My Bright (Studio) Idea This Past Weekend

Since I am still recovering and regaining my strength from the fall shows, I was a totally home body this past weekend and I loved it.

I unpacked my goods and adorned my bar with some of the pet postcards I bought:

Postcards on Wine bar

I unpacked a vintage quilt top I bought at Festival and mulled over what I plan to do with it. (Have any ideas?)

quilt top

And I found a warehouse furniture sale in my neighborhood and bought a vintage hutch from Belgium to put upstairs in my house. Khaleesi gives me the “paws” up on this purchase…

HutchGetting this hutch got me thinking. I have not shared my studio space yet on my blog, because frankly, over the past two years since I moved to Houston,  my studio space just has never gotten to the point where it has worked for me. So I am going to gut the room it’s in currently (and turn said room into a super swank TV den/library), and put  my studio upstairs in a larger area that has more promising lighting. This means I have a PROJECT, and I am very excited to create a new space that will work! It’s not going to be easy, I am going to have to tear down (rather carefully) an enormous custom-built shelving unit for my quilt fabric to then re-mount on a wall upstairs. I will have to move several tables plus a fragile vintage pantry unit upstairs  (but hopefully I can find some brawn to assist). I will have to do a lot of painting, possibly re-wire some lighting to get the lighting where I need it to be for working, and gut a closet/ redo the shelving to turn it into a storage room for equipment and dye supplies.

As soon as this idea came to mind, I knew that my studio space was going to be so, so much better, and I cannot wait to embark on this project.

So that was my weekend. I can’t wait to get cracking on this…

10 responses

  1. glad you recuperated from the “wonderful” time in houston.

    love the hutch and i would just use it as display case for quilts – have never enough space to store my works.

    understand that you will have a big job to create the perfect studio place. my husband and i just redone my sewing space and i;m finally happy after many different tries.

    my cat minka just is as happy as i’m – so many more new places to take over and have cat-naps.

    take your time and hope you will sometimes share your special place at a pbs-show or ate the magazine.

    happy quilting, angie

  2. You found lots of loveliness at market and elsewhere. Very nice! Isn’t it great to have a project! Nothing that gets the blood stirring like a project you are really excited about! I look forward to seeing what you end up doing!

  3. Pokey please change my e-mail to bbcnow@yahoo. com – hope to delete the other e-mail the first of 2014. So looking forward to you mom coming home….



    • Hi Bonnie!

      I think this is something you will need to do if you signed up to get the blog posts put into your email. I think there should be a link in the bottom of the email that you get that gives you the option to unsubscribe/ change your email. I hope that works! And I hope my mom is having fun!😉 Take care,


  4. Looks peaceful with the lighting. No place like home. The quilt! You can send it to me to quilt it for you if you would like. Love furniture from other countries. I have seeral sewing seats from out of the USA and they are awesome.
    Enjoy your space🙂

  5. Oh, you are going to have so much fun building your studio space. When the ideas for building mine started popping into my head, I could hardly contain myself. I’ve had my studio room now for about 7 months and it still feels like heaven.

  6. Hey Pokey! My husband is an electrician, a strong handsome guy and I have painted a few rooms – if you send us tickets to fly to Huston from Essex, Ontario – Canada we’ll come help you during Christmas vacation!:)

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