Free Fabric Friday Giveaway!

I have spent some time this week looking at all of the Pinterest boards people posted in the comments section of this blog post, and I am mightily impressed by the sheer number of pins! I admit, I’m not a prolific pinner…and that’s simply because I know I would while away my nights pinning on Planet Pinterest rather than stitching in my studio.

Even if I only pin sporadically now, there is something to be said for surfing other people’s Pinterest boards because you never know what great ideas they may inspire. Take for instance this “radial” board by Hilary Frye. I love how she is using her board to explore and celebrate a simple geometric shape.

Hilary Frye’s “Radial” board. Great images and I especially like her request at the top of the board: “Please keep any photographer or artist credits associated with photos when repinning. Thank you for this courtesy. Also, please make note in the comments if credits are unidentified and you know the proper associated identity with the image.”

I also discovered a fantastic tutorial through Lynn Provencher’s ATCs–Quilted Postcards–Mug Rugs–Tags board. (What I circled below on this board caught my eye.)

I then clicked the link to the photo where this was sourced and discovered this cute little mug rug tutorial by Darci of

And it got me thinking…IQF/Houston will soon be upon us, and wouldn’t it be fun to expand the trading opportunities on the show floor beyond just ATCs?

So here is my Free Fabric Friday question:
If you could create your dream trade or swap at a quilt show, what would it include?

Would it be mug rugs, or perhaps fabric postcards with recipes on the back? Or maybe ATCs in the modern quilt aesthetic, or something else entirely? Please share your ideas and thoughts in the comments area, and on Monday morning I will randomly select a winner who could win this set of fat quarters by Lotta Jansdotter for Windham Fabrics:

Have a great weekend!

61 responses

  1. I love the idea of quilted recipe cards. You know I love recipes!

    Also, quilted hot pads would be nice – my family always needs more of these on the dining room table during our big holiday dinners. Seems like they always come in handy!

  2. I could dream of having fabric flower lapel pins for those who love bright colored flowers, but who are allergic to most, like me..:(.. I could dream of creating them in all sorts of prints, colors and not ever have to sneeze, or wheeze when being around them.

  3. Hmmm. I think I would like to swap mini quilted ornaments that can be hung to celebrate a holiday or…just because!

    Heavens, I am drooling over those fat quarters!

  4. The mug rugs look great! What a neat idea. I remember seeing some done with selvedges and they looked so nice with all the writing and the colored dots. So many ideas, so little time.
    Beautiful fat quarters!

  5. I think I would choose to trade Artist Trading Cards – a tiny little microcosm of the artist as a person and as a maker.

  6. What is easy so many skill levels can make it, and no extra purchases required ? mugrugs or coasters. Thanks for the giveaway too.

  7. I like small, functional things. That way, when I use them (often), I think about the giver and the occasion. So I like coasters, potholders, mug rugs. I really like this mug rug and that the “centers” don’t need to match up. Fun and easy. Thanks for the giveaway, too.

  8. I think it would be fun to exchange little bags. Like the Kemshalls made (triangular shaped), I think in one of the earlier QA Gift magazines? You could set up an assembly line and small ones would be quick and fun. Or little flags (3-5 or so) simple, fun, and easy squares or triangles of “precious” fabrics attached to bias tape, ribbon, etc.

  9. Mug rugs sound like a fun project; quick to make, a place to play with color and design…and wow, another fabric give-away

  10. I thank you for the chance to enter. My favorite swap would be A kerchief or a head cloth. My husband works where it is very hot and uses three or more of these a day. They could pieced or whole cloth, cotton batt to absorb moisture and wick it away from the eyes, either square or triangular.

  11. I’d enjoy swapping a Christmas decoration that somehow represents where the maker lives, i.e. their country or area.

  12. Mug rug, coaster, or pot holder…needle case, pin cushion…I’ve got lots of ideas!

    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  13. I think it would be fun to create and then swap a square of fabric that has been enhanced with some surface design technique such as discharging, painting, etc. Then challenge the group to make something with the fabric and post pictures.

  14. I actually use bookmarks, so that’s my vote. I make them out of paper, fabric, and anything else that shows up to volunteer.

  15. Oh My! I’m so honored you like my Radial board on Pinterest! Thank you, Pokey! I just love Pinterest. It is such a visual feast. It’s my inspiration go-to place!

  16. I think an art trade would be awesome… anything flat(ish) and small (you could designate a size, like anything goes under 5″ x 7″), and then people could knit, paint small canvases, create mixed media picture frames, over-sized ATCs, small quilts, anything they wanted!

  17. I like the idea of quilted postcards with recipes on the back. You would come away with not only a piece of art, but something yummy to cook when you get home! New recipes are always welcome in my home!!!!

  18. I was so excited, I forgot to answer the question! You know what I’d like? How about modern ATCs with magnets on the back so you can display them on your fridge. Whoa…I think I’m going to start making some of them this weekend! What a great way to start the day…seeing quilt art on your fridge as you reach for the milk!

  19. I’d love a swap of Mug Rugs…they are just so fun to make…love making “do” with the bits and pieces I have gathering…and turning them into something useful without spending weeks….and OH WOW…YEY…you liked my “board” (yes, I’m Lynn P…lol) THRILLED you could find something there to inspire your post.

  20. If a “swap” involves making and sharing items with lots of other quilters, I’d vote for fabric postcards – recipes would be nice on the back. Something a bit larger than the ATCs, postcards could become ‘frig. magnets or decorations if you so chose.

  21. Fabric pins or small “bags” would be fun to swap, all made from “found” or upcycled objects, fabrics. Thanks for the give-aways.

  22. Art pins to wear… any favorite subject or abstract. Also like cup cozies! I’d do either of those. Thanks, Pokey, see you in Houston.

  23. I like the idea of mug rugs, one could always put a magnet on the back to make the fridge mags. I love Pinterest, but I have to be careful. Time does fly when one is pinning!!

  24. Great gift idea! I think I would like to make soup mug rugs, I always make soups and my guests always want the recipes. A soup mug rug with a pocket for the recipe card on the back would make a great gift and memories of that lunch visit!

  25. Quilted tampon holders. Odd, I know, but I just started making them for my girlfriends, and they LOVE them (Basically a pencil holder style bag w/ zipper)

  26. love the idea of bangle bracelet swap but i also thought about quilted pencil/brush case swap. or purse size tissue holder. everyone needs one of those!

  27. Having swapped postcards, ATCs – even plus-sized inchies – at Houston over several years, I know that, unless the swap is something quick and easy, people just won’t get to it. On that basis, I’d love to swap mug rugs.

    Please, please remind swappers to add their name and home state or country – it’s definitely part of the fun!

    Wonder if I should get started yet…..

  28. Did anyone say Dish towels? or Hot pad mitts (what are those things called?) or Hand puppets (for the kids😉 of course.)

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