Free Fabric Giveaway! 20 Fat Quarters to Ring in 2013!

Blog update!I loved reading all of the resolutions and I hope we all attain them! I would love to see pictures of works-in-progress or works completed so feel free to email them to me, and I can post on the blog. The winner of the fabric is Brigitte Baierl. Congratulations! I will email you for your address.



I think y’all know how this works by now: I ask a question, you answer, and I randomly select a winner. The first free loot in 2013? How about a stack of fat quarters from Riley Blake Designs!


Aren’t these colors yummy?

They kinda’ remind me of my breakfast this morning (before I turned all this stuff into juice):


Since it’s only the second day in 2013, I’m going to ask the queen of cliché questions, but ask it with a twist:


What is your quilt-related New Year’s resolution that you will ATTAIN by year’s end? This mean that what you write in the comments area–whatever goal you type down–you WILL accomplish by the end of the year. And at year’s end, I am going to check back in to see if you actually attained your goal.

My attainable goal: I will start and complete two art quilts by the end of the year, one of which I would like to enter into a juried exhibition. Maybe making two art quilts doesn’t sound like much, but I have two ideas in mind, and I would really like to see them through…not just keep the ideas in my head.

Now it’s your turn. Leave your attainable goal in the comments area and on Friday I will post the winner in this same post. Think hard and think lofty (but attainable)…

217 responses

    • I want to be able to finish make quilts out of all my fabric stash – so that I can buy all new fabric at year’s end, hopefully before Christmas 2013 – and have all my gifts done beforehand, not waiting until the last minute!

  1. I will quilt the three tops that are finished or almost completed. I will also follow along with the two BOM clubs that I have committed to.

  2. Three art quilts, four baby quilts, one husband-requested quilt, minimum three mixed-media pieces. These are absolutes. I’m going to have the baby quilts and the husband-requested quilt long-armed, but they will all be designed and pieced by me.

  3. I plan on finishing art quilts for both my office and my living room that I can display and be proud. This means forgoing the construction of quilts as gifts until I finish some for me!

  4. I have some friends who are watercolorists – they have a show in the fall, and want me to enter some fabric art. I am working on two framed art quilts that I WILL have finished by then. This is sure accountability!

  5. I will make a quilted pillow from a photo of a horse that belongs to my friend. I’ll piece it, quilt it, insert a pillow and give it to her as a gift (for no reason at all) other than I just want to do it for her.

  6. I will, I will, I will make an entry for the Hoffman Challenge. I already have a few ideas sketched on paper and will be making mock-ups this month. Then on to the nail-biting cutting and sewing of the actual fabric. Wish me luck!

  7. I have four quilt tops in various stages of being completed — they will be quilted, bound and delivered to the recipients by year’s end. Further I will complete one art qult before traveling to Jean Wells class in May. I will complete two small evening bags with the kimono fabric that I was given. If I win this prize I will NOT start a new quilt until these others are complete — even though I can definitely see this Riley Blake fabric in a quilt for my guest bed,

  8. I want to go and do a patchwork and quilting course , so I can learn how and design a quilt to go on our bed, and may be a wall hanging to match before 2013 is out.

  9. I want to complete and enter a dog portrait quilt in a juried exhibition at the Quilt Show in 2013.
    The quilt is a portrait of, and a tribute to my beautiful Kioshi, a St.Bernard / Great Pyrenees mix, who passed away from bone cancer.
    Just need to find out how to go about this !

  10. Those vegetables look delicious. I will make a quilted table runner using the colors of those veggies. Small goal, but I want to make sure I do it!

  11. I will finish my Farmer’s Wife Quilt and I will finish the sampler quilt I have in progress for a dear friend in California.

  12. My goal is very small but considering I did NO quilting in 2012, it would have to be. I made a green and yellow baby quilt (a few years ago!) and before I finished quilting, it obtained a large stain. Although I have washed it twice, it is still stained. If I can’t figure out how to remove the stain, I will somehow disguise it. Then I will finish quilting it and donate it to a needy new mother.

  13. My goal is to work on and finish 2 of my uqos until the uqo pile is depleted. I finished quilting one on the 1st and it’s now being “painted” with powdered pigments and the 2nd is a queen applique that is 2/3rds quilted as of now.

