Maudlin-Free Monday Fabric Giveaway!

It’s a soggy, dreary Monday here in Houston, but we don’t mind the grey skies and puddle-ridden roads…the rain is finally cooling things off.  I hope everyone had a nice weekend; I had a quiet one–my favorite kind–spending hours stitching. I began working on about 20 fabric postcards for our Pet Project, our upcoming fundraiser for stray animals in dire need here in the city of Houston. I like to make fabric postcards in batches, and this first batch features Louie, my 13-year-old Min Pin whose image I screened on fabric, then fused to some pieced backgrounds.

I have a lot of embellishing as well as hand and machine stitching yet to do on these, but I had fun working with such graphic prints for the backgrounds.

Speaking of which, I have a stash of Malka Dubrawsky fabrics that she designed for Moda that I would love to give away to someone who might use them to create fabric postcards for our Pet Project.  Are you interested?

If so, answer the following question and I’ll randomly choose a winner tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.

Question: Fall is coming, and with it cooler temps and more reasons to stay indoors and quilt. What are your bigger quilt projects on the front burner right now?

63 responses

  1. Right now I’m working on a quilt for a childhood friend who was diagnosed early with stage 4 ovarian and stage 4 uterian cancer. She’s had 6 surgeries in just a few weeks, so the quilt is sized for a hospital bed, and/or to be used when she does chemo. I am hand quilting it, using pearl cotton, and a larger decorative stitch, and praying over it as I do, so when she feels the stitches she’ll be reminded that someone is praying for her and believing for her recovery. Once I finish this and get it off to her, I’ll finish a redwork quilt with a thanksgiving theme.

  2. My “bigger” quilt projects are “smaller quilt projects. I’m working on miniature quilts for the Houston show and for the Dallas Quilt Show miniature quilt auction.

  3. I don’t have a single large project. My goal is to finish up the many small-, medium-, and large-sized projects that have been left dangling when something more pressing jumped ahead of them in line. It’s like being reunited with old friends, so I am enjoying the process.

  4. Wow, Pokey. Those look beautiful the way they are just now! Love the colors, all those greens and oranges. Oh, the things I could do with Malka’s fabrics …
    I just finished a dyed 54″ x 61 quilt, heavily quilted, so right now I’m planning another one, in the same series. Yesterday, because I had to do some tings and needed an excuse to procrastinate, I made a really tiny one measuring 2 7/8″ x 9″ and dyed it too, in green of course. I looks very lovely. Next I think I’ll be working on some designs for the new challenge I have with one of the groups I belong two; this year it means making 6 quilts in various sizes – working in a series. I am really excited for this one!.
    Also planning on making some mug rugs to bring to Houston to exchange!

  5. I have my Sylvia Wedding Sampler at the quilters I can not wait to sew the binding on some cool evenings… waited for fall weather to have it quilted as it is a king size quilt. no way was I going to try to hand sew the binding in our 100+ summer weather.

  6. I have a Halloween quilt top already pieced and ready to be backed and quilted. I also have very colorful table mat that I made in August from a pattern in Malka’s book. All I need to do is quilt it, too.

  7. I have a French Braid started which won’t be a normal one.. I am sewing braid panels like normal, but will be bordering each of them, with 1 1/2″ inch strips and then laying them out in a random way with coordinating colors of blue, tan, and browns..

  8. My five year old great granddaughter asked for a Sunbonnet Sue quilt many months ago … Aarugh … not a Sue fan, so I’ve been working all around NOT doing that quilt. I have so many other really cute little girl quilt designs/ideas that I would enjoy making for her … BUT … she reallllly wants a quilt with “dolls” on it and by that she means not just any doll but Sunbonnet Sue!!! So I must put aside other projects and get to this one ….. with a smile!

    Thanks for the opportunity…Love MD fabrics!

