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  1. Ha ha ha… “I hate packing peanuts”.

    I just finished my first curated exhibit, and let me tell you, I get everything you are saying. Those peanuts break apart and they stick on the quilt and get all over the place. They are truly awful. lol

    This is a great video and I hope lots of people see it. I did learn one very important detail, which is about taping every open crack of a box. I wasn’t doing that before and I will make sure I do that in the future.

    It baffles my mind that people would let their pets on a show quilt! Good grief, and the cigarette smoke, yikes!

    Thanks for this ladies, and you really made me laugh out loud at the end Carmen!

  2. Thanks for posting this. I always cringe when I look at someone’s blog showing their cat or pup sitting on a quilt they are finishing. I have 3 fur babies and they love quilts…but they have their own and aren’t allowed on anything that might be going to a show. I thought I was the only one with stock in packing tape..the postmaster thought it was overkill to close up all those open edges so thanks for letting me know its a good thing.

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