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Thoughts on Crafting a Life

More fabric postcards for Festival’s Pet Project are arriving and looking fantastic! Some more eye candy for you: . . . . . There is still plenty of time to make fabric postcards to benefit Friends For Life! (All of the information is in this post.) We are accepting them here at the Quilts offices […]

Aaaaaaah….the dog days of summer. If you live anywhere near Houston or the Gulf, with temps reaching a mere  96 degrees on average lately, you know summer is clearly  here! I am still the new kid in town, trying to comprehend the seasonal temps and commenting to passers-by how wonderful the weather has been. Coming […]

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! I partook in my 21st B.F.R (Bolton Family Reunion). Since the Boltons took pity on me in 1991 when I was  a junior at Boston College from San Francisco stranded in Boston over Thanksgiving (which happened to also be the time of their BFR), I have […]

I’ve received a number of emails from people wondering what my new digs at Quilts, Inc., look like so I thought to blog about how I decorated my space. I wanted to create an office that was welcoming, creative, and clean (not cluttered!), so comfy chairs were on my list of wants. I found a […]


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