  14. I will use more fabric from my stash than buying new fabric this year. That way I will only have to live to age 821 to get it all used up.

  15. I want to really begin making art quilts that incorporate animals. I paint, draw and teach art. This would be an extension of my love of animals and art in a positive way. Perhaps I can donate some to shelters for fundraising.

  16. I am going to spend at least 15 minutes a day in my sewing room. That doesn’t sound like much, but between work and children it’s a significant commitment. And I’m excited to see what can be accomplished in 15 minutes a day for a whole year!

  17. I want to finish at least 2 art quilts for shows this summer and next spring. I also want to go to the show thats back in Chicago this summer!! yeah!!!!!

  18. I will complete the two quilt tops and get them quilted that were BOM class projects which introduced me to quilting in 2010 and I will complete two art quilts that are ideas from my first trip to the Houston quilt show in 2011—one is painted canvas cut up and stitched together from Katie Masopust’s class and the other is an idea for a thread painting project from Pam Holland’s class. I became obsessed and inspired at the Houston Quilt festival–a new quilter was born.

  19. I really must finish quilting the lap quilt that I made for my DH 2 years ago!!! I hope that you check on me and I can proudly say, “Mission Accomplished!!!”

  20. My goal is to finish my brother’s quilt I started 10 years ago. It is huge and I will have a new sewing room in two months in which I can lay it out in and get it finished. Thanks for the give-a-way, I love the colors.

  21. I will finish the queen sized black & white log cabin quilt that’s been waiting for me to join it in 3 sections quilt-as-you-go style ala MariQuilts tute! It will be my largest quilt to date and I’m using a domestic Singer to straight-line quilt it ~ Thanks for the great givaway Pokey and Happy New Year!

  22. Practice, practice, practice on my longarm!! And to be happy with the results. I am SURE that I will be able to achieve this as I am not going for perfection, but merely my best.

  23. I will finish one art quilt started last year and finish a Becky-designed flannel quilt. I know I can do it! I’m so motivated!

  24. Make two small quilted wall hangings from start to finish – one machine quilted and one hand quilted, plus at least one quilted postcard for Festival. These will be my first!

  25. I will finish an art quilt that has been in the back of my mind for a long time.The box of fabric and paints are waiting!

  26. I am going to finish the quilt I started of an antique Pot of Flowers that I drafted the pattern from out of a picture in a book only to find out that there is actually a pattern available! Mine is more detailed and I made some alterations so I guess it is my pattern that was inspired from the original? Surely I can get this one quilt finished even though it is by hand, and had been in the works for about 3 years! LOL!!

  27. I finally have shelving in the closet for fabrics, Batts & odds & ends. Now to get all my supplies in order & 2. A quilt in memory of my Old English Sheepdog & finish the landscape of my cousins Vt. farm on the bank of the Conn River.

  28. Last year, I took three quilting class to learn new techniques. I now have three quilts that are in various stages of completion. I will complete all three quilts by the end of the, while working on other projects.

  29. Since my new sewing room is near completion, I will learn to attach my quilts to the quilt frame and I will learn to do feathers!!! Can’t wait!!!!

  30. I want to create a Warrior Goddess of the Mule quilt in honor or my friend fighting breast cancer. Each battle she has fought has made her a warrior. As a Goddess she has emotional and spiritual powers that touches others as she fights to win this war. The mule is the steadfast stubborn stead she wants to ride again when we take a trip to the west to celebrate her being cancer free. Throughout this past year she has described this Goddess to me so I have a vision of what I want to do, even the colors.

  31. I intend by the end of 2013 to be absolutely proficient at free motion quilting and threadplay on my domestic machine. I can already visualize the lovely quilt I will have made with the Riley Blake fat quarters and the beautiful quilting on it. This year I will also be making many art and mixed media quilts for the Studio Tour in my town. I will be busy. Serafina

  32. I will design and complete a fabulous art quilt to hang over the fireplace. It will include beading and other embellishments. I will also design and complete at least one bed quilt in the modern quilt style.

  33. I have a top to finish – right now it is a throw size, but I want to add strips and borders to make it a twin bed size – and then machine quilt it and give it to my son before his 30th birthday in November!

  34. I am going to start and finish one twin size quilt top and learn to machine quilt it. I also want to start a few wool penny rugs. Which is a new to me craft.

