Mahalo (Thank You) and Getting “Mauied”

Since I announced my resignation, I have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of letters, emails, FB messages, and kind gestures  of support. Thank you for being so understanding and for taking the time to reach out! I am really looking forward to a bit of a break, and time to think about next steps. So as they say in Hawaiian…Mahalo. Thank you.

Speaking of Hawaii, I went to Maui last week and attended the wedding of my best friend from high school. She is going to throttle me for posting this particular ephemeral bit of embarrassment from more than 23 years ago…

Universal Studios


I think we look a lot better today, laugh lines and all…


Meet Cindy–one of the kindest people I have ever met. She has been through so much in the last few years, and on top of keeping it together, raising her two girls,  (and doing it all with an exemplary positive attitude), she is a nurse in pediatric oncology at UCSF. She is–quite simply–resilient.

Fortunately, her kind nature was noticed by a similarly nurturing and humor-loving person: a research doctor, “Dr. Rob,” in pediatric oncology, also at UCSF. Cindy and Rob have been in a relationship for several years, and at long last he got a ring on her finger.

Luckily for all of Rob and Cindy’s friends, they made it a destination wedding in Maui so we could all take some time off, chillax, and celebrate with them.

After a nearly 10-hour flight, I arrived to this view…

SunsetI spent time with old friends and meeting their children for the first time. Below is Rose, Cindy’s college roommate from Georgetown, and her daughter Kiera. I was hell-bent on getting Kiera to like me…but it wasn’t easy and it took me a while.



A couple days later, I was honored to help watch over Kiera on the beach when she felt “sleepy,” and when she asked me to be her escort to go to the public bathroom, well…I’ve never felt so important to anybody or anything in my life.

Sleeping Kiera



I also watched my friend’s kids giddily do the hula on stage at a luau.


And the night before the wedding, the adults toasted with Pokey Pours.


The morning of the wedding, we took the groom for a 7:00 AM Cross Fit session (where I got my ass kicked).

Training Day


Before the ceremony I caught up with an old friend from high school days (and we toasted you, Bud Chatham)!


And when it came time for the ceremony, we all got our tissues ready. Below, Rob is escorted by his two daughters.

Rob and girls

Then Cindy’s two daughters made their way up…

Lily and Maggie

And then I saw Cindy make her way, flanked by both her parents. If you thought I was crying and putting my waterproof mascara to work, you’re right.



And Cindy, always the ham, did this when she got kissed…

Cindy and Rob married

I am so glad to see my friend happy.



And the best news of all, by the end of the trip I had won over a new BFF!



An incredible time.

I’m staying the course. I am keeping to my promise of welcoming new adventures, embracing change, and exploring new opportunities.


24 responses

  1. What a perfect way to start this new section of your life! You have worked so hard for so long; it is time for you to recharge those batteries. May the next adventure that falls into your lap be as much fun as the last few. Thank you for bringing “Quilting Arts” into our lives. It was the first magazine that appealed to the needs of art quilters, and opened mew vistas for us to grow and flourish. May you take your turn to grow and flourish again too.

  2. Hawaii is such a wonderful place to relax. Glad you had a great trip and were able to make old connections new, and make new friends too. You look very laid back – as one should when they are in the Islands!

  3. I am so happy for you and your friends and am shedding a little tear of joy.
    Thank you for beginning Quilting Arts…

  4. Relax before your new adventures so be rested ! Oh those pic looks wonderful! All best wishes to your we adventures! Please let us all know how the adventures turn out . Thank you so much!

  5. Glad to see you able to join in this special celebration of your friend’s wedding. Life is definitely more special when we take time to enjoy.

    But, I ponder….what is on your bucket list? Be happy, healthy and enjoy Pokey. You are a very amazing women. What ever you do, I’m sure it will be spectacular. Just be passionate about it.


  6. What a wonderful way to begin a new chapter in your life! Keep in touch – looking forward to this year’s Pet Postcard Project…..

  7. From the Pacific NW… I’m enjoying this post so much. Wishing you many more smiles along your way! Thank you for sharing – looking forward to your next post… WoW, I just had a vision… traveling, doing ‘art stops’ and sharing with us (would make a beautiful tv show). You know, like Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel!
    ♥ Jessica

  8. Well Pokey, what a wonderful place to be in for your first adventure after closing that office door. There is nothing better than to share happiness with great friends. Look forward to your continued posts as you travel parts of the world. Drink fine wine, breathe in fresh air, keep smiling, meet new friends and enjoy their cultures and wonderful food. Cheers…Deborah🙂

  9. How wonderful to be starting this new chapter in your life with such a great bang! May your cup be overflowing with blessings, may you share with those on your path.

  10. Dear Pokey: You continue to inspire, delight, lead by example and look beautiful doing it! I adore that costume photo, as well as the current ones. Thanks for sharing your vision with us and carrying the creative torch to new horizons. I look forward to your next adventure and to your tales of happiness.

  11. wow Pokey…that looked like fun…your Hollywood studio shot would make a great trading card or small artsy piece.


  12. Oh my gosh beautiful wedding. I hope they have many years of happiness. I love love the dresses the brides daughters were wearing …. perfect. Best wishes to all.

  13. Looks like a great time. Thanks for posting the pictures of your trip. We go there this Saturday for a week and I have never been there. Hope to see you in Chicago in June!! Happy Travels to you.

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