Meet My New Quilt Studio Pet!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was certainly eventful.

We have had so, so much rain over the last week and on Friday night I got a phone call from Amanda Schlatre, a coworker of mine who went home from work that night to find a little kitten huddled on her front porch. Amanda is highly allergic to cats, and she knew I had gotten my dog Clarence from Friends for Life, a no-kill animal shelter in Houston, and wanted to know how to get the kitty into their program. I told her to drop off the kitty on Saturday morning to my house and I would foster it, then take it to the shelter.

Problem was…kitty and I started to bond.

I knew this bonding business could be trouble, so after I fully bathed and fed her, I went to the shelter to see if they were taking kittens, and found out they are not for at least another month. So I went back home and well…more bonding happened––this time in my quilt studio where she was very curious about my equipment.

She was fascinated by my Bernina!

And after trying to figure out what my Thermofax machine did exactly, she thought my ironing pad was a great place to perch and tease Clarence.

We auditioned my fabric locker bins with various colored fabrics to act as a temporary kitty bed. She looked great in blue, her complementary color!

She blended in a little too much with all of that orange.

But she seemed to really like the green bin, which just so happens to be my favorite color.

So for the rest of the weekend I carted her around in her green fabric locker basket, where she could observe weekend chores like juicing.

I knew I needed to give her a name, and I reflected on how fierce she is, and how she stands her ground with Clarence. She is a little she-dragon, and so I have named her…

The Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons from HBO’s “Game of Thrones”


Khaleesi is separated from the other pets in my house, but tonight I have a vet appointment and will get her fully checked out and all of her shots in order. If she doesn’t pose any health problems that would be problematic to my other pets, then she will be my newest quilt studio pet—a nice way to start my week.

Do you have a studio pet on your blog? If so, please leave a link to your blog in the comments area so we can see!

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  1. Well, of course, I have a studio pet, or two….doesn’t everyone? I’ve dubbed my two Stretch and Quizzie which fits their personalities perfectly! Love your little Khaleesi.

  2. So you failed fostering too?? I have as well, many times. Being a marmalade kitty Khaleesi is going to be full of purrsonlaity–I guarantee it. I have 8 kitties who take turns making trouble in my studio. All can be viewed on FB!

    • I love the name. Becareful with cats. . .Thread,pins and needles.
      I do have a studio pet. Sissy, she is a chihuahua mix around 12 lbs. She would love to sit next to me all day ,but hard to do as I stand at the longarm.

  3. Khaleesi is adorable! My Border Collie Mix basically refuses to come into my office/studio except for after she’s had a bath she runs in there and rolls her wet body all over the carpet … go figure. When I got her 6 years ago I had visions of her being my constant companion as I worked and sewed. I even have a day bed in there for her to lay on, but she prefers to spend her day on our bed or on the couch in the basement. Oh well, I love her anyway and she’s a great dog! Here’s a picture of her at the end of this post.

  4. I am so happy you decided to keep her! My kitties are glad too. They are named for Jane Austen characters. Currently I have two, Lizzy and Georgie (Elizabeth Bennet and Georgiana Darcy). Emma and Harriet have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

  5. You were’nt fooling any of us, we all knew khaleesi was never leaving your house😉 She’s adorable, I love the expression on Clarence’s face looking at her on the ironing pad. See you soon!

  6. (SMILE) I too hope all goes well at the vet. I just love orange kitties! I had one years ago, and he was so friendly and outgoing. I find that to be a common trait with these guys.

    I love Clarence’s expressions… priceless.

    My studio companion is my angel of love, Ms. Louis, a yorkie.

  7. Purrfect name for a little bit of orange fluff with cattitude. You have such a big heart and I love that you have rescued your fur-family. I have a Papillon named Kenai and a siamese-himalayan kitty named Chai. Chai eats thread so must be kept from my room to protect his intestines from danger. He one day got in there, hid in the closet and we couldn’t find him for hours! Finally he talked back so we could follow his voice. I guess fabric makes a good place to snuggle as he was quite happy.

  8. My constant companion is an apricot standard poodle called Cassie, she is 12 years young and her favorite thing is to sit in the middle of piles of fabric I’m auditioning on the floor or any quilt top I’m trying to sandwich together. So glad you kept your kitty, my husband had one with the same markings when we met and was very adorable, although with a mind of her own. We still talk about her antics.

  9. My three condiment named helpers all in one place! I’ve gotten a design wall since then so they don’t sit on my stuff so much, but they still manage to suffer hanging out with me when I work!
    I must say your new quilting buddy is simply adorable, I realy wanted an orange kitty last time we went to the shelter. However the look my husband just gave me when I suggested getting a fourth cat to name Catsup really makes it unlikely that will happen😮

  10. Kahleesi is a beautiful name and I love marmalade kitties. They have the best personalities. I have 3 studio cats that are 16, 7, 1.5 kitty years. The eldest was a rescue and the other two found my house through kitty smoke signals or however they notify homeless friends of homes of softies. Bobcat is the middle kitty and male. He arrived during a snow storm that dumped 2 feet of snow and bitter temps. He is lame. His previous “owners” abused him. Both of his hips had been fractured and not tended to, so he sits funny with his toes pointed out. Kitty arrived last winter, again in a storm. She is a lover and is content to sit on a pile of fabric and purr. I think found kitties are such wonderful pets and give more love in thanks for you loving them.

  11. Oh my gosh, Pokey – we have FIVE pets because of this whole “fostering” thing. It’s a crock, I tell you!

    Tyler – cutest dog in the world at the bottom of this post:

    Maggie, Mitzie, and Jessie:

    And Jack – who I call The Day Supervisor (as he more or less lives in my studio)
    in the middle of this post:

  12. Awwww ~ such a tiny kitty! I hope she gets to stay ’cause she looks so comfy in her basket of fabric! Love orange kitties!

  13. Love the kitten. Linda Carter has a valid point…my friend Chris had major vet bills when Monkey ( a cat) ate thread. I have 3 cats, 2 (Squeaky, a silver tabby & Mama Cat a tuxedo) found me and made themselves at home. The youngest (Pearl) I rescued from a home that was to be torn down. The elderly owner had died and the heirs abandoned both of her cats. Pearl always hangs out with me when I am working on a project.

  14. I too was the recipient of a previously unwanted cat…unwanted by me…I never wanted a cat. My brother in law past and we all of a sudden had a cat….named Twinky….I was worried about all the hair as a fiber artist….but now…6 years later…my heart is Twinkies. She is my confidant, licks my tears off my face when I am sad and is everywhere that I am….and my fabric and wool will just have to have little orange hairs on it…because there are priorities in life…and love wins. Heres to your new love journey.

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  16. I’m chuckling at Kit’s comment above saying fostering is a crock! LOL! I could never foster. We’ve had enough ferals we have cared for, kittens from their litters who are now our indoor tamed kitties, and cats we’ve cared for who sadly we think were dumped out here in the “country.” If I intentionally fostered, I’d be a crazy cat lady. Love that you are keeping her (him? most orange cats are boys but there is an occasional girl!) and LOVE Clarence’s look in the pics. A very gentle dog!

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