  35. My ambitions are less lofty, but hopefully attainable: finish the halloween wall quilt I started 2 years ago and finish my “empty nest” quilt that I began last summer.

  36. I once made a promise to make a quilt for each of my 8 neices and nephews. I won’t embarass myself by telling you when! The good news, I have two down, delivering one next week. But, this last took only about a month to complete. I spent last year honing my machine quilting and binding skills… this year, look out… 6 quilts to do! Each has been asked their “favorite color” … there ends their input (cool eh?!)… Wish me luck!

  37. I am going to get my pink top quilted, I took a class and finished the top over 3 years ago but always put something else in front of it to be quilted, you know that I have to get this gift done first, well this year as soon as I get the wall hanging that is on the frame done my pink quilt will be loaded then I have a red and white from a block of the month I did 6 years ago that I have sashed and again let get pushed back for more important things (gifts for others) that will be done right after the pink one. My resolution is to be selfish with my quilting time this year.

  38. My husband asked me to make a quilt to hang in our 2-story entryway, and he asked me to do so after seeing a Christmas quilt top I still haven’t sandwiched or quilted.🙂 As a beginning quilter, this is very flattering! My goal is to design and complete his requested quilt this year. I’m thinking either a version of the Lone Star or a large Texas star.

  39. I will QUILT my Christmas quilt top that I finally hung this year, after working on it for two years. I will complete a class quilt using children’s art work for the school’s silent auction. And I will play and learn on my new Baby lock embellisher!

  40. I will meet all my deadlines early ,,, like charity quilts for the guild ,, baby quilts done
    Before they enter collage ,,, oh well I’ll
    Try ,,,,,

  41. I WILL win that delicious bundle of Riley Blake fabrics not because I’m such a huge fan (I am), but because I can already scratch off 2 UFO’s in 2012 that are in the mail to my sister as I write this. They were on the very top of my list of quilts to finish in 2013…CHECK! DONE! You did say to think lofty. I WILL complete at least 3 of 8 more UFO’s in 2013 AND before starting another new project! That one might be harder to prove, but I can send photos if necessary.

  42. I will finish the world quilt I started over the holidays and begin embroidering the names of many of my favorite adventures — all by spring.

  43. I want to do a competition quilt this year, don’t care if I win, just with the purpose of putting my work out there to be judged and displayed. I also would like to submit my book proposal that I recently wrote and have just been sitting on. My quote for 2013 – “You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.” ~ A.A. Milne

  44. I will finally put my Star For a New Day quilt on the frame and quilt it. This was a BOM from 2009 and the quilt has been complete for at least 3 years. I will get rid of my fear of messing up all that intricate work… and just do it

  45. Yikes !! Ok… deep breath… I will actually start to make smaller things with scary things like zips and clips and things… I just love making those big quilts but they take ages and am totally scared of these cute, quick, little ones. Don’t know why! So this year is the year I am going to try and do all those lovely tutorials and make the cutesie weenie things. Now it’s written down I have to won’t I? eeek….

  46. By the end of 2013 I would like to finish 2 Queen size quilts for my sons. One will be the Double Wedding Ring because he is getting married and the other one not sure yet.

  47. I will submit to more magazines with challenges and I will submit a quilt to a regional juried show. of course getting accepted to the show would be grand, I just need to try.

  48. I am going to finish at least four UFO’s. Two are gifts, two are for me. Once my newly retired husband and I declutter the house, I will start it up – hopefully in a couple weeks. Thank you!

  49. I am going to become proficient in machine quilting. I have a photo that I want to make an art quilt of and do it all by myself..start to finish.

  50. I have started a Lone Star quilt. My goal for this year is to finish it all the way. Also, I took a class with Melinda Buling (sp) and started a rose I would love to finished this. The next is we have a new house and I want to make a quilt with houses and log cabins. I have the patterns but I have not started them. We downsized and I am struggling in my sewing room. I would love to make a quilt for my bed out of the beautiful fat quarters. My big goals for this year especially considering the only quilts I have ever finished are rag quilts. Lots and lots of blocks but ……

  51. My goal is to open an Etsy store and sell at least 6 of my original-designed creations. Thanks for giving me a place to be held accountable!

