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In Honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a Pink Fabric Giveaway!

UPDATE! Congratulations to Julia Hyll! Please email me at to send you the pink fabrics! Thanks for answering, everybody!


When October came around, I noticed in my health club’s women’s locker room they hung laminated fliers from the shower heads with diagrams for conducting a breast self exam. I thought to myself that was a good reminder ‘cuz I sure hadn’t done one in a while. However, I am good about getting my yearly mammograms, and I hope all of you are too!

In honor of all of you who have had to battle breast cancer, and in honor of our loved ones who have lost theirs, I thought I would do a small something and conduct a pink fabric giveaway. All you have to do is answer the following question and I’ll randomly select a winner later in the week.

Pink Fabrics2

Question: In addition to conducting your monthly exams and getting your yearly mammograms (if you are of the age), what is a healthy habit you have recently adopted?

Mine is pretty basic: I’ve cut down my caffeine intake to (at most) two cups of coffee each morning, and I drink a lot more water during the day.  You?

A Very Maudlin-Free Monday, Indeed (& Fabric Giveaway!)

UPDATE: Congratulations to Adele-loving Kathy Schermerhorn! You won the fabrics, and I will email you for your shipping address!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I sure did…starting Friday night when the Boston police caught Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Watertown, MA. Alive.  What happened in Boston is just surreal to me, I know this area very, very well, and to think of terror like this happening so close to home, I had that same awful pit in my stomach I had during 9/11 when there were two planes out of Logan. I don’t think I was alone in crying tears of joy and relief that it was over this past Friday night, and hopefully we can get some answers out of this guy for why he and his brother would intentionally cause such incredible hurt and angst on what was to be a celebratory day.

At any rate…it was a gorgeous, sunny weekend in Houston, and on Saturday afternoon I unpacked my supplies from the Cincinnati show and washed my monoprinted fabrics I had created in Open Studios.

my fabrics

They don’t look like much now, but I have some ideas for cutting them up into 4″ squares for hand stitching, much like Linda McLaughlin’s work that you can see here.

As it is Monday and the start of a new week that I know will be so much better than last week, I thought it was time to give some fabric away!
How about this little stack:

Fabrics for orange giveaway

Just answer the following question and I will randomly select a winner in the next day or two.

Question: I am always on the hunt for new tunes to listen to while in my studio. What are you listening to now?

Me? I added a new tune to my playlist this weekend that I heard on satellite radio, and it feels pretty appropriate as we triumph over such a senseless act and take back the spirit of Boston and the marathon…



Love you, Boston!


Free Fabric Giveaway! 20 Fat Quarters to Ring in 2013!

Blog update!I loved reading all of the resolutions and I hope we all attain them! I would love to see pictures of works-in-progress or works completed so feel free to email them to me, and I can post on the blog. The winner of the fabric is Brigitte Baierl. Congratulations! I will email you for your address.



I think y’all know how this works by now: I ask a question, you answer, and I randomly select a winner. The first free loot in 2013? How about a stack of fat quarters from Riley Blake Designs!


Aren’t these colors yummy?

They kinda’ remind me of my breakfast this morning (before I turned all this stuff into juice):


Since it’s only the second day in 2013, I’m going to ask the queen of cliché questions, but ask it with a twist:


What is your quilt-related New Year’s resolution that you will ATTAIN by year’s end? This mean that what you write in the comments area–whatever goal you type down–you WILL accomplish by the end of the year. And at year’s end, I am going to check back in to see if you actually attained your goal.

My attainable goal: I will start and complete two art quilts by the end of the year, one of which I would like to enter into a juried exhibition. Maybe making two art quilts doesn’t sound like much, but I have two ideas in mind, and I would really like to see them through…not just keep the ideas in my head.

Now it’s your turn. Leave your attainable goal in the comments area and on Friday I will post the winner in this same post. Think hard and think lofty (but attainable)…

Tis’ the Quilt-y Season: Free Fabric & Your Holiday Wish List!

UPDATE: Fabric winner…Congratulations to Amanda Kattner! I will email you for your address and ship these Ty Pennington fabrics to you!

It’s an exciting time of year here at Quilts Inc. headquarters, as the last of the quilts on loan for Fall Festival are being shipped back to their makers, many of us are busy stitching holiday gifts for loved ones, and we are pleased knowing that Friends For Life is putting the money raised for Festival’s Pet Project (more than $20,000) to good use saving animals!

FFL check

From left to right: Meredith Wierick (Communications Manager), Me, Clarence (my pooch from Friends For Life), and Salise Shuttlesworth (Founder & Director of Friends For Life)


It’s also (past) time for me to announce the three book winners from my previous book post:

three books

Congratulations to: Patricia S., Tetonmountaingirl, and Hueisei! I will email you all individually to obtain your shipping information.

Monday’s Fabric Giveaway

Ty Pennington Fats

I have an assortment of fabrics designed by Ty Pennington to give away. (Sorry, Ty doesn’t come with the fabric.)

Answer the following question and I will randomly select a winner tomorrow (Tuesday).

Question: What quilt-y gadgets are on your holiday wish list?

Free Fabric Giveaway & The Pet Project Postcards for Houston Quilt Festival Are Arriving!

Quilt Festival’s Pet Project Postcards to benefit Friends For Life, Houston’s premier no-kill rescue organization and animal shelter, are starting to arrive in batches at Quilt Festival headquarters, and I thought it would be fun to give a sneak peek at what you can buy on the show floor for just $20!

How cuddly and adorable is this fabric postcard?!
“It’s Cold Outside!” by Sarah Ann Smith

“Woof!” by Sue Bleiweiss

“Best Friend” by Jeanne Palmer Moore

“Best Friends” by our very own Ann Graf

Ann has made a number of fabric postcards so far, including this floral-themed piece.

