be the Seattle Seahawks, so I will go with them. I will be watching the Super Bowl with him – so I can’t cheer for the Broncos.

  5. Broncos, no reason, I had to look and see who was playing…I know so little about football. Talk to me about British soccer and I have a better chance.

  6. Denver Broncos will win, even though I think it would be great for the Seatlte Seahawks to win their first Champsionship. But, honestly I am a NE Patriots fan w/you and they should be in this game! I just so happy it’s outside for once!

  7. Seahawks

    Just like New Orleans did— surprise the heck out of the audience because of good coaching and want to win players!!!

  8. Since I don’t have a clue…I should have counted up all of the guesses and picked the team that had the fewer guesses so I would have a better chance of winning. I could use that thread!

  9. Seattle Seahawks! And I’m basing my prediction on this: I love the Seattle area and used to live in WA back in the day. I also like Denver…but not as much. I know…my method is lame. Oh, well. It’s all I’ve got this year.

  10. Well, I’m rooting for the Denver, Broncos, because my daughter’s math tutor is from Colorado. :D That’s a good reason, right, lol Man oh man, look at that beautiful box of thread.

  11. I have no idea, but I’m told they are pretty evenly matched, so as a Pacific Northwesterner I’ll choose the Seattle Seahawks.

  12. I am more of a hockey fan myself… but I’ll guess that the Seahawks will win!! Love what’s inside that box – holey moley!!

  13. Denver Broncos, sure could use the Aurifil thread, used a whole spool on one project this week,need to replenish my stash.

  14. Seattle. I’m in SF, so it’s bittersweet, but since I don’t watch football anyway, I’ll go with the boys from up north. I might have to check out the new “Fish Bowl” — have you guys heard of it? It’s like the Yule Log on TV on Christmas, only instead of a fireplace they are going to show an aquarium the whole time the Superbowl is on :) Go Aurifil, Go Aurifil!!

  15. The Broncos! Really I don’t follow football at all, but will do just about anything to win this thread!!! Love Aurifil!

  16. The Seahawks according to the chimp in Utah…though I live in Colorado and know what an upset that would be for Bronco fans…and since I am a huge fan of you, how I would love. love. love to
    win the thread…running to the mailbox in anticipation…

  17. I am a Seattle gal – born and raised. At one time I had season tickets and sat through many a game that ended poorly for my guys. Then I moved 225 miles away and gave up the seats to my brother. He thinks I was the jinx that kept them out of the playoffs all those years. LOL! So, my heart says Seattle, but Denver has always had our number. They could always come from behind and win. That said, my heart always wins over my head, so GO SEAHAWKS!!!

  18. I have no idea but I’ll go with Denver because we are expecting a huge storm tomorrow from Colorado. What has that got to do with the super bowl. Absolutely nothing.

  19. Wow, I’m conflicted! Each team has a former UW Badger playing for them. In the end, I’ll go with Seattle as the winner. Actually, I will be cheering for both teams!!

  20. I don’t know who I think will win, but I’m hoping for the Seahawks. The first professional football game I ever attended was the Seahawks when I was studying at the University of Washington.

  21. I’ll guess the Broncos. Love the thread! Air idol was very generous with samples at market in Houston. I became a fan of theirs.

  22. Seahawks “Beastmode” and it would be so awesome to win this 30th anniversary edition of aurifil on my 30th wedding anniversary.

  23. Oh my word, I know almost nothing about football…so I’m guessing from midair…Seattle Seahawks, final answer. Thankfully you are selecting a winner at random and not based on the real winners :) Who cares about football when you could be sewing with Aurifil? giggles…


  24. Our local team here in Queensland is the Broncos so I am hoping that the Denver team will win and be a prediction for our team here to get back on top.

    • For peace and tranquility in our home I fervently hope that Pete Carroll’s Sea Hawks are victorious! I met and fell in love with my husband at USC. Pete Carroll was our ultimate football coach and led the Trojans to many victories!

  25. lol… like a few others I had to look to see who was playing… I guess I would have to say Denver.. and that box of thread would be a great gift!!!…. can use it on all these ufo’s I have got to work on!!!!

  26. YEA! Broncos…..and my favorite quarterback !! WIN WIN…
    …Though my Massachusetts beau would have liked to see the Patriots in this super bowl also.

  27. Usually I prefer not to really get wrapped up into who actually wins or not because I don’t want to be heart broken if they loose. But for thread I’ll make a huge exception! Now who to pick, um… I’ll have to go with Seattle Seahawks since they have a deaf professional football player on their team and I’m a sign language interpreter by trade when I’m not quilting. Go Seattle and then go me to win the thread! Thank you Pokey for a very generous Give Away offer!

  28. Denver Broncos because my brother and his family live in the Denver area. Just hope it is a good game worthy of being called ‘Super’!

  29. Since the Packers are not playing, I will pick Seattle. I know nothing about either team, but my daughter lives in Seattle…so there’s that.