  52. I must make an artsy quilt for our king bed. The problem is that the ‘client’ is very very fussy. We’ve been talking about it for a year but I must get it done this yr.

  53. My goals for 2013 include completing a quilt kit which my mother picked out last year and making at least two quilts for injured servicemen (and women) using my stash. Of course this is in addition to signing up for two BOMs and joining a new Dear Jane group – all while working full-time. Wish me luck!

  54. I will make a wall quilt for my friend who is moving into a new house after her previous house burned down. The quilt will honor her two cats.

  55. Complete a Japanese antique fabric quilt I designed and started 14 years ago (broke my hand at the time) that I take out from time to time and gaze at longingly. Finish a combined 50th birthday quilt for my cousin (needs border then quilting). Create an appliqued Griffin for my grandson named Griffin as the center-piece for his quilt. Along the way I know I’ll do a couple of charity quilts as well. I love to sew and I know other ideas and projects will happen as well. Happy New Year Pokey.

  56. My goals are to finish a now vintage purple quilt I started when I was 16 (all hand pieced and you should see thoe fabrics!) and I like what Laura said about 13 in 2013, so for me – 13 prayer flags in 2013.

  57. I am going to experiment with abstract art quilts. I have a list of ideas via quilt titles I have thought of doing. I am very excited because my last quilt of 2012, “One Yellow Square” has become my new favorite quilt. My present quilt in process, “Golden Rectangle” is exciting me. This is going to be a ‘break-away’ year for me. The excitement is palpable.

  58. Great idea about attainable goals:) I will enter a quilt into our local quilt show in November (this would be my first ever) and the other is to complete my husbands quilt by machine quilting it. He has been so patient and it’s time to give it to him.

  59. Well, last year it was to meet you at market, and I did that, although I could barely speak I was so overwhelmed! So this year it is to create an art quilt to enter into Houston.

  60. My attainable goal this year is to monoprint a variety of fabrics with a design that came to me in a dream, turning that design into a motif and then into an art quilt.

  61. My attainable goal and resolution is to finish three projects I started in 2011-12. I really like each project and plan to fiinish each one “sometime”! But along comes a new challenge or wonderful new fabric and the unfinished projects gets put back on the todo shelf.

  62. I plan onstarting and completing an art quilt of TRunk Bay in St Thomas an enter it in a show. I am also going ti complete at least 3 UFO’S.

  63. I will finish three baby quilts that are in the works with babies coming by April. I will play with some design ideas for the completion of one art quilt. Maybe the inspiration of this challenge and all of the energy of everyone’s reply’s to you Pokey will kickstart my creative juices.

    Mary Lee

  64. I will start a pieced quilt. (I seriously doubt I will finish the quilt by the end of the year because most project seem to take me a few years to complete)

  65. I WILL complete the batik quilt I started for my own bed! I will also design and complete a quilt for my sister & brother-in-law.
    I will, I will, I WILL!!!

  66. I have never made an art quilt (gasp!). I have lusted over Quilting Arts for years but have not “given myself permission” to actually jump in and try it myself. This year I would love to design and make a smallish art quilt of my own. Thanks for all of the inspiration….now kick me in the keester and get me going!

  67. I would like to make an ocean waves quilt in my husbands favorite colors. I would also love to finish the small rooster piece I started for myself a few years back. Seems it just keeps getting pushed aside for all the other things that have to be finished. I would also like to enter it in our county fair. which would be my first ever entry into any kind of judging. I would also like to hand quilt at least one of my quilts this year using the pearl cotton big stitch method, I think is so lovely!

  68. My resolution is to make four small quilts and get them quilted by machine or hand in the next 12 months. My idea is to make a wall hanging each for my grandson Mike and his fiance Yuting, a baby quilt for the newest member of my extended family and another baby size quilt. I will use a pattern for Mike since her saw something that he really liked but the rest I hope to design myself. I’ve been away from my sewing machine for several years but this year the sewest/quilter returns!
    Thanks for a shot at the lovely fabrics.
    Alice G.

  69. I will complete the three WIPs that I started in 2012. One is a wall hanging, one is a charity quilt, last is a quilt for my bed. Thank you for the chance to win these lovely fabrics!

