What do fabric flowers have to do with selfies?

Yesterday afternoon, a few of us in the office got together to try Alisa Burke’s tutorial for making dimensional fabric flowers for wreaths for our Community Garden at Quilt! Knit! Stitch!  Here’s just a small sampling of what we made:

fabric flowers staff



Seeing my colleagues having a good time together around the crafting table, I was reminded of a picture that I thought would be fun to replicate:

Oscars selfie

Photo Credit: Ellen Degeneres (…but you knew that already)


So we each posed with a fabric flower:better selfie


The above picture is lovely, but one of our very hip, social-media savvy co-workers Carmen Beck pointed out that in order to be an authentic selfie, we needed to take it ourselves. So we tried. First shot didn’t work out so well…

bad selfie


But we got it on take two!

Quilts Selfie

(And if you are wondering why Kim is wearing Blues Brothers glasses, he is recovering from cataract surgery.)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

5 responses

  1. How delightful! And the flowers are great! There’s one young lady I don’t recognize—is that Ruth’s new assistant?

  2. I just thought Kim was being cool! You are all such nice people. (Or should that be all y’all are nice people? )

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