A Happier Holiday for the Homeless Pooches and Kitties of Houston

Guess what got delivered recently?

Quilt money 2013

Left to right: Meredith Wierick, Pokey Bolton, and Salise Shuttlesworth at Friends For Life headquarters

The $40,000 (+) is twice the amount of funds raised from last year’s edition of Quilt Festival’s Pet Project, so if I do my math correctly based on last year’s amounts, it means that the money will approximately:

• Vaccinate 8,000 cats

• Vaccinate 10,500 dogs

• Neuter about 700 tomcats

• Provide heartworm treatment for 100 dogs

• Provide 2000 Project WARM feral cat shelters for distribution to colonies all over Houston.

It will also help dogs who otherwise would have been euthanized like Nemmy to heal and find forever homes…

Friends for Life

From Friends For Life’s Facebook page: Nemmy, the dog who was found with a rope tied around her waist and embedded in her skin, has developed quite the fan base. We appreciate everyone rooting for her and continuing to inquire about her progress. Medically, Nemmy is doing well and her wounds have healed nicely.

 Our volunteers and staff have been working on socialization at the pace she sets. As any dog who had been mistreated at the hand of a human would act, Nemmy is still hesitant of people. In a room set up all for her at the shelter, volunteers have been taking turns reading aloud to her. This helps Nemmy get used to the sound and presence of humans. She is not ready to be touched or petted but we’ve seen her playing with toys, walking around and sniffing humans. The progress is slow but tremendous. As our behaviorist Melissa puts it “the fastest way is the slowest way.” We will continue to help Nemmy at her pace and keep you updated along the way.

Thanks to ALL who made and purchased pet postcards, and for those who additionally donated money! This is truly a revolutionary shelter that will be a model for other shelters around the country. Check out this recent story in the Houston Chronicle about how Friends For Life is a finalist for a District Council of the Urban Land Institute’s 2014 Development of Distinction Award!

Every animal does indeed matter. Thanks everyone…

Make ATCs & Mug Rugs to Trade at Quilt Festival & More Pet Postcards!

More fabric postcards for Festival’s Pet Project are arriving and looking fantastic! Some more eye candy for you:

An assortment of fabric postcards by rebel quilter, Jamie Fingal. (I love the googly eyes!)



A sampling of fabric postcards by Pauline Salzman. These pooches are going to be gobbled up fast at the show!



Cute kitties by Terri Stegmiller. The bottom card reminds me very much of my own rescue kitty, Khaleesi!


There is still plenty of time to make fabric postcards to benefit Friends For Life! (All of the information is in this post.) We are accepting them here at the Quilts offices through October 23rd, and we will accept them at the show through Friday, November 2nd, in Room 213 on the 2nd floor of the convention center. Please note: Fabric Postcards will go on sale for $20 each at Quilt Festival (not Market) beginning on Preview Night, October 31st.

Share Your Art!

Make Art To Trade at Our Festival Trading Post!

Just because you may not have entered a quilt into our quilt show doesn’t mean you can’t have your art displayed! Our Trading Post where you can trade ATCs (artist trading cards) and mug rugs will be right next to Open Studios near the Food Court, and we hope you will make and bring as many ATCs and mug rugs as you can. This is a very lively section of the show floor, and a great way to share new quilt, surface design, and embellishment ideas with other quilters.

I cruised the web to find some good tutorials for you in case you are not familiar with ATCs or mug rugs:

ATC Tutorials online:



Mug Rug Tutorials:




Fabric Winner!

Congratulations to Corky Eden for being randomly selected in my last post. Thank you for making fabric postcards to benefit Friends For Life, and I will email you to get your shipping address.


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