  70. 1. Organize the quilt studio…take one day a month to put everything back in its place! Maybe that will take this off my list for next year!! I do hope to keep this resolution longer than Jake! Smile!!
    2. When I find a duplicate tool/book/pattern in my studio, find it a new home!
    3. Finish the purple quilt top started during the Moda BOM (in 2010??)
    4. Finish the Fig Tree quilt that I cut in 2011.
    5. This should be # 1 on the list, finish Lexi’s baby quilt.
    6. Keep up with the TQS BOM every month.
    7. Finish at least one quilt class project!
    Oh my, I’d better get busy! Hope everyone has a happy and productive new year!

  71. I plan on completing a queen sized paper pieced quilt with batiks (btw which I started today). I also plan on completing a queen sized Christmas quilt. I also plan on better organizing my studio area and my stash. I plan on improving my meandering and machine quilting skills. Now any additional quilts I make in the meantime are just icing on my quilt cake for 2013.😉

  72. WOW! I’ve never seen so many replies … that’s a lot of quitling! I intend to create the companion to my framed New Mexico themed art quilt. Also, I will have two pieces ready for next October’s Houston Area Fiber Artists gallery & style show. Finally, I will complete the portrait quilt of my granddaughter. Whew!

  73. I will design and finish a memory quilt of our darling dog, Domino, for DH. I think rescued dogs from the pound just know they are loved, and she was our favorite and best behaved “child” for 14 years. I’m putting the quilt on the stairwall in my husband’s office where she spent her days.

  74. I will create a log on which to keep track of quilts in progress, quilts I plan to make for Christmas gifts, and quilts for us. In this way, as I make progress on gifts to give away, I will make certain to complete quilts for our home.

  75. I want to devote 30 mins everyday to creativity. This time can include the nitty gritty work of quilting as well as planning, painting, etc. This will go a long way towards helping me finish things (and start things)!

  76. I will work on one UFO at a time instead of starting a new one. In order to accomplish this, I plan to take time for myself every time I finish quilting a customer’s quilt! I need to do this to feed my own quilting habit!

  77. I want to give back to the community by making some fabric postcards/ small art quilts with inspiring words on them.
    Giving back in this way will really help me in my creative journey learning to do art quilts. My first two projects will be for the |Women’s Breast Cancer dragon boat fundraiser and the other will be for a silent auction for the Women in Crisis.

  78. To get better at free motion quilting. To get my studio decluttered and re-organized. To finish at least one new bed sized quilt and at least two old unfinished projects.

  79. I just received Kaffe Fassett’s book ‘Dreaming in Colour’ and I am inspired to create my first ever quilt.

  80. I want to finish the GFG quilt I started a year ago. I plan to make 5 hexis flowers per month to complete it at the end of the year.

  81. I will write a quilt pattern and have it tested, I’d like to have more than one, but I know I’ll have at least one done.

  82. I am moving to a smaller home this year and I have to finish Hannah’s quilt and my two wool appliqué quilts. Focusing on these will allow me to pack and organize my quilting stash for the transition.

  83. I am planning to quilt and complete at least 6 of the quilt tops under my cutting table. The mountain of ufos is too big thanks to an over active imagination.

  84. Oh boy, an attainable goal…I posted on my blog that I wanted to try and get one of my many quilt tops quilted a month. But I don’t think that will happen…so lets say my goal is to get FIVE of my already made quilt tops quilted.

  85. I hope yo finish quilting a kaffe top by the end of January . I also have a round robin that we started this month yo be completed by Christmas! My son says mom the cats and dog have a quilt and I don’t so my biggest goal is to make a quilt with fish on it using all batiks ! Hopefully, prayerfully, I will accomplish it!

  86. 1. Continue to organize & sort my sewing areas – I tend to do this in bursts that never actually make much headway but I live in hope.
    2. Make at least one quilt for a national show entry.

  87. I’m moving my studio into a larger area and determined to declutter in the process. ‘Use it, give away or throw out’, is my new mantra.

  88. I have 2 UFO’s I would really like to finish up this year and get them to their recipients by next Christmas. (Only 2 of quite a few UFO’s, but the 2 I would really like to get finished!!)

  89. To finish the wall quilt I have started for the large wall in my kitchen. It needs to be sandwiched and quilted and hung. Also to finish the two art pieces that have deadlines, one is March and one is April, making good progress on both just need more time in the day.

