The Modern Minimal Book Winner & A Funny Quilt Video

Ahhhhh…It’s Friday. At long last. Weekend forecast calls for partly sunny skies with highs in the upper 80s. The weatherman on the local news this morning said, “Watch out! You are going to feel the humidity start to creep in today…and we can expect the humidity to stay until October!”

I keep hearing about this “humidity” but I have yet to experience it. I have to wonder if this “humidity” is as bad as everyone makes it out to be…

So it’s time for me to name the winner of this week’s Maudlin-Free Monday book giveaway, and congratulations to Marie Hartman Misgen! Please email me at with your mailing address and I will mail you a copy of  Alissa Haight Carlton’s Modern Minimal!

In my last post I had talked about wanting to make some fast and easy quilts and stumbled across this video with Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Co., thanks to someone telling me about jelly roll races. It’s very funny, and a great way to kick off a weekend of quilting.


4 responses

  1. Oh yes, the humidity is as bad as everyone says. But after living here for 40 years I’ve learned to accept it. Don’t forget – we just came out of a record setting drought and the last 12 months have been abnormally dry.

  2. Hi Pokey!!! I’ve been following you on your new journey! I hope you are enjoying every minute of it! Miss you in the northeast! I’m going to Colorado with Helen and Vivika in a couple of weeks and I can’t thank you enough for all the opportunities you provided that have got me to that point! Always-Margaret
    P.S. Can you send me the link to the video above because I can’t click on it for some reason and would love to check it out!

  3. Pokey, Wait until you get into your car in July….It will be like walking into a sauna!
    So welcome to Houston….I moved to Kingwood.
    Quick and Easy quilt is the Disappearing Nine Patch. Anything from Missouri Star Quilt Co. is fun and easy. Jenny is a great instructor.
    So glad that you are here! Catherine

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