Wanted! Ideas for Fast and Easy Quilts

I’ve been slowly putting my home together, but my family room is coming along too slowly for my tastes and I want to speed things up. I love my big white comfy couch and my flat screen TV (which is just crying for two art quilts to flank it). But the room is void of color and texture, and that needs to change ASAP!

So it just so happens that I love this console table I found online at Ballard Designs. It’s been sitting in my shopping cart for weeks, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

I can just imagine placing it right behind my white sofa, and storing a lot of patchwork quilts in it, folded one on top of the other, stacked so you see a lot of color, pattern, and texture right when you look into the room. Problem is, I don’t have any patchwork quilts, except for the one my great grandmother made, and that’s my bed quilt. Louie is especially partial to it…

So now on my to-do list, I want to make about 6-8 lap quilts that I can store in my console table (which I will finally order tonight). I’m not going to make quilts that have terribly intricate designs, I am going for FAST, EASY, and MINDLESS.  My friend Melly Testa posted a blog entry about making a jelly roll quilt that looks quite handsome in her living room. I think I’ll see if I can get some jelly rolls at Sample Spree at this upcoming Spring Quilt Market, and then make a few when I get home.

But I am curious…have you made some quick, easy, and mindless quilts lately, and do you have pictures of them on your blog that I could see? And do you have any suggestions for patterns?

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  1. Oh my goodness! I have inspired you!!! That is usually the opposite! I can’t say I have any ideas beyond my strip pieced Jelly Roll, BUT I will check back to see what brain storms happen.

  2. Carol Morrissey has developed some rockin’ pieced patterns (separate from her fused applique designs.) Unfortunately, she hasn’t finished her website overhaul – so there’s not much to see there, but her pal Sandy Brawner has most of her patterns at Quilt Country. http://tinyurl.com/86uvlfn

    Large-scale pinwheels, rail fence variations, and, well, pretty much anything pieced with bright, cheerful prints makes for fun quilts.

  3. Quick and easy strip quilts are the bomb! A giant version of stacked coins made from a jelly roll works up quickly and can have lots of color.

    Pokey, have you thought of storing your table runners in your console until you get your lap quilts together?

  4. Charm packs and layer cakes will go together quickly and create some fun quilts that would make a good platform for a little bit of thread play.

  5. I made my first jellyroll quilt about a year ago. I appliqued a scattering of die-cut pieces, as well as cut outlines from the leftover cloth across the surface. It turned out great!
    Also, I made a bunch of crazy log cabin blocks with a set of Anna Maria Horner 12×12 die cut squares as the central element in each….easy and bright.

  6. You should look at “Quilting Modern” for some ideas. Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen did a really good job and will give you a good jumping off point for something fresh. I’m really liking this book.

  7. I’m having a vision; think of different sizes of large scale rectangles and squares, using various bright solids or even gradations, and each trimmed with a very thin contrasting complimentary border. (Actually, the border size could be varied as well, but I think really thin might be cool, just to add some pop) Put all of these on your design wall, and get the layout you like, then just fill the background with solids, to create another layer behind. For example, various pale solid grays, warm and cool, or various light creams to pull it all together. You could whip something out pretty quick if the scale is big enough.

    Have fun, there are many great suggestions here. 🙂

  8. Hi Pokey! The quilt I made for my friends wedding in October sounds like a design/pattern that would work great for this. If you want to take a look, there are photos on my blog http://shadybrooks.wordpress.com under the post “Broken Roads Wedding Quilt” (it is on the bottom of the list on the righthand side, and there are also photos of it on my Flickr Feed on the left of the page). Take a look and see if that idea would work on a smaller scale for one of your quilts.
    Have a great day!

  9. What about rail fence quilts( lots of straight lines) in crazy bright colors or lots of sky and land blues and greens or flamingo pink and spaceman green or magenta and ???

  10. Go to You Tube.com and type in” Amazing Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern by 3 Dudes.” The quickest easiest pattern ever and you can get so many colour variations and block sizes. Have a go . It is a winner, I promise. Really miss seeing your pic and reading your editorial in Quilting Arts and I guess you will be missed at Create this year. Soooooo many changes, sigh……

  11. Very simple: 6″ or 8″ squares with high loft batting, then tied (with or without buttons or large beads) at the corners and center of each square.

  12. This isn’t about quilts, but I had to checkout the catalog you mentioned. They have pendant light adaptors! I never thought of that, you buy these and stick them in your recessed lights and voila! New lights!
    Thanks Pokey for the URL.

  13. Pokey, Enter: Jelly Roll Quilt Race, you can watch a video of a jelly roll quilt being made in less than an hour. I think I am going to make one…

  14. I’m currently making the Nine Patch Rearranged, page 83 in Modern Patchwork magazine. It’s my first pieced quilt and it’s coming together really fast.

  15. I needed something fast so I cut a strip of all my fave Kaffe Fasset and Jane Sassamans, added some blue squares, and Jelly roll raced it! So fast and fun! Pic on my blog.Can’t wait to see what you come up with, Pokey!

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