  90. I would love to get back to an art quilt I started a year ago — special-themed, it’s so exciting to me, that I can’t wait to get at it again.

  91. 2012 was a particularly difficult year and no quilt making or real sewing was accomplished besides a bit of (mostly unfinished) utilitarian sewing. This year I will make at least 2 small wall hangings and a pillow. I already have a better record than last year as I made a quilted knitting needle roll for my sister-in-law on New Year’s Day.

  92. I would like to learn to use my new electronic sewing machine that I got for Christmas and make a nice art quilt with it. I want to be able to do free motion quilting on the art quilt. It may not sound like much, but I am not a techy,kind of person so anything that is computerized is way out there for me, but I’m willing to give it a try and get over my fears…..same goes for my new camera that I can barely use, but I’m working on it. Come on brain, try to focus!!! ~Gin~

  93. I will create and finish at least one art quilt in 2013, finish two UFO’s, and begin a tee-shirt quilt for my daughter. I did finish a huge tee shirt quilt for my son on December 22, 2012. Whew.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  94. I’ve only made one quilt and it was a lap size for my 2 year old grandson last year. This year I want to make a ‘real, grown up’ quilt for ME this year. Using a pattern, maybe even a paper pieced quilt. I’m nervously excited to find just the right one to start!!

  95. My attainable goal/resolution will be to do another quilted jacket. I did one last year using the Betty Cotton Theory pattern, and just love it. It was a very fun thing to do, and was a challenge. I totally taught myself thru her books, and have made several quilts using this theory. My other goal/resolution is to finish up some UFO’s…..half dozen of them LOL….quilt tops are done, just need to sandwich and quilt🙂

  96. I will make a wall hanging for my soon-to-be redecorated family room. I’m also going to go way out on a limb and commit to completing one UFO!

  97. I will find the elusive “flat surface” that occasionally surfaces in my sewing room and keep it surfaced and more readily avaliable to use by restructuring my stash.

  98. In 2013 my word is “WILLING” and one aspect of that how that word will fit into my experiencing its fullness in my life is that I am willing to pay the application fee and photograph a piece of my fiber work for a juror’s consideration as a quilt to be part of an exhibition. I must be fully willing to let go of expectations and simply submit.

  99. My goal for 2013 is simple. Have confidence in myself and use my imagination to make art quilts in my own style. I hope my work will make at least one juried show this year! Those fat quarters are beautiful!!!

  100. My goal for 2013 is to be able to sew and quilt again. I had a fall in December and broke my right wrist pretty badly. Two plates and 15 screws in that little space. Physical therapy has been discouraging as they are trying to help me regain use of my fingers. Anyway, that is my biggest goal for this year.

  101. I plan on finish my on-line free motion class, take a feather design free motion class, finish two art quilts that I have cut out and finish quilting the four quilts already sandwiched.And of course, starting other ufo’s.

  102. To make a quilt with more than just squares or rectangles. I have been scared to try anything that doesn’t have a 90 degree angle.

  103. Oh well, since I actually got my goal accomplished last year, I will have to stretch to set up another one this year. I think that four art quilts in 2013 would a good do-able goal!

  104. I will master basic feathers! I have been scared for too long and it is time to jump in and try. One year to practice, practice, and pratice some more.

  105. I will finish free-motion quilting my Storm at Sea quilt; you can find it under “Morning after the Storm” on my blog, Artelicious, at
    I will make 13 garments in 2013, some of which will be quilted and otherwise jacked-up!
    Lastly, I will attempt to find my unique art voice by completing at least three small exercise quilts and try a new technique or material or concept on each.
    Umm, Whew! (Swipes tiny bead of sweat off forehead.)

  106. My goal is to complete a bed quilt for myself, before taking on any more projects for others, it’s my turn!
    Iv also hope to make a serious dent in my stash before my next visit to Quilt Festival in Houston.

  107. I will complete and enter an art quilt in an NQA Show this year and one quilt in an AQS show. I will donate a small quilt to alzheimer’s online auction.

  108. I will finish at least 10 new fiber or mixed media works at least 12 x 12, and blog at least once per week and complete experiments with at least two different mediums to add designs to my dyed slik scarves.

  109. My 2103 goal is to learn how to make a quilt! Your site offers great inspiration and the fabric in your giveaway would be a great kick off to my new adventure!

