Hello! My name is Pokey Bolton and I am the Chief Creative Officer at Quilts, Inc., the company that puts on all of the International Quilt Festivals and Markets (among other fun, quilt-y endeavors like Quilt!Knit!Stitch!). People have been asking me what “Chief Creative Officer” means exactly, and it means what it says: I am in charge of helping launch creative ventures for the company, for example looking at current successes and also exploring new opportunities, all of which mean for exciting stitch-, quilt-, and fabric-filled times ahead. I like to get into trouble…good, stitching trouble!

A little bit about my background: I hail from Quilting Arts/Interweave where I founded Quilting Arts Magazine in 2000 and co-founded Cloth Paper Scissors with John Bolton in 2004, and founding host for Quilting Arts TV on PBS. Before that, I was very involved in the field of education. I have a Master’s in Intensive Special Needs from Boston College and was seeking a PhD. from Boston University when art quilting took over my life. To this day I very much miss working with children, so when I see a child or group of children at a quilt show,  I am hard pressed to not abandon whatever I am doing so that I can walk the show with them and listen to their observations.

A while ago I moved to Houston to a historic neighborhood called “The Heights” from Boston, Massachusetts, and share my domicile with a sundry of rescue animals including two dogs and a kitten named Khaleesi (for all of you George R. R. Martin fans).

Besides quilting, doting on my animals, or listening to music, I love a well told story, whether it be a novel or the latest season of “Downton Abbey.”  I also really, really love being outside, and riding around my neighborhood on my bike with my smallest dog in my bike basket.

Over the past year I have discovered the great culinary finds in this city, so to keep the pounds off,  I try to run…a lot.  I’ve been cooking quite a bit recently, and I’m a little obsessed with my latest kitchen gadget–a slow cooker.  My guilty pleasures are wine and tart desserts like lemon bars (or the taco salads they have at the Quilt Festival in Houston).

My very favorite activity is being home, holed up in my studio with my pets at my feet, sewing or screen printing fabric while watching a DVD.

If we haven’t met in person or corresponded, I hope we get to some day soon, and you’ll say hello to me so we can talk. And if we are old friends, let’s keep it that way.

Yours in stitches,

Pokey Bolton

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  1. Happy to see you resurface in social medias. I’ve been with QArts magazine since the beginning and owe you (and your ex-colleagues of course) a lot for introducing me to the wonderful world of art quits.
    I wish you all the best in this new venture. Quilts Inc is very lucky to have such a dynamic CCO!
    Line from Montreal

      • it is interesting to me that my inasntt associations with Modern are open, clean, simple, can be boring which describes parts of yours, but not really. Yours look simple until the moment I stare at them, and there are layers and layers of depth and meaning. And yet, what I love about your quilts is that looking at them makes me happy. Contemporary feels like a reasonable descriptor, since they are made right now, but I think it won’t be terribly useful term to describe them in 20 or 25 years. Although Modern has some of the same time-line issues, doesn’t it?

  2. I have seen you on tv a couple of times. My local PBS station is not very faithful in airing quilting/sewing shows (and yes I have contacted them) Hope they air some more of you! My favorite thing is watching a quilt develope from the first block to the end! Good luck in Houston. One of my favorite cities – I visit my sister there several times a year and have attended seversl quilt shows there.

  3. I was thinking about you yesterday. I rode my bike to the quilt shop, and listened to “Born To Run” there and back. I have an iPod case that has a built in speaker and I throw it in the basket on my bike. So I can listen to music and still hear traffic. And sing along when there is no chance anyone else will hear me.

    I don’t have a dog to put in the basket, so I have the iPod case, and my iPhone for emergencies and a little bag that holds some money for my fabric and will then hold the fabric, and a lock for my bike.

  4. Boom-crash! There went my comment off into the thunderstorm ether. Try again. So glad to find your blog again. It’s gonna get hot in Houston, be prepared!(Lived in Austin area nearly 20 years.) I like your furniture/house pictures, Louie, of course, and now Clarence! Kitty pic? With no TV on purpose here in NW Arkansas, I’m collecting QATV DVDs for my fix. Love seeing you with all the great guests and ideas. IQF is so lucky to have your creative spark and energetic curiosity. Have a wonderful time in Houston!

  5. Pokey! I’m so excited that you are here in Houston! I love my city! I’m curious about the hotel furniture. Are you able to share where you got the chairs from? They are so cute!!!

    • I’ve finished UFO’s this year–I didn’t think I would have any new ones to start off the year, but may have one–a quilt I just srtetad! But……I have not only finished UFO’s this year I’ve finished (up to now) everything else that I’ve srtetad, so in that way, I’ve become more efficient and learning to enjoy the ‘finishing’ process. Not worried about those which are not finished; they await their turn and I’m looking forward to a good, quilty year next year!Brenda

      • No worries! I just now saw your response!!! Wow! I’m ashamed to say that I’ve lived in Houston 45 years and I didn’t have a clue about this place. You’ve been here maybe 6 months and you taught me something about my city!!! A big Texas thanks!

  6. I have never felt the need to be finished. My UFO’s are just works in poergrss. I love picking up something days,months, years later and re-interperting the direction I want it to go. I too, pick up orphan projects to add to my TO DO someday list.For me I just don’t write my ‘waiting pile’ down. I started a top eariler this year, just dug it back out last week and worked on it for a bit, and now I have another distraction that is getting more attention.I am just now quilting my Celtic Knot from last year. btw- I have 4 friends that want to do this as a group project after the holidays. Looks like I am going to have two beautiful quilts from your pattern!!- be good cheryl

  7. Hi, Congratulations on your new job! Several of us at Stashbusters Yahoo group are disappointed that McCalls web site no logner shows the Spring Splash quilt pattern. Will it be returned to the site? Thanks,Betty M.

  8. I just learned that you are living in Houston. Are you and your husband no longer in charge of Quilting Arts? I have enjoyed and learned so much from your publishings and shows.

  9. Hi Pokey, I’ll be attending the festival this year. It’s my first time at a big quilt show. I have ATC’s to trade. Will there be a booth to do that?

  10. Pokey,
    I am a lover of Quilting Arts! I get so much inspration and knowledge from your show! Thank you.
    When I read your Bio and learned you love thick juicy novels, I knew I had to share one of my fave authors with you. Diana Gabaldon, and her Jamie and Claire Fraser series. Diana’s books are usually 3-4″ thick! She keeps you turning the pages, book after book. I hope you look her up. She has a website. Dianagabaldon.com.

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  12. Pokey, I just had to tell you { and you probably know already!} that QATV is finally on the Create
    channel Tuesday and Thursday in the Boston area! Finally finally! Boston misses you and
    wishes you well!

  13. Pokey I watch your show all the time. Could you please comment on the show 1106 and the presser feet shown by Libby Lehman. I would like info on the quilting roller foot that was shown. Where this foot can be purchased and other details. Thank you hedrick1093@comcast.net

    • Hi Edna. I just saw show 1106 today and went online to get info on those feet as well. I saw your post and was wondering if you found them. Thanks,
      Celia Burkel

  14. Hi Pokey! Hope all is well with you. I just pieced my first quilt and couldn’t help but think of you.



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  17. Hi I really enjoy the magazines and tv segments, I am only off work 2 Saturdays a month and really look forward to my morning shows. I’ve enjoyed the international quilt festival and the class opportunities.too bad it won’t be in Cincinnati this year and hope it will return in the future. Best of luck in your future endeavors.
    Sandi collins

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