The Modern Minimal Book Winner & A Funny Quilt Video

Ahhhhh…It’s Friday. At long last. Weekend forecast calls for partly sunny skies with highs in the upper 80s. The weatherman on the local news this morning said, “Watch out! You are going to feel the humidity start to creep in today…and we can expect the humidity to stay until October!”

I keep hearing about this “humidity” but I have yet to experience it. I have to wonder if this “humidity” is as bad as everyone makes it out to be…

So it’s time for me to name the winner of this week’s Maudlin-Free Monday book giveaway, and congratulations to Marie Hartman Misgen! Please email me at with your mailing address and I will mail you a copy of  Alissa Haight Carlton’s Modern Minimal!

In my last post I had talked about wanting to make some fast and easy quilts and stumbled across this video with Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Co., thanks to someone telling me about jelly roll races. It’s very funny, and a great way to kick off a weekend of quilting.


Wanted! Ideas for Fast and Easy Quilts

I’ve been slowly putting my home together, but my family room is coming along too slowly for my tastes and I want to speed things up. I love my big white comfy couch and my flat screen TV (which is just crying for two art quilts to flank it). But the room is void of color and texture, and that needs to change ASAP!

So it just so happens that I love this console table I found online at Ballard Designs. It’s been sitting in my shopping cart for weeks, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

I can just imagine placing it right behind my white sofa, and storing a lot of patchwork quilts in it, folded one on top of the other, stacked so you see a lot of color, pattern, and texture right when you look into the room. Problem is, I don’t have any patchwork quilts, except for the one my great grandmother made, and that’s my bed quilt. Louie is especially partial to it…

So now on my to-do list, I want to make about 6-8 lap quilts that I can store in my console table (which I will finally order tonight). I’m not going to make quilts that have terribly intricate designs, I am going for FAST, EASY, and MINDLESS.  My friend Melly Testa posted a blog entry about making a jelly roll quilt that looks quite handsome in her living room. I think I’ll see if I can get some jelly rolls at Sample Spree at this upcoming Spring Quilt Market, and then make a few when I get home.

But I am curious…have you made some quick, easy, and mindless quilts lately, and do you have pictures of them on your blog that I could see? And do you have any suggestions for patterns?

Free Quilt Book! (and quilt-y light bulb moments)

I had a nice weekend. Did you? I had grand plans going into it of all I would accomplish: I wanted to assemble the porch chairs that came in while I was away in Cincinnati, find cushions for them, clean my grill (I had never done that before), finish a quilt project, plant about five pots of flowers, get in a couple of focused workouts, work on my art journal, watch the first two seasons of “Downton Abbey,” finish reading The House of Tyneford, write a blog entry, buy some work clothes, run with Clarence, catch up with laundry, make a Sephora run, and pay bills. Most important on this list was that Sephora run, and I did do that as well as watch “Downton Abbey,” finish the book I was reading, and do some gardening.

Here’s my Little Man, Louie, posing in front of my newly planted snapdragons:

I also went to a favorite consignment furniture store in my neighborhood called Alabama Furniture and stumbled across this little number:

I was looking for a piece of furniture that could serve as a linen cabinet to store sheets and towels for my upstairs hallway, but this vintage piece just grabbed me. I couldn’t decide whether it was super cool or super ugly, so I snapped a shot of it on my iPhone and sent it to my Facebook friends to poll them. They agreed with me that it was actually super cool (minus the sun stencils), so I bought it, and two hours later…

I had it delivered to my house and sorted my journaling and painting goods. I am really thrilled with this piece of furniture as it adds a lot of character to my studio and hides all of my messy jars of paints and things, and has a little fold-up writing desk for me to place my works-in-progress. It meant that I had to move my design wall outside of my studio, and that is when I had a light bulb moment: Why am I trying to stuff all of my studio things into one 10′ x 10′ guest bedroom when I have an entire house? Why am I so hesitant to spread my studio throughout my house and celebrate my quilt-y self everywhere? So I decided I am going to put a wooden frame around my design wall, stain it, and feature it in my living room. If anything, it will give people something to talk about when the conversation slows. (i.e. “What the heck was she thinking when she started that ugly thing?)

I also took my bookshelf of embellishments and dragged it around the corner from my studio and into my guest bathroom so people can admire my pin cushion collection and jars and jars of buttons. I’ll keep my dye supplies in my kitchen, and one of my bedrooms upstairs I may turn into a second sewing studio.

When I get more settled, maybe I will share pictures of my studio and house to show how I’m storing and featuring all of my quilting things.

Maudlin-Free Monday Giveaway

So it is time for my giveaway. Today I have a book that I am guessing a lot of people may want: Modern Minimal by Alissa Haight Carlton, a popular quilter who helped launch the Modern Quilt movement.

All you have to do is answer the following question and on this Friday I will randomly choose a winner and announce on my blog.

My giveaway question: Is there a piece of furniture or tool that had you thinking in a new way, or gave you a light bulb moment about your approach to quilting or your creative process?

Happy Monday!