Free Fabric Friday: Blue Fabric Giveaway to Stave Off Those Rainy Day Blues


SATURDAY UPDATE! Congratulations to Pam Biswas! You won the fabric! Please email me at with your shipping address and I will send you this blue fabric next week.

Everyone, I am pondering some ideas for a quilt-along. Thank you so much for your comments, they were very, very helpful. I hope everyone is enjoying a creative weekend. Today I inherited a six-week old stray kitten to foster. My hands are full, but this little guy is very darling. Enjoy a good rest of the weekend!


If you live in Houston, you know the weather this past week has been pretty soggy, to say the least. These storms have given me my first real taste of severe weather in the Lone Star state, and like most things in Texas, they are big! However, the rain and flooding have meant that I have enjoyed more indoor activities, which is fine by me as I love any reason to be holed up in my studio. Unfortunately Clarence doesn’t share my sentiments…

Clarence looking outside the window, wondering when he will be able to play (if ever) in the backyard again.

To stave off those rainy day blues I thought it would be fun to give away some blue fabric:

If you want a chance to win this set, just answer my question below in the comments area, and I will pick a winner tomorrow (Saturday morning) and post the winner in this same post. So check back tomorrow for an update to see if you won!

My burning question: Have you ever participated in a quilt-along? No? Yes? If so, what did you do? If you haven’t participated in a quilt-along, would you ever want to and what would you want to do?

Inquiring minds want to know!

59 responses

    • I have never participated in a quilt along and I’m not even sure what it is although I have heard a little about them. I would love to try one to try something new and keep me motivated and to say I am willing to try something new.

  1. I am just participating in my first QAL, a Christmas in July with Free Spirit Fabrics, I am one of the people who actually made a pattern for it, which is super exciting for me since it was my 1st of so many things! The block I made for and tutorial will be revealed Aug. 3. I would enjoy doing one again. That was a great question! Also thank you for a chance to win such pretty fabrics! 🙂

  2. I have never participated in a quilt a long, but I think it might be fun. I have participated in some technique and boro “alongs” and had a blast. I am always amazed at how many different items are produced from one idea. Have a wonderful weekend, Pokey! Clarence, I hope the sun comes out again so you can go play.

  3. I have participated in an internet quilt-a-long where we started with some surface design…next person’s idea was to do some more…next person had us add scrims & textures along with hand stitch…next person had us sandwich and quilt…and finally we returned to paint and stamping.

  4. Know what you mean. When i lived in Houston. I had the experience of witnessing electrical strong storms and later hurricane Ike. Once I moved to Maryland, I experienced most recent hurricane and the earthquake. ; )

  5. I have never participated in a Quilt Along, although I’ve read about them and some of them I know I would find interesting. I would be interested in taking part in one, especially if it is for a new technique or something different, which would make it more appealing. It is nice to see what other people come up using the same ideas and techniques.
    Those blue fabrics are absolutely lovely, and they would surely help with bad weather.

  6. I’ve never heard of a quilt along so had to Google it! Sounds like fun! We’re having a drought in northern Illinois … please send the rain here!

  7. Alas no, and I don’t even know what one is! It’s been rainy here all week also and I’ve got the blues, so the blue fabric would be perfect.

    I really enjoy your posts showing what you’ve been up to, quilting-wise, on a weekend; so if you do some quilting this weekend, I hope you will share!

  8. Ooooh – bluuuuue! Love the fabric you selected!

    I have just signed up for my QAL – the Great Granny Square QAL. I hope I have enough time to keep up. I am taking tidbits from ImaGingerMonkey’s Hexy QAL, too. I have also done most of the early projects in the Zakka Style Sew Along, but I fell off the wagon when we hit a few projects that I wasn’t so interested in. I need to getback to that one.

