“When You’re Tired, You Take a Nap-a, You Don’t MOVE to Napa!” (…or maybe you do)

I love the above borrowed quote from “Sex and the City.” (Thanks to a good friend for recently reminding me of it!)

In reference to this quote, I’m not tired exactly, but I have been restless for a long while and I’m ready to run my own gig again. I’ve leaked via social media what my initial plans are, but here’s the full deal:

In 2015 I am moving to Napa and I’m launching a media and event business.

The name of the business is Crafting A Life, LLC. It will focus on quilting, sewing, mixed media, cooking, journaling, fitness and of course—being in Napa—oenology (wine). There are  also plans for children’s crafting programs too (sans wine).

fabric fence

The initial phase of Crafting A Life, LLC, will consist of boutique-style retreats—small classes in an artful, inspiring environment. For these retreats—while learning skills and perfecting techniques—there will be fun diversions, short hikes with incredible views of Napa Valley, music breaks, great food and drink, and discussions (taking place in rocking chairs) to collectively share studio and art tips.

I am also building an art barn to host retreats (date TBA ). However, the website for Crafting A Life, LLC, will launch within a few weeks.

So if you would like to join me for these retreats starting next year, and maybe take a nap-a while here, you are welcome to. After all, I plan on investing in a number of hammocks.🙂



61 responses

  1. This is the other Patricia Bolton from Texas! I am anxious to hear more …. What a great new life adventure!

  2. Omg, sounds WONDERFUL!!! How exciting for you (and me! and every other arty, nature-loving quilter out there) – I would love to visit one day. We were in California last year but couldn’t fit in the upper half so planned on returning for a napa in Napa! I think it is a brilliant concept (right up my alley…) and I toast you with a gorgeous glass of Chardonnay!!!! Congratulations!!! I look forward to the website…

  3. I guess this mean I’ll never get you to teach for us!😉 Congratulations! I look forward to hearing more about it and maybe someday get to come to one of the retreats myself.

  4. This sounds fabulous!! I knew you’d come up with something cool. You go, girl!! We’re cheering you on.

  5. Wonderful!! I shall start my fund right now…love Napa, love being in your crafting sessions. So glad you are doing this! Hugs..

  6. I would love to participate in a retreat in Napa! I miss it so much. We visited every year in October for 20 years when we lived in El Dorado Hills, CA. Napa has its own culture and ambience… a wonderful place for a get-away! Congratulations!

  7. Let me think about it… YES!!! what a fabulous Pokey idea!! I will be there to take workshops and teach them, if you’d like. HUGE GIANT congratulations on living your dream and making it happen! xoxox

  8. I am ready for a Craftin A Life LLC “Boutique Style Retreat”
    Sounds like the perfect mix of what a Retreat should be…..And nestled with Olive Trees and rockers….Deborah Robinson (Boxborough!!) PS Can’t wait to meet your new critters as well!

  9. You used the word “focus” as you listed all your plans. You sound happy. Will join the fun someday. You will ‘get’er done!

  10. Fantastic!! I will start my retreat envelope as soon as I get off the computer
    Soooo thrilled that you are doing this!! You have inspired so many of us, and pushed us with gentleness that makes it so easy to try new things!!!

  11. Super cool beans news.. We all know it will be wonderful.. Keep us posted!! Get plenty of naps..cause you might need to rest for a bit!!

  12. This sounds wonderful and it came on a great day…my birthday! So, I think that is an omen. I see retreats in my future! Great news Pokey!

  13. Watch out Pokey’s on the move….congrats o your new endeavor… Will be following… Check out Plucky Fluff she is out there in wine country.she has an open spinning studio at Boeger’s winery. Her real life name is Lexi Boeger..has also published some gorgeous inspirational books.

  14. This is the best news I’ve read in quite awhile! Congratulations for taking the step for your dream to come true! I can’t wait to hear more…. take care

  15. This sounds absolutely fabulous and absolutely you Pokey! Congratulations and I am looking forward to keeping an eye on your achievements!!

  16. I would love to partake in a retreat! I will start putting money aside in my “Pokey”bank🙂. If you can arrange to pick me up at the airport, I’m in!

  17. Absolutely Positively Perfectly Incredibly Fabulously WONDERFUL!
    I NEED a nap- a….
    …in a Hammock-a
    And a chat-a …..
    In a Rock-a …..
    I am so excited for you.
    I’ll start saving my way!

  18. Congrats on a fantastic plan that you are putting into action! Sounds like a dream come (or coming) true. Love that area and your concept…a retreat sounds like a treat!

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  21. What an adventurous dream come true. If I put my creative cap on I quickly envision taking photos of local beauty, transferring images onto hand dyed fabrics (Oops, does red wine stain? Great!), machine and hand stitching Napa creations. Am I in the ballpark? Congrats.

  22. NAPA….I can’t believe how lucky I am. I live in napa. We NEED you…. your energy, your ideas, your classes from no doubt, the best teachers!!! We have a quilt guild with well over a hundred members and two very active local fiber art groups, one of which I am a member! And for those who come for retreats, Napa has something for everyone!! Can’t wait to learn more about your new business venture and relocating to Napa!!! You picked a beautiful place. You will have a lot of local creative people celebrating your arrival and Napa will gladly welcome all those who come to visit your business and retreats!!!! Hooray!

  23. Congratulations. My husband has family in Vallejo. This will give me more of a reason to visit them. Am going to be hard at work myself building my quilting classes so that hopefully next year I will not have to teach with the Homeschool program I am now teaching at. Just starting, but would love to teach at a retreat. I’ll keep following your progress, good luck.

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