In honor of TGIF, I’m giving away free skeins!

It’s been a long week, but I am thankful three fantastic things happened in the last few days:

1. Bruce Springsteen released his latest album, “High Hopes!”

2. Virginia Spiegel demonstrated her fundraising prowess yet again, and with the help of fiber artists, exceeded her goal for Fiberart for a Cause and raised more than $5500!

3. And the best news all week? LIBBY LEHMAN GOT TO GO HOME! Read all about it here!

In celebration of the above events, I thought to do a little Friday giveaway, this time a sampling of Painter’s Palette yarn from Koigu that they generously gave me at TNNA this past weekend. Yarn lovers know these skeins offered in sumptuous colors are fantastic for garments, but they work well for hand stitching, too.

Koigu Yarn


Answer the following in the comments area, and I’ll choose a winner on Tuesday. My question is one you’d expect on a Friday afternoon:  What kind of stitching or surface design trouble do you plan to engage in over the weekend?

Me? I’m leaving on a jet plane in the morning so I am packing a small plastic bag with my English paper-piecing project.




70 responses

  1. I am going to start a pair of fingerless gloves for a friend who suffers from cold and painful hands. Of course I will HAVE to put a contesting color at top and bottom, and then maybe something fun on the thumb. Everyone LOVES fingerless gloves!

  2. I’ll keep on knitting on a bag (Lucy Bag) pattern in 100% wool, which will get felted once done. Also, finally getting to make the binding for a quilt which I had custom quilted 3 years ago, been doing too many other things and never made “my” quilt a priority, it’s time has come “now”. Heidi in Houston

  3. I am participating in a half square triangle exchange project with several others. This weekend I am going to decide what design is best for my HST’s and start sewing!!

  4. I am machine appliqueing blocks for my second grandson’s “official” baby quilt. He is nearly two years old. His older brother got his the day he was born. I need to get on with it!

  5. I am vacationing in Ecuador and brought a lot of handwork with me, this weekend I will be embroidering and beading a wet felted wallhanging. I love the colours of Koigu.
    Serafina in Ecuador.

  6. I’ll try some ice flower dyeing on a silk scarf. Then I’ll wind off skeins of cotton thread ready for the dye pots.I’m hand stitching a vintage scrap quilt as my mindless TV project.

  7. I am making pillow cases for my sister who had a bone marrow transplant recently, and was readmitted to the hospital last night due to some possible reactions . She and I have been working on quilting UFOs in a tiny apartment near the hospital. I am her caregiver untill she can return to her home.

    • Wishing the best for her. She is lucky to have you for support and as a caregiver. Wonderful to hear you are quilting. A great stress reducer for both of you. Blessings to you both.

  8. This weekend I will be playing and sewing with “texture Magic”. It is a neat product and I have been using it to add feature to my quilted bags.

  9. I am doing machine applique, then free motion quilting and finishing it by coloring it with colored pencils. To seal it, I will use a fabric medium.

  10. Half-square rectangles…paper piecing. Have lots of fabric scraps and want to use them up! Fabulous new on Libby! Safe travels, Pokey.

  11. The 3 bolts of PFD that the quilt shop ordered for me arrived, so I am DYEING this weekend!! I would respectfully knit that lovely yarn into something fantastic! Thanks for chance!

  12. I’m going to stitch some little pieces with my “words” for 2014 on them to put on the wall in my space, and maybe some dress-making.

  13. I want to start a quilt for my niece with a kaffe Fassett design called Cool Diamonds but I’m nervous about sewing on the bias and ultimately wasting beautiful and expensive fabric!

  14. I am going to work on my challenge quilt for our guild quilt show in February. I am appliqueing by hand a large red poppy on a background of black and white.

  15. I just finished 2 days of quilting with friends in Ft. Worth, Tx. I plan to make a back for the top we pieced and maybe even get it basted with a new technique I learned…..board basting.

  16. Just finished pinning together a bright abstract alphabet quilt which I will start machine quilting tomorrow . In between working on Sue Spargo embroidery. It’s cold here, quilting weather. Have a safe flight.

  17. Sense my sewing machine is in for repairs, I’m working on a knittedpanel that I am appliqueingto a quilt back and embellishing withbeads

  18. Since it’s so cold in Ohio this weekend, I think I’ll start cutting shirts apart to make 3 different small quilts for the children of a 92 year old who passed away recently.

  19. I’m going to try surface painting on wonder under and then after it dries overnight, fuse it onto a velvet or cotton surface where I can then embellish with thread and beads depending on what the design dictates. I saw this in your 200 series and it looked like fun.

    Pat Fratis

  20. I’m about to embellish a wall hanging that has 4 baskets in each of 4 blocks. After giving them sashing and borders the hanging now has 16 blue and green baskets which need some stitching of warm colors and beading of all colors. Thanks for offering a prize.

  21. I am going to plan out and collect fabric, yarns and beads to begin another hand-stitched underwater scene that I can take to the beach and work on in paradise, Hawaii on the beach.