    A QAL should keep me on track and add some time-pressure to mu sewing (which I need). Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. I just participated in my very first blog hop and was overwhelm with all the wonderful visitors. I was going to give away one prize, but everyone that stop by enjoy my dresden block and paper piece star so I gave four rulers away. I am participating in another one at the end of the month and will take a break due to finishing up christmas gifts for the kiddos. I surely enjoy following the blog hops and taking in all the skills the host shares. I am fairly new to all this and never too old to enjoy learning new things everyday, Judith, Texas

  10. I have never participated in a quilt a long, someday I hope that more of my time will be my own and I would love to do one then… wish we had a little of that rain.. it looks scary on TV down there…

  11. These fabrics are so cute – great choice for chasing away those blues!! I don’t think that I would be a good candidate for a QAL, mainly because I usually have 3 or 4 projects on the go and work on the one with the closest deadline – hehehehe😉

  12. I’ve never been involved in a quilt along, however our guild recently completed a ‘whisper quilt challenge’. There were several groups of 4-5 quilters. Each group received a photo of ‘something’. The first person uses the photo to be inspired and makes a small or medium sized item. That person passes that item along to the next person, who is then inspired to make their own item. Then that gets passed to the next person, and so on until the last person has made their piece. Each person only sees the item just before them. Then all the groups get together, see the original photos and show each of the inspired pieces to everyone else. It was truly amazing to see the really original works of art and how they were linked together from one to the next.

  13. I have never joined a quilt-along but have saved links to ones I’ve been drawn to in flickr quilting groups. Someday soon – it would be a great way to share ideas. I do learn by the postings I see in the online quilt–alongs a lot. Love the blue fabrics and I hope to win them – they’re wonderful and a generous giveaway!

  14. I’m interested in a quilt-a-long but never seem to have the time to follow through…. Are you planning to host one?!!! Love, love, love your choice of blue fabrics!

  15. I DID participate in a nine-patch quilt along with “CrazyMom” or someone like that a few years ago. It was fun because a (real time) friend was also doing the quilt along online so we could talk it up together and look at what everyone else was doing and chat about theirs.

    In the years since, I have only once been tempted (the Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along that a friend is doing); but decided not to, knowing I wouldn’t actually finish it I tend to be more of a happily solitary person, checking in on what others are doing, going my own way and happy to see others do the same.🙂

  16. I participated in the recent Patchwork Prism QAL at sweet diesel designs, and I guess Stitched in Color’s Handstitched class kind of counts because one of the projects is a quilt so its KINDA of along? Pile O fabric just announced a QAL that I think I’m going to join. I think what I’m saying is I love em!
    I think what I’m really looking for if I were to conjure one out of thin air, is one that was both solids and prints, and was going to help me learn how to balance the two, and a pattern that was contemporary or modern OR exotically ethnic, and if marking off all my dream checkmarks, would teach me some good new techniques too!

  17. I have never participated in a quilt-a-long – it’s hard enough to make the time for the projects I already want to do! The blue fabrics look great, but I’d rather win a few days of rainfall here in the midwest!

  18. I have never participated in a quilt along. I might be interested, especially if there were blocks I hadn’t done before – like attic windows. I have been collecting coloured denim for an attic window quilt.

  19. Hi Pokey, First, give Clarence a hug for me. What a great photo. Quilt alongs… haven’t given it much thought… ever… Not even really sure what they are.

  20. I’m right here in the heart of Houston too and since you weren’t here last summer when we had the drought and 100 degree daily temps for over a month, I’ll take soggy over that! But the driving during the rain can be very hazardous, so I’ve been inside making “stuff”.

    I would love a quilt-along. Anything that involves crafts and conversations is what I live for! The sharing of ideas and techniques would be great!

    I would definately put your blue fabric to use (and you wouldn’t even have to mail it, I’d come & get it!) Hope you pick me!

    aka “ArtL8dY”

  21. I am doing one now, the Craftsy BOM. I am learning some new skills with some of the blocks and honing my color and old skills with other block. I also did a McCalls quilt-a-long but mostly after the fact. I like the idea, as I work in the health industry and have odd hours and shifts (5am start anyone?), so it is convenient for me to do it on my time, as even a 7pm class can end after my bedtime…..

  22. Aw, poor Clarence! Started two…bought the fabric…and now they sit (sigh). Years ago I did swaps. Oh wait, I did a small whole cloth quilt-a-long, but it’s still waiting for the binding. Great fabric Pokey.

  23. Glad you haven’t floated away yet. Welcome to Houston, where the street flooding is an official part of our storm drainage system. I haven’t participated in a QAL, but it is something I see in my future.