  30. I told my grandson I wanted to see the opposing team of the nasty guy win, not the one in which the nasty talking black guy with the dregs plays for but I forgot which on that was and besides on second thought, his teammates shouldn’t be penalized because his behavior is crude and unacceptable so I am going to toss a coin,,,,,oops tails: ,Broncos (i think that is the one with the nasty player)…. I’m so confused!

  31. Denver Broncos. I think Peyton Manning is strong this year and apt to win it if his team backs him up. (I am a Colts fan – we miss Peyton, but are very pleased with new QB Andrew Luck.)

  32. It’s definitely going to be the Seahawks – no question about it!!! I love Aurifil thread and would absolutely love to win that beautiful case of thread:-)

  33. I hope it’s a close game, but I want the SEAHAWKS to win. OooooooH! the things I could do with that thread..

  34. Seahawks via a Richard Sherman interception!! Living 60 minutes east of Seattle I can’t go against the home state team.

  35. Denver Broncos to win! I have to tell you about a bar that used to be in Eagle Idaho – not sure if it still there. It was in an elongated building that set parallel to the east/west highway. It had two front entry doors. The door on the east side was labeled “Bronco fans enter here” and of course, the west side read “Seahawks fans enter here”. Down the middle of the building ran a stripe to separate the two!!! If that place is still open, it would be one fun place to be in 2014!

  36. I have no idea but since the Broncos beat my 49ers, I am hoping the Seahawks win! I absolutely love Aurifil thread so If I win, it will be amazing! Go Seahawks!

  37. Actually I’ll be the big winner on game day Pokey as I’ll be spending the day sequestered in my studio quilting! OK, I get it, you mean football… I say, go Seahawks! :)

  38. There was a time when I like football… and all the “chair time” it gave me on a Sunday!!! I lived in Nor CA then, and had a game at 10, 1 and again at 4…. if the men didn’t have to do anything other than football, either did I!!! So of, course I have the Seahawks for the win.

  39. Seattle Seahawks, of course! And, why? Because my most awesome, wonderful son-in-law is from the state of Wahsington, and that’s reason enough.

  40. Hoping for a good game overall – with some great commercials! Broncos will probably win (but I am secretly hoping the Seahawks pull it off!)

  41. It isn’t going to be my New England Patriots so my second choice is the Denver Broncos. It would be nice to see Payton Manning go out in a blaze of glory because I do think that this will be his last year.

  42. Denver Broncos. I like both teams but Peyton Manning is an awesome player and example. My grandson has always had a lot of respect for him.

  43. Well! Now you have given me a reason to watch the Super Bowl! I guess since I have no clue I did the eeny meenie miiney mo to choose, and I came up with the Seahawks! Soooo Goooo Seahawks! :) I would love to win this awesome box of Aurifil swag!!! Thank you for having this awesome giveaway!

  44. I don’t normally watch the Super Bowl but for a chance to win this thread and see the commercials I just might sit in front to the TV this time, do some handwork and root for the Bronco’s.Just a feeling I have.

  45. Lol….the family is cheering for the Broncos…..however, MY choice is the SEAHAWKS!!!! Fingers crossed in both the game and this contest!

  46. Denver broncos. A day that I get to sew all,day! Aurifil thread is addicting …can’t get enough of all the beautiful colors.

  47. The Seattle Seahawks with Pete Carroll coaching is the default team for this NE Patriot’s fan. Thanks sew much for this chance to win your generous Aurifil giveaway!!! :-D

  48. My husband thinks will win..I would love to win this giveaway It’s what’s needed to get me in the mood to quilt again…Fingers crossed Have a great day and Thank you for this giveaway :)

  49. Denver Broncos, because I (currently) live in Tennessee and I’m rootin’ for Peyton Manning and his other fellow former Tennessee Vols playing on the team.

  50. Wow, great giveaway thank you! I’m really hoping Peyton wins it….Seattle lost my heart when they release Matt Hasselback….

  51. I’m rooting for the Broncos…not that I’ll be watching, but I’ll be practicing my FMQ skills while my family watches. Oh I will make sure to catch the commercials!

  52. the Kitten Bowl!…..really I don’t have a clue but I’m not clueless about Aurifil! For this great goodie box, I’ll be a pretend football fan & say…eeny meenie mynnie moe…..the Seahawks!

  53. Since my 49ers are out of the game, and I now live in the Denver area, got to go with the Bronco’s! Hope it is a great game.

  54. I have to say Denver Broncos because my niece is one of their cheerleaders. I don’t follow football but Shes a good reason to root them on. ;-)

  55. I am going to say the Denver Broncos, but I will be quilting while the rest of the family watches the game :-) of course, I will have to take a break to serve the football feast for them.

  56. I don’t usually watch NFL but the Seahawks punter is Canadian and played for our CFL team before being signed in the NFL. so Seahawks it is.

  57. SEAHAWKS!!! Goooooooooooooo ‘Hawks.

    Above all I just want it to be a clean game, with low penalties and no TRYING to hurt each other. I just want to see an AWESOME game with crazy wild “Hail Mary” everythings… lol Our town has been crazy with Seahawks Fever!! Our office even had real “tailgates” brought in yesterday for our staff party. It was sooo fun! .

