In Honor of 2014, My New Year’s “Word of the Year”

Some people have New Year’s Resolutions, some have anti-resolutions (i.e. “I refuse to diet this year!”)…and some simply find one word they hope will guide them through the next 365 days.

While on my last 2013 run yesterday morning–and realizing as I get older I’m not as spritely a runner as I used to be–my word came to me.  I thought about how I could best illustrate this word in a blog entry, and one of my very favorite children’s book came to mind. Remember Charlotte, the little arachnid, who, through her love of linguistics and weaving webs, saved a pig’s life?


Channeling my inner Charlotte, here’s my word:


Acceptance is understanding where you are in your life…and you Accept. To me, Acceptance is celebrating your achievements, taking stock of your life, and accepting your disappointments and mistakes along the way. With Acceptance, you don’t capitulate, you Accept, and if necessary, you recalibrate. And you learn to take one step in front of the other with grace and humor.

My New Year’s wish to all is to Accept where you are in your life, to recalibrate if needed, do what you love–and to make sure above all else–to surround yourselves with the people you love. Accept nothing less!

Wishing all a fulfilling, accepting, (and of course a stitch-filled) 2014!


20 responses

  1. This is a sweet, creative way to illustrate your word. My word is commitment. You’ve inspired me to do something creative with my word. Happy New Year.

  2. What a great word “acceptance” is! You’ve inspired me to find my word and it is “Wonderment ”
    My wish for 2014 is that all of us find awe inspiring wonder and joy in all that we see and do!
    Happy New Year!

  3. ❤ That is a beautiful word for the new year! Best wishes for a fabulous new year. You deserve it!!! I decided to use the word Enter – it has many meanings that I think will be good for me this year.

  4. Choosing a word each year has given me inspiration and motivation. hen I think of “acceptance”, I think of a phrase I repeat alot: “I embrace uncertainty with acceptance.” Happy New Year.

    I chose “JOY”
    I mentioned it on my blog and will keep referring back to it with words & images.

    All the best to you in your fury children in 2014!


  5. You really can’t go wrong with “acceptance” Pokey… I think if I were to put a word out there, it would be “response”. I’m only concerned with my response to life, to challenges and everything else that get’s tossed my way. I would love to respond with neutrality and grace. I feel that takes years to master and if you are able to do it all, it’s a gift and a blessing.

    Happy New Year and much LOVE to you! 🙂 -s

  6. I had so much trouble trying to find my Word of the Year. I bounced around like a pinball. Then it hit me….Fearless! I think I can apply this to almost every aspect of my life!

  7. I look forward to seeing what path you will forge ahead from here. You are one of those people that make the world a better place, and you lift so many people to a wonderful and creative level that they never thought they could achieve. The thing is, that as you lift so many people you find yourself lifted as well.
    All my love to you, dear Pokey!

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