Calling All Quilters! We need fabric postcards, and not just animal-themed ones, we welcome all styles and motifs!

If you want to try your hand at a small quilt (oh, say…4″ x 6″), then why not make a beautiful fabric postcard to donate to our cause? We are accepting them here in our office through October 23, so you have more than two more weeks to make as many fabric postcards as you would like!

If you want all of the details, you can find them in this blog entry, and please, please spread the news!

Free Fabric Giveaway for Making a Pet Project Postcard Pledge!

If you are making fabric postcards, I am going to sweeten the deal! Respond in the comments area that you are making and sending in at least one fabric postcard and I will randomly select a winner by the end of the day, Tuesday, October 9th, to win this loot of Cabana Blooms fabric by Windham Fabrics!

Maudlin-Free Monday Fabric Giveaway!

It’s a soggy, dreary Monday here in Houston, but we don’t mind the grey skies and puddle-ridden roads…the rain is finally cooling things off.  I hope everyone had a nice weekend; I had a quiet one–my favorite kind–spending hours stitching. I began working on about 20 fabric postcards for our Pet Project, our upcoming fundraiser for stray animals in dire need here in the city of Houston. I like to make fabric postcards in batches, and this first batch features Louie, my 13-year-old Min Pin whose image I screened on fabric, then fused to some pieced backgrounds.

I have a lot of embellishing as well as hand and machine stitching yet to do on these, but I had fun working with such graphic prints for the backgrounds.

Speaking of which, I have a stash of Malka Dubrawsky fabrics that she designed for Moda that I would love to give away to someone who might use them to create fabric postcards for our Pet Project.  Are you interested?

If so, answer the following question and I’ll randomly choose a winner tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.

Question: Fall is coming, and with it cooler temps and more reasons to stay indoors and quilt. What are your bigger quilt projects on the front burner right now?

Calling All Dog-Loving Quilters: A Question & A Free Doggie Fabric Giveaway

Since it is already Tuesday, I realize I am a little late in hoping everyone had a great weekend last weekend! Mine was spent in my studio, making a ton of quilt-y goods, including this tote I made for my pet sitter.

Tote made from Kathy Mack’s market tote pattern that appeared in the premier issue of International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene.

Speaking of pet sitting, the night before I left for the Long Beach Quilt Festival last month, I almost hit a dog on the way home from taking Clarence to the dog park. After I swerved onto the sidewalk, I ran out of my car to check if she was ok, and she was in such horrible shape: caked in mud, malnourished, and trembling. She had no tag on her collar, but responded positively to my endearment of “Sweetie” with a gentle thump thump thump of her tail. I hoisted her into my car, took her home, bathed her (pretty significantly because she was a mess), then let her play with Clarence…who thought the idea of a sleepover was a great one! That first hour with our new guest, it was a just blond whir somersaulting across my hardwood floors.

Since I was leaving the next day for an entire week, I called numerous shelters and emergency hotlines that night to see if I could get her taken care of…but no such luck. The following morning I went to my vet and pleaded with him to see if I could board her for a week until I got back.  Fortunately he said yes, so I dropped “Sweetie” off, hoping that while I was away, I could get her either reunited with her owner or adopted–unfortunately neither happened.

This is where compassionate quilters came to the rescue. Numerous quilting friends tried to help me problem solve on Facebook, including art quilter Kim Ritter. She even went to my vet to meet Sweetie, helped me pay the cost for her care and vaccinations, and posted signs in the neighborhood.

When I returned from Long Beach, I went to my vet to visit Sweetie, and she was so affectionate. Below my coworker Allison Cooper is giving Sweetie some much needed love.

I called more than 20 agencies and rescues to see if anyone could help me, but unfortunately every shelter was filled or beyond capacity. I thought my best option was to take her to city-run BARC, a local agency that was recommended to me, as there is a huge campaign to adopt out as many animals as possible in the next few months in order to win some significant grant funds. Below is her picture.

Problem was, I just couldn’t stand it, I couldn’t stand the idea she could possibly be put down, and people were messaging me and encouraging me to explore other options.  So I went out, bought a crate, more toys and treats, and brought her home. She is home with me now, and I am fostering her in the hopes I can find her a forever home soon. (Hey, I have a lot of pets already!) She is learning commands very quickly, loves to be around people, is very docile and playful, sleeps a lot, and loves to go on runs with Clarence.

Since moving to Houston, I have now taken on three rescues (but again, I am planning for Sweetie to find another “forever” home). But as I was driving down to Houston from Boston last fall, I noticed more and more strays on the side of the highway as I traversed across the South. It is a real problem, and one that Houston’s Mayor Annise Parker is striving to correct in our city. I heard her speak at the Grand Reopening of Friends for Life, a no-kill shelter in Houston where I got Clarence, and she relayed that she is determined to adopt out as many animals in Houston shelters (namely BARC), and spread the word of how crucially important it is to spay and neuter your pets.

It got me thinking…I know the Mayor is a fan of Quilt Festival (she attends on her own time every year…sometimes more than once!), and she also loves animals. I’d love to coordinate some kind of quilt-y outreach, but don’t know what exactly. So many of us at Quilts Inc. have rescued animals for pets, it is a cause very close to our hearts.

So here is my question: If you as a quilter could be a part of some kind of outreach to help raise awareness for rescue animals, what would it be? And if you have a rescued love one, tell us about him/ her in the comments section. On Thursday, I will randomly select a winner to win this set of Puppy Park Fabrics by Riley Blake Designs!


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