In Honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a Pink Fabric Giveaway!

UPDATE! Congratulations to Julia Hyll! Please email me at to send you the pink fabrics! Thanks for answering, everybody!


When October came around, I noticed in my health club’s women’s locker room they hung laminated fliers from the shower heads with diagrams for conducting a breast self exam. I thought to myself that was a good reminder ‘cuz I sure hadn’t done one in a while. However, I am good about getting my yearly mammograms, and I hope all of you are too!

In honor of all of you who have had to battle breast cancer, and in honor of our loved ones who have lost theirs, I thought I would do a small something and conduct a pink fabric giveaway. All you have to do is answer the following question and I’ll randomly select a winner later in the week.

Pink Fabrics2

Question: In addition to conducting your monthly exams and getting your yearly mammograms (if you are of the age), what is a healthy habit you have recently adopted?

Mine is pretty basic: I’ve cut down my caffeine intake to (at most) two cups of coffee each morning, and I drink a lot more water during the day.  You?

78 responses

  1. I started water exercises. It has helped my pain and done wonders for my mental health.

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  2. I’ve started making sure fresh fruit is always stocked and that I have at least one piece a day, a few weeks ago after realizing that since I’m the only one who eats fruit here, I’d stopped buying it because I was throwing it out – but I’d rather waste some than not be taking care of myself.. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  3. I have started walking. easy right! but I learned to ski at Fifty, snorkel at Sixty and I just did my first 5K at Seventy.
    Other than finishing, my biggest thrill was to finish only a minute and half behind my daughter who is 26 years younger than me!!

  4. Started walking again. Not just for me…but for my sweetie pie dog, Abby. Too too many losses to cancer. Hope the miracle cure happens soon.

  5. I strated training in Sept for a run/walk 5K coming up on 10/26. The running is a bit tough on my body, but I’m going to keep up the brisk walking 3 times a week!

  6. How fitting that you would have this post today: I just made my yearly appointment for a mammogram! I am walking more often not having second helpings at any meals.

  7. I had breast cancer 9 years ago, and I never miss a yearly check-up, as I had done before. I also walk every day with my Westie Sammy, which keeps me active and vital.


  8. Hi Pokey, I try to avoid any foods that are GMO and try to eat organic foods whenever I can afford it. I’ve lost 30 pounds since starting that!

  9. I had breast cancer 13 years ago and am a survivor. yea! As a result, sedentary me (well, I AM a quilter, after all) started working out to strengthen my bones (after Tomoxafin) once a week, then increased to twice a week, then to 3x/week,
    and in the last year 5 times a week. I alternate between Body Pump and Yoga. NOW I have decided this week to add in cardio with Body Step. I am a familiar face around our Recreation Center here in Broomfield. And at 63, I am in GREAT shape!
    P.S. and I still have time to make puppy/cat postcards for Houston. Fun

  10. I’ve lost 30 pounds, started walking (up to 3 miles a day now!) and quit drinking any diet drinks, more water, and less carbs!

  11. I’ve become more aware of the importance of healthy food and have gone totally plant based – no animal products (as in vegan) but also only whole grains. I’ve also upped my donations to breast cancer support facilities.

  12. My first hot drink of the morning contains honey, cinnamon and lemon which are all meant to have health benefits. I am hoping it is lowering my cholesterol but have not had a blood test as yet to find out.

  13. Hi, I have begun eating healthier and have lost 26 pounds. And I too drink tons of water and less caffeine☺

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  14. I’m one and a half year out from having breast cancer that was discovered in my yearly mammogram. These are so important, early detection does help to give you a better chance. Yoga and swimming, plus core strength are important to me to regain what I’ve lost through chemo. Quilting helped me and I started a lot of hand work that helped me keep my mind focused and a positive attitude helps with everything.

  15. I try to walk more often. My 84 year old mother was just diagnosed with Breast cancer and her operation is October 28th. After the latest Quilting Arts came out with prayer flags, I made a banner to hang in her hospital room.

  16. I’ve been gluten free for the past 8 months and it has made a world of difference in my joint pain. It’s also made me much more aware of what goes in my mouth, I now read all the ingredients in anything I buy keeping low sodium, no gluten and little or no soy.