  9. I am finishing up a fall-leaves quilt that is taking forever with lots of free-motion quilting designs! When that is done I would like to start my landscape quilt. I’ve got my beautiful pond photo for inspiration and my paint should arrive today. After that, I want to start on a beautiful modern quilt designed by Elizabeth Hartman and with quilting designs by Angela Walters – I believe an upcoming guest on QATV! So excited! I just ordered the 1000 series so when I’m not stitching, I’ll be watching those DVDs and catching up! love you Pokey!
    Angie – a1angiem(at)live(dot)ca

  10. Beautiful fabrics! I’m working on multiple quilt tops, hope to have a few done before I start sandwiching them together. Also need to start on the postcards, and a few fabric-based gifts for the holidays. Whew!

  11. I am finishing a quilt with Nigerian fabric for a friend and machine quilting a baby quilt with sheep. I have already pulled some cat and dog fabric for pstcards — a bit more to add to that would be wonderful.

  12. Love the Louie postcards! My most pressing project is to make my entry in our guild’s calendar challenge which is due soon. I’m also planning to make postcards for your Pet Project, and I’ve got two quilt tops done and one in the works that I plan to finish this fall.

  13. Louie is a star! I love the postcards. My projects are to finish the last of the family quilts. I saved them for last, because they are for my favorite people. Pink, roses, and birds for my Aunt and wild, crazy, get out your crayon box fun for my little sis. Malka’s fabrics have been oogled from afar. I need to get to the big city and get my hands on some!

  14. I love quilting in the fall and can even find some days left to do it outside on the porch. My number 1 project has to be to try to finish a design I have developed for a friend’s daughter whose much loved quilt has deteriorated. There is no saving this one but I am using some pieces around a quilt design that depicts the travels of this quilt. I have had the idea in progress for 2 years and must finish!

  15. I am in the process of making a few more quilts that I can make into patterns. I have made three this Fall and have a few more I’d like to do so I can teach some more classes at Home Ec. Workshop in Iowa City.

  16. I have been volunteering walking dogs for the rescue groups at the Fritz Carlton kennel for about 4 years. Recently I also volunteered to sew dog crate pads for when the dogs do their weekend pet adoption events. When my neighbor passes away he left a stack of good cotton bank money bags, with Texas banks (some Federal banks) stamped on them.

    With the banking problems since 2008, I thought it would be a good stress relief to have a dog crate pad made of these bags. It would be a fitting end to some bank practices (i.e. a dog pooping on them, or a dog chewing on them.)

    I am going to try to make a fancy dog crate pad for the dog groups to auction.

  17. I am going to Ecuador in January for 3 months and I am busy creating art quilts to hand embellish when I get there. I will be doing this until Xmas. I would love to use these fabrics in some of my projects, thank you for the opportunity and I am really liking your postcards. Serafina

  18. I have several quilt tops done that need to be quilted, so I plan on getting these done and finished. Also, several UFO’s to finish. I hope I can discipline myself to do this instead of starting new projects, but time will tell LOL.

  19. I’m working on “Beautiful Darkness”, my quilt drawn from a Russian ceiling:) Love this fabric and I would be happy to make some fabric postcards:)

  20. I don’t have a big size project, rather 2 med. sizes, for a pair of twingirls in the family.Have to start early ,since they live in Sweden.

  21. I’m making English paper pieced hexagon flowers in bright batik fabrics that I will applique on to a repurposed jacket from the thrift store that I am overdying purple. The flower stems are zippers, also rescued from the thrift store. I love repurposing!!

  22. My biggest and most pressing project right now is to put together the backing for a child’s quilt that I have pieced. I want the back to be just as vibrant and fun as the front so it will be pieced too. This quilt will be donated to our local women’s shelter, where I hope it will provide comfort to women and their children who take shelter there.

  23. I have a jelly roll of Lucy’s Crab Shack waiting to be made into a quilt – I just can’t decide on the pattern!

  24. I’m piecing a wall hanging for my mom from Kansas Troubles fabrics to match the quilt on her bed. I’m also racing to the finish line with a color challenge project for one of the local quilt stores that is due Oct. 1. Having lots of fun with both. Would love to contribute to the pet postcard project!