  110. I will make at least one baby blanket, one blanket that challenges my quilting knowledge, and learn how to free motion quilt. I’m a newbie so challenging me is easy.🙂 Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

    • Beatrice,
      Machine quilting can feel a bit intimidating at first. Small steps can make it fun such as a size of 12″ x 12″ instead of a whole huge quilt to maneuver.

      I’m loving this challenge for us–and thinking attainable–so cool. I signed up to get the updates as people post and each one warms my heart with the ideas and the joy of the art that she/he will create this year. Oh, this is turning into the most creative year yet!

  111. My attainable goal is to lose weight. I have set a number, but I am the only one who knows it. On the quilting front, my goal is to improve my free motion skills. I will post photos on flickr; my modest goal is six new patterns.;

  112. My quilt goal is to make progress on my “works in progress” quilts and hopefully get a good number quilted and bound. Most of my quilts are donated to local charities so the more quilts I finish, the warmer someone else will be. Thanks for the giveaway and for giving me pause to make a thoughtful goal!

  113. My quilt goal is to finish piecing the quilt top for my daughter’s wedding quilt–she just celebrated her first anniversary, and I don’t want her to have to wait tll her 2nd anniversary to get it. It’s the rattlesnake pattern with many small pieces and lots of curves!! Worthy of a wedding quilt. Also, finish a snowman/mitten quilt, 2 Christmas quilts for 2 of the 4 beds in our home (eventually I want a Christmas quilt on each bed–so I’m starting with 2 for this year), and a halloween quilt that I’ve had my eye on for a while. In addition to that, I’d like to go to one of the International quilt festivals. I have never been to any of them and would like to go to at least one if possible. This may not seem like a huge goal for most, but with working two jobs, I’ll be pleased to accomplish these goals. Thanks for the motivation to put it to paper!! Looking forward to seeing how you are doing with your goal as well!!🙂

  114. My goal is to finish the Craftsy class on free motion quilting and to at least start, if not finish, a full sized bed quilt.

  115. I will reorganize my sewing room to make a more functional workspace. I need a clean work surface(less clutter), access to my fabric hoard, and better lighting.

  116. I would like to make a quilt using an actual pattern with blocks in it rather than just sewing squares and rectangles together. Maybe a herringbone block?

  117. I would like to make a quilt for once… as opposed to making easy small items. I need to get a proper foot for my machine or steal my mom’s!

  118. I have made a New Year’s resolution to focus on two things; creativity and serenity. I am making plans to start moving towards those two goals by re-reading my past issues of Quilting Arts and other magazines and books and choosing a new idea or technique each month to incorporate into an art quilt. My goal is to make at least one quilt a month and I believe that I will work towards my goal of serenity by learning to be more accepting of my own efforts and less focused on “quilting rules” and by making art that calms, delights, and pleases me.

  119. My goal is to Complete a Queen size quilt in the color selections I began collecting for me at the beginning of last year, I deserve it after the year of sewing for my family and learning the technique of quilting and the value of High end fabrics and also about the tools.

  120. I have several tops that I will quilt …and I have 3 kits that I want to do as well as whatever fun things come along during the year. I will teach a few classes at the local quilt shop this year.

  121. I’m part of SAQA Visioning Project and my goal is to create a cohesive body of work this year. I’m not taking on other challenges. I’m going to focus all my creative time only on this one goal.

  122. Beautiful fabrics! My goal for 2013 is to spend some time in my studio each day, and to complete 3 art quilt projects for exhibition. They have been rolling around in my head for a long time, it’s time to see them through. First on the agenda, though, is to complete the “marriage” quilt for my daughter and son-in-law (after 6 years it’s too late to be a wedding quilt!).

    Happy quilting, everyone!

  123. I have sewn garments for many years but am determined to make a quilt this year and also take a quilting class. I’ve already bought my supplies ( Gypsy Girl layer cake! ) and hope to start this quilt in the coming week.

  124. Top of my list is to start my own blog, documenting what quilts I’m working on and what I’ve completed. Hopefully this will increase my output and I’ll actually spend less time surfing the new. Second is to master FM feathers on bigger quilts.

  125. I will help my daughter “finance” her new and growing quilt art. I will help her pay for fabric for her first real size quilt ( beyond the baby quilt and pillows she has completed).

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