  22. I plan on finishing up some overdue commitments on some charitable quilt projects (preemie and soldier quilts). Oh, also plan on visiting a new quilt shop in the area, as well as taking a day-trip to another.

  23. Planning to play with paints, and various water soluble pastels and whatever other fun “stuff” to color some bits of fabric for postcards and other small projects.

  24. I’ll be doing some fusible applique – a hedgehog, onto a small quilt I’ve made for my friend Ashley’s pet hedgehog! I may also crochet some Happy Bowls & work on a guild challenge quilt.

  25. I’ll be working on my Judy Niemeyer Glacier Star. I’m about 3/4 done. I’ve also begun my 3rd Japanese embroidery so will try to put a few stitches on it.

  26. Now that I’m done prewashing and pressing, I’m going to rotary cut the fabric for my daughter-in-law’s quilt. I’ll start sewing this coming week. My son has already approved the fabric and has assured me she will love the quilt.

  27. Using some of Libby’s quilting techniques on one of six quilt show entries that are not yet finished…I have seven weeks…some of the pieces are close to done so it might be doable! That blue/green variegated would go very nicely with one of the pieces.

  28. I’m working on a stupendous stitching piece from a class with Carol Waugh. I am at the hand embroidery stage but don’t have the ‘right’ threads. This group would work perfectly

  29. Well, I won’t be doing much as I will be working a 10.5 hour shift at the hospital. But I do have my hexie project that I started for Dragoncon last year and will work on that at breaks!

  30. I’ll be putting a border on the New Year’s Day Mystery Quilt top I pieced. And I will crochet some baby hats to donate and I will do some hand embellishment of a bag I am making for my sister. Full Plate!

  31. I’ve been having fun making quilted note cards with scraps of fabric, yarn and lace. I have some scarves on my loom that are inches from being finished so maybe I’ll get to those too. Have a fun weekend.

  32. I am doing the yarn dance as I watch the Sag Awards. Nicky Epstein has a book on knitting in Tuscany that features the most scrumptious shawl on the cover. I love that it is made with any scraps and you make oodles and the star shapes and then put them together. I found that this works as I don’t always have time to work on a project, and I am also learning to “slow down”
    this year, So this will really fit the bill. In addition I would so love to win the Kolgu yarns as I
    have had this item on my “to buy list” when the budget allows. Right now the budget is cleaning
    up Christmas shopping for grandkids. Pokey have a safe and enjoyable trip…I have my fingers
    and toes crossed to win this…I hope, I hope…

  33. Gorgeous yarns, Pokey! I plan to continue knitting the sweater I’m working on. It’s the Hitofude pattern by a designer on Ravelry. Enjoy your weekend!

  34. I am lusting over the beautiful yarns. Stitch-wise, I am finishing up knitting a cute beret for my granddaughter (from the book “Baby Beanies” by Amanda Keeys) and quilting a wall hanging for the Riley Blake challenge for the Modern Quilt Guild. Eclectic fun!

  35. After so much gift sewing, I am so ready to knit. I am still learning so brought a library of info to study about making socks etc. Best thing I have found to do while taking care of grandsons 4 & 7 for the week that travels well. I have a great idea for mixing yarns woven together with batik fabric. Would be so inspiring to do with new and exciting yarn! Thanks for the opportunity.

  36. Love the skeins!! I volunteer to help our art teacher with the 7th graders. I taught them to crochet in the fall and we’re going to do some hand sewing this semester. Last year we did machine sewing but the machines were so old that we had to dispose of a lot of them. We’re working toward getting 8 new machines for them to use. Hand sewing is good. Thanks!!!

  37. I am going to start hand quilting and embellishing my “Mexican Christmas Row Quilt” that is due on Feb 13the for our local quilt show.

  38. I am trying to learn Crewel. I am enjoying this type of embroidery but need a lot a practice! Blending two colors isn’t as easy as it looks.

  39. I am making a tote with colored plastic screen and leftover fabric with a wallet to match as a give a way at our band scrap booking fundraiser.

  40. I have been unable to quilt for the last 7 months as I recover from a health challenge however, this weekend i have been going through all my quilt magazines and sorting then into 3 piles. One to pass on to new quilters who will enjoy them, one to keep (ofcourse) and one that isn’t really a pile but i have been cutting out pictures that inspire me. These are of quilts I will not likely make but have elements (like color choices, themes, embellishments etc) that excite me and jump start my creativity. These i am pasting into my quilting journal and as soon as I am able to return to quilting I will have all these great ideas … As well as my ufo’s. Does this count as a quilt project?

  41. I am upto finishing a vest for my husband and then also i am going to make some ATC’s to put into my kiddos lunch boxes with small notes on them.
    Thankyou for the giveaway..the colors of yarn are yummy and my favorite:)

  42. My first grandniece was born in November and I will start a crocheted blanket for her this weekend. I am hoping to see her mid February at a party for my grandmother’s 90th birthday! 💖

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