  58. I’m hoping and praying that the Seahawks win because they came into the NFL at the same time as the Bucs AND because they always had some great and different plays in their mix! Go Seahawks!!

  59. While I believe statistically the Seahawks are the dominant team, I’m going with the Broncos. Besides, I’ve heard that the manatee in Florida and the bear somewhere else have picked them to win!

  60. GO SEAHAWKS!!! I was at the Seahawks vs 49ers NFC Championship and when the Seahawks won it was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever seen. SEATTLE and the 12th man is ready for a big win! The thought of owning the set of Aurifil is almost as exciting as the Seahawks winning the Superbowl!

  61. So who’s playing? The NPR guy says it will be close but usually defense wins the Superbowl so I’ll go with the Seahawks. Oh snap, Since I picked them, they’ll lose now so maybe I should pick the Broncos. I like horses. Oh, snap! I just hope I win this thread collection.

  62. Denver probably, but I don’t follow football too closely. My husband is a die hard Nascar fan, so we watch races on Sunday. And the race season starts in February and ends in October, so I don’t know why football wife’s complain about being a football widow.????????

  63. Its going to be a great game,the score is going to be close.By about 2 or 3 points.I’m saying the Broncos are winning.Payton has passed all records this year,he is a great quarterba of all time.I

  64. Oh, my, that box of Aurifil thread is a thing of beauty! I love Aurifil and can never have enough :)
    Re: the football game – our household is split on who will win, but I am rooting for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos!

  65. I know we will be watching at my house, but not rooting for either team. Hubby is a Bears fan. I’ll go out on a limb and guess the Seahawks.

  66. Denver Broncos………thought about going for Seahawks as it seems there are less names in the hat for them……………maybe a better chance of winning.

  67. I am hoping the Seahawks win. I am originally from the KC area. You know the saying: the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

  68. My guess, the Broncos! Although I really have no preference who wins. But I would really love the chance to win this fabulous thread! This thread runs like a dream on my 2 Berninas!! Thank you Pokey & Aurifil for offering this spectacular giveaway. :) :)

  69. Seahawks — what a lovely dream. I am a native Seattle-ite. Love the Superbowl and love many of the commercials, this time it’ll be the Bud ones with the puppy and the gorgeous horse. (the man is gorgeous too)

  70. I would really like to see a close game, with the Denver Broncos winning.. Peyton Manning has been a great player through the years, and I would enjoy seeing him play a fantastic game and taking the win.. along with the whole team…
    Martha K

  71. I better say the Seahawks because my Mom and family live in Washington state. I don’t follow football very much but I will be watching for the commercials–and stitching! :D
    Kathy Aho in Minnesota

  72. I will say it’s going to be KC’s nemesis, the Bronco’s. I only say this because I think Payton should be the first quarterback in history to win two superbowls while playing on two different teams.

  73. I guess I really don’t care who wins, but my sister lives outside of Denver so I probably will root for the Denver Broncos.

  74. I wish the packers were in but it wasn’t our year. Both teams have former badgers playing so either to win would be fine, but I would like the Seahawks to win. Great giveaway!! Would love to win!

  75. I say Seahawks, my son just told me they have better team colors.he said I am a quilter and all about color. So I must pick them. Lol

  76. Denver Broncos, because of another really nice guy-Peyton Manning. Either way it’s nice to have good guys at the finish. Nice thread too, thanks for your generosity and sharing!

  77. I was hoping for a NE & SF match-up too… but I really hope SEATTLE SEAHAWKS win, they need a ring! …and I need some awesome thread! ;)

  78. broncos! I really couldn’t care less who wins the game, but I sure like to win this thread. Aurifil all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Wow. So many entries! I would have to say this Thread Giveaway is a winner. I’m all for the commercials, but if I have to pick a team, it would be the Denver Broncos. May the best team win!

  80. I’m a new England Patriots fan, but I have to say I think the Broncos will win. Peyton Manning is really on his game right now. But I’ll be rooting for the other team. :-))

  81. GO SEAHAWKS!!!!! SO EXCITED!!! It would be more exciting when the Seahawks win and I wiln all this thread…… Need to build up my Aurifil thread!!
    GO HAWKS!!!

  82. My husband and I, too, are diehard New England fans and we were disappointed that they were not playing in the Super Bowl this year. We will root for Seattle…well really we’re rooting against Peyton Manning…not one of our favorites. Go SEAHAWKS!!!!!!

  83. Well I don’t know anything about it but I will go for the Seattle Seahawks cos they seem to be the underdogs and we Brits always support underdogs.

  84. I will go with the Seattle Seahawks. I love Seattle and like their baseball team, the Washington Nationals, that have spring training here in Melbourne. Thanks Pokey for the giveaway. I enjoyed getting to meet you in Houston, I was the one who gave you a pen to use at your demonstration, lol.