  24. A quilt-a-long…what a fun project. The fabric is great…and blue has always been the smallest stack in my stash…

  25. I have not participated in a quilt along but have read of one in a blog that I enjoy. As a suggestion, I would like to try a quilt with a “modern” twist. This could be some sampler blocks with the modern feel, lots of negative space for quilting and even some appliqué.

  26. I have never participated in a quilt a long, but I really would like to try it. I’d like to do one with a modern twist, like some others have mentioned because I am having difficulty getting into modern quilting and out of traditional quilting. Heck, I did not think I had even learned traditional quilting yet, but now, I cannot get it out of my head.

  27. I’ve never been in a quilt along? What is it? I hope it keeps me motivated.
    That fabric is so bright and sweet. Thanks for the giveaway

  28. I don’t know what a quilt-along is. But it’s quilt related and as I like to try new things in quilting it might just be my thing. The blues are beautiful and a real day brightener. I notice one has birds. I have chickens that free range in my yard and come to my slider to visit as I sew. Constant entertainment!

  29. Participated in two internet quilt patch swaps several years ago. 1st I made no less than 24 Australian animal squares, 2nd was only 12 flower applique blocks. One person was the coordinator each time and eventually send me back 24 and 12 different 12″ squares so I made three quilts from that. Have been at many community quilt making days using donated scraps and producing some great work. Not sure what a quilt-a-long is but as blue is my favourite colour just know I could make an awesome quilt and enjoy making it so much! Thanks for the opportunity Pokey.

  30. As of this day, I’ve never participated. So….if I had the chance I would join in! Since I’m a beginner it would have to be easy.!
    Prissy in soggy The Woodlands, TX

  31. I have started several qals, life got in my way every time. still look for them and am willing to try again. (they say things happen in threes, i should be safe!)

  32. I haven’t done a quilt along, but i have heard of similar in knitting. It might be fun to do it as i am always looking for motivation to do sewing.
    I guess i would enjoy doing a mystery project that was medium sized so it would finish quickly. If it took too much time i run the risk of getting behind and losing interest. I work so time is at a premium.

  33. No i have never entered a QAL. Someday if time permits i will go for it. The Blue fabrics are lovely.’Thankyou. for offering them.
    Aish Shenoy.

  34. I have participated in several, maybe even a dozen LOL. I enjoy them immensely because it is so wonderful to see what people do with the same pattern and/or fabric. One such activity, we all had the same jelly roll and the same pattern. It was amazing to see all of the different quilts that were produced. Not one was the same as anothers. I love to see the results of imagination.

    • Last note left early. One group is solely for Jennifer Chiaverini’s Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler (I’ve completed 100 of the 140 blocks). The other is for various quilts from patterns for quilts mentioned in her books. I’ve just completed the Mill Girls quilt and it will be auctioned by Susan Komen for the Cure in October.

  35. I did a quilt along back in the dark ages – before the inter webs – with a friend guiding a small group of us by mail! I’ve followed several online since but time and a stack of other desires has kept me from participating again although I’ve been sorely tempted a few times.

  36. I have participated in one quilt along. It was a great way to learn new things outside my comfort zone. The time commitment became an issue for me, so I haven’t done another. Perhaps when things ‘calm’ down a little….

  37. I have never participated in a quilt along before. I think it sounds liked fun, but I am not sure I could make the time commitment

  38. Yup. I have few QALs going on. I will just shared the progress of the projects I’m doing at the blog or Flickr .

  39. No, I’ve never participated in a quiltalong, but I have gone to retreats. It’s always fun to quilt with your quilty friends, and anyway it’s always fun to get together with your girl friends, quilty or not!!

  40. I am a new quilter, I have been doing alot of block quilt alongs because it teaches technique. I just joined my 2 long term bee, 1st on for Zakka, I like the book style. Now Justice and Piece, its a benefit for military families, you dont have to donate your quilt, But I will . I have done alot of quilting for charity, like Downey Quilt for Kids because they supply everything you just sew. Again, I learned something and it cost me some postage. I would Like a sew along now for the immediate, Like get Julie at Intrepid to build us all the same fabric and lets say, four patch is the rules, that might be fun to see what we all come up with.

  41. No, I’ve never participated in a QAL – I guess I’ve hesitated because of the time committment. But I have always planned on doing so “someday.”

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