  25. I’m just chompin at the bit to start a new quilt called “Snake in the Grass”. Just waiting on some cool weather to start my stitching.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  26. Working on a hand appliqued, pieced japanese taupe house quilt, block by block. Will put together with a landscape background. Challenging by quiet work while I recover from BC treatment. Love your postcards and will start on my postcards honoring my past and present poodles.

  27. I have a lot of UFOs around and sorted through them to get some of the projects completed. In addition I have several small art quilts planned as Xmas presents for some quilting friends. Plus I’m resolved to get started on the PetProject postcards this weekend!

  28. I think I might be over ambitious, but, two baby quilts and ten 20 x35 quilted panels for the sanctuary of my church. Oh and some lavender silk eye pads for gifts

  29. Big project- the same as for the last 2 years which has gotten no-where yet. It is a photo-transfer quilt with about 45 photos that need to be transferred to fabric and then sewn together to make a wall quilt consisting of 45 blocks! And in an attic windows setting hopefully…It was for my mother’s 80th birthday- but she is realistic and doesn’t expect to see it before her 85th!
    Would love to win Malka’s fabrics.

  30. With the start of fall soccer season for my high school girls, I’m starting a quilt to use at the games made with their soccer jerseys from grade school. I’ll probably back it with fleece just so I can finish it before the seasons over!

  31. My biggest front burner project is to finish my queen sized quilt for a local Animal rescue group called Anderson Voices For Animals. It is a collection of green fabrics tossled together and a few pea pods with peas in them have been randomly hand appliquéd about the quilt top. The name of it is “Peas Spay and Neuter your Pets”. The top has been done for two years now…all I need to do is quilt it! It will be done by spring!

  32. What are your bigger quilt projects on the front burner right now?

    I’m starting work on three flannel quilts to be given to the homeless shelter next month. The night air will chill off enough by mid October that the homeless will need a warm, comforting blanket, or quilt in this case. I try to make at least a dozen twin bed size quilts for the shelter every winter. There is always a need. Kudos to you for your fund raising for the animals, our homeless fur friends are always in need too! >^..^<

  33. My biggest project that is just in the planning stage is the bamboo wall quilt for the livingroom. I’ve changed the design and the idea several times so far! Great fundraiser!

  34. I was trying to finish a halloween quilt before october… don’t know if it’s going to happen! After that, some quilted x-mas gifts maybe?

  35. I just received my final fabric (although I’m sure I’ll decide I need more) in the mail today to begin a quilt of golf themed fabrics for my son who will go to college next fall. I cannot send him away without a new quilt! I figure I can do this while I work on a new art quilt series and petproject post cards. That’s my fall!

  36. I have tons of ideas in my head — just need to narrow them down and actually start working on one of them🙂 I love that fabric in the giveaway — thanks for the opportunity to win them!

  37. I just started a disappearing nine-patch from two Christmas swaps I participated in. It will be a big, all-family snuggle blanket!

  38. 4 more seams to sew to complete a top tomorrow and then finish up some pet postcards and a quilt for our guild & much more behind that!

  39. I have a queen size quilt that I am giving to my Aunt. I want to give it to her on her birthday in May, so I still have some time. I have already starting piecing it, but I keep working on other things too. I know May will be here in no time. It’s all squares and has some strip piecing. It’s mostly pink🙂 very pastel too.

  40. My main project is a twin sized quilt that will be given to the local day care center to auction at their November scholarship fund raiser event. Over 50 % of the children who attend this center are on scholarships so their parent(s) are able to be employed.

  41. I already started pulling fabrics for the Pet Project. I’m all about bold colors and Malka’s fabric will be the perfect match up for my pet pieces. (with only a month to make as many as I can, I better get started right now!)

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