  17. I’ve cut way back on caffeine, I drink a lot of green tea, have started doing morning smoothies full of anti-inflammatory fruits and spinach and coconut water, and I’m trying to get more anti-inflammatory foods in me. Whew!

  18. I am trying very hard to cut my stress level. If things are overwhelming I go for a walk, and when I come back I realize that the are not as bad as I thought at first pass.

  19. I’m embarrassed to say that I picked smoking back up at 40-something. But, I’m so happy to report that I got my good senses back and have been smoke-free for over 3 years and NEVER gonna pick one up again.

  20. … both of those plus regular exercise and collecting funds annually to contribute to the cancer foundation. Too many family and friends have been affected.

  21. having lost two family members to cancer and my dear friend is battling now, i have turned my hole eating habits around as well as exerciseing more.
    love to all who BATTLE WITH GODS BLESSING. XXX

  22. Like you, I’ve given up caffeine. I was a big soda drinker and I’ve been off since Jan. Lost 10 pounds too. Thanks for the fabric give-away.

  23. I’ve gone gluten free and have lost almost 40 pounds. I also eat way more fish which I fought tooth and nail. Plus I now love asparagus and brussel sprouts. Walking more (yuck). So I guess all in all, I just started taking better care of me.

  24. I am finally cutting down on carbs, and making sure veggies are foremost on the menu. If carbs come into the picture, they are organic, whole grain, and as varied as can be. Thanks to living near a wonderful food Co-Op, the OB People’s Food Co-Op, well, they make it easy with their wonderful newsletter and enticing, all-organic, non-GMO’s and etcl (no meat) choices. Yay for our Food Co-Ops, where ever member is an Owner!

  25. In addition to cutting down the caffeine and drinking more water, I made an art quilt for Bobby, the kind woman who is the mammogram technician at our local hospital. She always has a smile and a goodie bag to give at the end of my appointment each October. I decided this year I would give her a “goodie.” I included pieces of the short blue gown I have to wear, the brochures, candy wrappers, and other goodie bag items on the quilt. Hope she likes it.

  26. My brother had a heart attack earlier this year (bad family history). I saw my cardiologist for a check-up shortly thereafter and will start cholesterol medicine soon : (. In the meantime, I have drastically reduced intake of snack foods (chips are my weakness) and increased exercise by walking more in the beautiful fall weather.

  27. Comme j’ai de la chance d’être en bonne santé et que je mange sainement, je couds pour l’association les coussins du cœur pour les femmes n’ayant pas eu de la chance et qui ont été opérées pour soulager l’effet gros bras. C’est pourquoi vos tissu seraient parfait pour cela……:))))

    As I am lucky to be healthy and I eat healthily, I sew pillows for the association of heart for women who have not been lucky and have been made to alleviate the effect big arms. This is why your fabric are perfect for this …… :))))
    Bests regards of Switzerland

  28. After my 2nd bout of cancer I became much more proactive in my approach to staying cancer free and educated myself on the importance of eating a diet free of chemicals, additives and pesticides. As a result I adopted a vegetarian lifestyle and 2 years later I am still cancer-free!

  29. I get yearly mammograms,walk everyday, and eat healthy. If I don’t do something creative each day I’m miserable

  30. I’ve started a class through my town’s recreation department called Strong Women, Strong Muscles. I am surprised to find that I love this class – weight lifting and toning with ladies of a certain age. Thanks for the giveaway – I love to quilt and hope to be able to continue lifting my sewing machine for many years to come!

  31. In process of quitting smoking. Down to less than one pack a day, from two per day. Little longer and hopefully to zero = more money for fabric!

  32. Those pinks are SO pretty! 🙂
    Like you, I ingested WAY too much caffeine….so…..I cut it out completely…except for an occasional chocolate fit. lol
    Thanks for the chance to win such fun fabric!

  33. I make sure my cosmetics and personal care items are natural, free of parabens and additives and use a deoderant stones. Thanks for doing something for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

  34. Hi Pokey,

    I’ve started walking, but not as much as I should. I’m still drinking way too much coffee these days. I am aware that I need to cut back, but now isn’t the right time for me. We’re all waiting to hear the results from my mom’s biopsy. She should get them back soon. Coming up on the two year mark of my dad’s death, he lost the battle with lung cancer. (I hate cancer)

    Loving the fabric! I’ve been buying lots lately!😉



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